indica online reviews

Indica Online Reviews

Indica Online Review

Indica Online is a software and POS system for authorized dispensaries at state level (3), in Canada (2) and for those who can sell to medical patients as well (1). Dispensary business covered by Indica Online reviews below, is an industry vertical facing important challenges (4). Several states have allowed the utilization of cannabis for health related reasons (6), thereby defying the status of the UN treaties on drug enforcement (9). As the US struggles to reconcile the conflicts between federal law on cannabis (5) and individual states within its borders (7), challenges in the dispensary industry increase (8). Utilization is rising for anxiety disorders (11) and other treatments still under study (10), while there is a high regulatory landscape (13) and reluctance for financial institutions who fear to face a higher scrutiny (14) if they work with dispensaries of cannabis (12), and many marketing and advertising restrictions (16) (17), including Facebook (18), and coming also at federal level (15). Indica Online reviews will explain below how well the system addresses the aforementioned challenges in the industry.

Indica Online reviews consider it as the best POS system for dispensaries and distribution services of controlled substances for medical and recreational purposes with a score of 5 rating from 1 to 5 in 82 reviewers. Reviewers praise its architecture that supports integration with Weedmaps as a directory, Potify as a marketplace and sales channel, and also WordPress WooCommerce, as e-commerce solution.

IndicaOnline is a cloud hosted POS system for dispensaries and delivery services of cannabis. The solution allows business owners to conduct both daily transactions and business management functions from a single location and therefore helps cannabis dispensaries stay compliant and help them in their day-to-day operations managing cannabis sales for both recreational or medicinal purposes.

Patient and physician authentication, inventory monitoring, customer administration, an offline mode, automatic status reporting, interfaces with Twilio, automated scheduling of orders for delivery, and more capabilities are available.

Indica Online reviews consider very important that this POS can integrate in with Potify, Weedmaps (online marketplace that connects consumers, patients, retailers, and brands, and Metrc to help customers schedule pickups and deliveries, be listed in online dispensary directories, and automatically transfer compliance reporting.

Indica Online provides customer service via Zendesk.

The Indica Online software is a dedicated tool for running a cannabis dispensary with features like inventory management, customer management, and POS. Store location management is simple and accommodates multiple locations for the business. The business owner can retrieve daily sales figures, number of customers walking through the dispensary door, or how many products have been sold within any given time period.

You can track staff by identification number, name, and any notes you store with them in an easy to use interface. Sales representatives can be set up to handle certain clients that they work with on a regular basis. The sales representative has to be created as a “user” and can have limited system authorizations: for example, access granted to customer management functionalities, but not to billing functions.

Use this tool to manage discounts for specific events like holidays when business will likely be brisk and profits high due to increased spending from consumers during these times of celebration.

Customer loyalty programs are managed here with sales history stored in one place too. The data is informative enough to run analytics on as well so you know where the improvements need to be made.

These analytics include which product in your inventory is selling best and where the highest concentration of customers are coming from locally or elsewhere.

Growers can track their plants and see when they need watering or any needed nutrients added to their solution because it’s all stored right there in one place with a mobile app system. However, I have not tested the functionality from a growers point of view, therefore, I have not tracked the watering or traced the nutrients added to the plants.

Indica Online reviews praise the “instant notifications”: actions such as receiving requests, new orders, low supply, and delivering an order may be triggered by the system. Reviewers say that they can know when they have low inventory thanks to these “instant notifications”. However, this is a function that many POS have too.

Budtenders may raise the weight of flowers while keeping prices per unit low by utilizing the Smart Order Pricing tool. Employees who get discount pricing are able to catch mistakes and, therefore, avoid costly penalties for overselling.

To ensure customer trust, you may use third-party connectors while verifying them using this POS. For example, you could connect your CRM software. Nevertheless, Indica Online reviews state generally that the internal CRM has been enough to meet their business requirements.

Information from the patient and physician will be easy to see on the interface which synchronizes in real time.

IndicaOnline provides free database migration for the business owner who had already a legacy point of sale system. Would you want to enter new customer information? Alternatively, you may just pull out their identification or enter the information manually.

The design of Indica’s POS ensures HIPPA compliance, while providing the capability to check physician information. This POS system provides functions beyond the capabilities of a dispensary owner or staff.

indica online reviews

Target Customers For Indica Online

Most of the POS that we have studied here can be used by retailers of all types: For example, Mynt POS and OVVI POS. Some others, are specialized in a business vertical like gas stations or groceries, such as the case of NCR Counterpoint for the wholesale industry, used by Costco, but can be used in different verticals.

However Indica Online POS is a very niche solution that can suit only the following businesses.

  • Medical marijuana dispensaries
  • Cannabis retailers
  • Marijuana delivery services.

Features At A Glance

  • Inventory management: includes keeping track of various locations, suppliers, and consignments.
  • Patients: Differentiate easily what is “customer” and what is the “patient” part for each customer. Manage the customer profile of the patient, monitor the patient purchasing history, and provide reward programs to keep them coming back (I have not tested the loyalty programs).
  • Management: Manage administrative tasks from a distance, obtain access to statistics and reports, and give roles and rights to employees.
  • POS: Simple workflows, one-stop shopping, and constant real-time update capabilities are all features of this system. Patients, inventory, and employees may all be managed from a single, easy-to-use interface.


  • Automated State Reporting
  • Purchase Limit Alerts
  • Sales Reconciliations
  • Patient Verification
  • Age Validation
  • Cannabis Tax Tiers

Additional Features

  • Secure Cloud
  • Physician Verification
  • Age Verification
  • Marketing Integrations
  • Patient Database Import
  • Customer Insights – Data Aggregation
  • Free Online Store
  • Staff Time Clock
  • Offline Sales Mode
  • Fully Automated Metrc Reports
  • Automated Data Entry
  • Purchase Limit Notifications
  • SMS and Email Campaigns
  • Smart Order Pricing
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Emergency Exit Button
  • Weedmaps Menu Integration
  • Customer Blacklist
  • Mobile Delivery App
  • Dispatcher Mode
  • Smart Order Assignment

Indica Online Cost

Indica Online POS is available in two different tiers $259 or $439 paid annually. Monthly payment is also possible. The first price tier is suitable for the majority of dispensary business owners.

INDICA ONLINE COSTAnnual CostPOS LicensesStaff AccountsMultilocationDelivery Functions
Basic Plan ($259 paid annually)$259210NONO
Elite Plan ($459 paid annually)$459525YESYES, and supports up to five couriers
Enterprise plan (Request a Quote here)

Indica Online Costs Basic plan:  $259/mo paid annually.

  • POS licenses:  2
  • Staff Accounts:  10
  • Multilocation:  NO
  • Delivery Functions:  NO

Indica Online Elite plan:  $439/mo paid annually.

  • POS licenses:  5
  • Staff Accounts:  25
  • Multilocation:  YES
  • Delivery Functions:  YES
  • Delivery Couriers:  5

Enterprise customers can contact the vendor directly for inquiries.

Request A Product Demo First Despite The Indica Online Reviews

Even with our favorable results in the test and also with the consideration of the good Indica Online reviews all over the place, you should always try a product demo before any commitment

Schedule a demo first to see how the software works and if it satisfies your business requirements. They have a Customer Success team that helps with onboarding and setting up all the features like taxes, discounts, loyalty, inventory, compliance, CRM etc.

Indica Online Reviews: Pros And Cons


  • Integration with Potify, a vendor marketplace, a valuable sales channel.
  • RFID scan works well. It picks all tags without problems. Some users explained some of their problems, but I could not reproduce them in my test with a Zebra device.
  • Integration with Weedmaps.
  • 14-day free trial
  • Cloud-based solution, so you do not need to install anything in your computer.
  • Easy to work in a customer master record and differentiate the “customer” part from the “patient” part.
  • Management of delivery couriers
  • Multilocation management
  • Marketing SMS and email integrations that many use as a CRM itself. While for other POS you would require to integrate it with a CRM such as Zoho, it is not the case with Indica Online.
  • E-commerce website integration with WooCommerce
  • Advanced reporting even in the basic plan, however other functionalities will require an Elite plan.
  • Easy to learn: The employees learn to use the entire Indica Online bundle in about two weeks. The demonstration and basic training took two hours and the rest is testing the functionalities. There is chat support to assist them while they learn.
  • The iPad based POS application is fully integrated with scales, label & receipt printers, barcode scanner and cash drawer. You can easily apply % or $ discount amounts.
  • You can accept cash and credit cards without issues. See below in the “Payments” section.
  • There is automated compliance reporting with Metrc.
  • Indica Online reviews state that they could stay compliant without difficulties using this POS.
  • Indica Online reviews declared that it is not needed to do a double entry when fulfiling orders. Some of them where using Onfleet but now they can handle deliveries solely with Indica Online. While this is an advantage for a POS, I have tested other point of sales terminals that have similar functionalities and also avoid double entry.


  • Indica Online reviews consider that more information could ne necessary to print when issuing a delivery. Actually I found that this information can be retrieved through the configuration of the system. Delivery notes are quite incomplete in the standard configuration and users have a business requirement to add more phone numbers, and specific comments. Users would like that more information that already exists in the Customer master can be printed in the delivery.
  • More expensive than non-cannabis industry POS systems
  • Requires a credit card registration for free trial access
  • The basic plan has limited functionality as it does not cover GPS tracking, dispatching, or courier networks. So the basic plan cannot fulfill complex requirements in terms of delievery management. Most users will require the Elite plan.
  • Whereas Potify integration is smooth, Potify itself is not easy to edit and has a different logic than Indica Online software.
  • Support is good, but not when assisting users with Canadian excise taxes. Many business owners have obtained licensing in CA recently and they would need more help in this area.
  • The RFID scan works well. If it does not pick up a tag, a manual count ensures there is no product loss. However, there is no way to account for a manual count in the module Inventory Audit. The audit only allows you to adjust expected inventory numbers. Therefore, if I have ten units of “ABC”, and only eight scan with the RFID, the system flags a discrepancy of 2 units in “ABC”. The business owner or clerk is however actually physically counting ten, but in order to settle the audit, they are required to “adjust” the 10 expected down to 8…even though in reality they have 10 pieces or units of “ABC”.
  • Customer SMS inside the POS has limited functions. Business owners are somewhat forced to use other ways to communicate with customers but this is not tracked in the internal CRM.
  • You are discouraged to have your own website and they force you to utilize Potify, which does not have SEO friendly features, does not satisfy Core Web Vitals requirements and also lists your competitors. So even if most websites are just shells that lead customers to the Indica Online POS inventory, they are useful for branding.
  • Support regarding WooCommerce is not good and they use their own commerce site, Potify, which does not have a standard integration with WordPress. WordPress is your own e-commerce site, while Potify is a marketplace where you are listed along with your competitors.

Indica Online Main Features For Dispensaries

Earlier I have introduced some bullet points with the features of Indica Online at a glance. Now I will go into these features with more detail.

The following are very important features and capabilities of the IndicaOnline platform that you should know about. Let´s see how this tool for retailers in the dispensary business is featuring.

Patient And Physician Verification and Regulatory Functionalities

indica online reviews

In order to check a patient’s information, you must enter their Patient ID, which is a 7-character identifier printed on the physician’s referral, along with a Patient Birthdate, which may be found on any identification issued by the state.

Patient Verification is done through Indica Online without issues.

The system is integrated with all major online verification vendors. New patient records are added to your system automatically.

Profiles for new patients can be created in a few steps. Swiping a state-issued ID card will auto-complete all basic information. Wireless and mobile-enabled, IndicaOnline allows you to complete transactions from any location.

Delivery creation and verification work well, but I wish that I could print more information in the delivery note: that information is already in the system and would be taken from the customer master record.

Managing patients can be completed from any wi-fi connected device. Indica Online allows you to see a complete history of every interaction and transaction.

You can send emails and texts or create a customized loyalty program to increase sales and retain customers. However, please note that I have not tested the functionality of creation of a loyalty program for the Indica Online review.

Physician Verification takes place seamlessly with IndicaOnline due to direct integration with state medical board databases. Updates happen in real-time so dispensaries are always dealing with the most up-to-date license status of any physician.

Fully Compliant Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

IndicaOnline is HIPAA Compliant. Exceeding all security standards for data transmission and security, the platform can keep your data secure and in full compliance. Indica Online POS has put in place multiple redundancy measures to ensure 99.9% system uptime.

The entire EMR process on the Indica Online platform is paperless. This makes it simple for your staff and patients to complete all interactions with the least amount of hassle.

EMR functionality also includes charting and medication management capabilities. The system allows the creation of customized agreements and custom forms. All interactions are completed using touchscreen technology.

As Indica Online reviews state, everything related to compliance is well handled in this POS.

Email Marketing, SMS, and General CRM Functionalities

You do not need to have a separate CRM to integrate it with Indica Online. This is because this POS handles already all the CRM functions that business requirements of a dispensary will have.

While for other POS, it is required a separate CRM like Zoho, this is not the case for this POS I study here.

Marketing and promotion functions are built-in to Indica Online. They allow business owners and employees to send bulk texts and emails that are personalized for your patients. Create targeted discounts catering to specific groups such as military, seniors, or VAs.

A detailed dashboard displays new orders and other activities. Text and email alerts will keep you up-to-date from anywhere and allow you to complete verification of new users and approve orders.

Integrations with Weedmaps, Potify, And WordPress

There is an integration available with WordPress. It is required to install two plugins, one of them is WooCommerce, that converts the website in a fully fledged electronic commerce site.

Indica Online makes it simple to publish your WordPress website as a fully functional online store. 24/7 access that is always updated will register new users and allow them to complete online transactions. Checkout is simple with delivery or store pickup options.

WordPress allows you to have your own shop online, whereas Potify is a marketplace, where your products are listed along with your competitors. Potify is an additional sales channel but it is not better than having your own store. In this Indica Online review, we have tested the integration with WordPress and Potify but not with additional marketplaces or e-commerce platforms.

Likewise, the newest system upgrade from Indica Online has complete integration with Weedmaps, the most comprehensive database of these substances worldwide.

An updated Weedmaps profile connected to each dispensary’s Indica Online account automatically receives updates from each dispensary.

Customers may order delivery or arrange a pick-up online, all without leaving the Indica Online website. All inventory changes are automatic, and dispensaries may manage their inventory by logging on to the site with their own internet address.

Customers get full access to the menu, cashback, and overall dispensary information, including reviews by customers as well as the ability to join the dispensary site as a member.

In conclusion, Weedmaps and Indica Online are completely connected with one other. Your collection and inventory information may be updated in real time with this setting. When people use their locating and inventory information, they know whether Indica Online has the requested product in the warehouse.

IndicaOnline is closely linked to Potify, as well. People who have never tried your products or who are current customers may see the menu, look at the reviews, and place an order for delivery or for pickup. Today’s consumers demand convenience; these real-time integrations provide it.

Patient Delivery Tracking and Optimization

Most of these functionalities are not available in the Basic plan, so you would be having to move to their Elite plan.

IndicaOnline includes a cloud-based delivery application that allows you to manage every element of the delivery process.

Verification is paperless and customers can complete all necessary paperwork online. They can even track the status and history of their orders.

The delivery workflow is optimized with powerful driver and route management tools. IndicaOnline allows dispensaries to setup unlimited driver accounts. The app can create a delivery route that can be maximized for speed or distance.

Indica Online has a dispatcher mode that keeps track of where each driver is located through GPS, and then the order scheduler will use this information to choose the most appropriate driver based on how long it will take to complete their delivery. 

Offline And Online Modes Available

Indica Online has a document repository to ensure that the records stay safe in the cloud.

Regulation of the dispensary industry is strong, and much paperwork is required. Having your files stored on the cloud provides you with a sense of security, because it is safer and more secure.

Offline sales are also accessible in a new mode called “offline mode”. Associates will be able to continue to assist clients in case of a power outage or a loss of high-speed Internet access. 

Normal operations will be reestablished, and all actions in your platform will be synchronized as soon as normal operations have been restored.

Users may also work from anywhere in the world by utilizing a mobile device. It is possible to set roles and permissions for employees, and the system is capable of supporting numerous locations.

Back Office And Dashboards

There is also a dashboard where the user can retrieve complete reporting. This is one of the most important features that Indica Online reviews praise.

For these reporting functions, it is enough to be inside the Basic plan, however do not forget our remarks above about the CRM and delivery functionalities, for which you will preferably need the Elite plan.

indica online reviews

A powerful expense management system will allow you to stay on top of all accounts receivable/payable activities, manage vendors, and track other business expenses.

Inventory Management Functions

Barcode and RFID technologies are used by Indica Online to monitor and track every element of your inventory.

This POS may be used to print your own barcodes with different configurations for different items or weights. increase profitability by minimizing inventories.

Employee Management

Whereas Indica Online is not an HR software, it can satisfy the business requirements of dispensaries quite well.

The employee time and attendance solution can assist you in managing your workers. To ensure that you can quickly react to fluctuations in client demand, see all of your company data in real-time so you can make adjustments to your payroll and shift coverage accordingly.

Authorization Management

In addition to providing the capability to lockout an entire account, an Emergency Exit Button offers administrators the option to completely lock out the account should there be any security breaches or suspicious behavior.

Two-factor authorization may be applied to any log-in activity, including those that require two or more factors.

It is possible to have a different authorization profile for someone in sales, that will be different from others.

Import Legacy Data Into Indica Online

As soon as a dispensary goes live with Indica Online, they can import their existing database in Excel or any CSV format file into the program. This process takes no more than a few minutes.

Customers do not have to pay anything more when using the customer assistance throughout this procedure.

The legacy POS has to generate all the relevant data and release it in CSV format. After this, Indica Online customer assistance will help you to migrate it to your new POS.

Removing Customers To Avoid Fraud

Removing annoying clients from your system is quite easy using Indica Online.

Unfortunately, there are some that steal, offer fraudulent papers, or abuse others at your facilities.

Inform all other Indica Online dispensaries about this so they can filter out the bad clients while sparing the good ones. I have not tested this functionality of blocking a customer.


IndicaOnline accepts payments by debit and credit cards as well as cash. The list of hardware components which are supported by this application includes receipt printers, barcode scanners, scales, and cash drawers. 

In addition to iPads, desktop PCs and other mobile devices are also capable of accessing the solution.

Additionally, IndicaOnline complies with HIPAA regulations and saves data online using 256-bit SSL encryption to protect sensitive information.

24/7 Support

Clients will be able to report problems any time of day using the ticketing system that Indica Online employs.

Live representatives are accessible via phone between 7 AM and 9 PM Pacific Daylight Time. Additionally, they provide a large collection of FAQs to answer various inquiries.

Indica Online offers monthly subscriptions that are based on the service requested, with assistance available through phone and email as part of the package.

Hardware Compatibility

Any Mac or Windows computer may run IndicaOnline, and it works also with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

For businesses, a full PayPoint bundle with and cash drawer that comes with a receipt printer, barcode scanner, and customer-facing display is highly recommended.

Use Bluetooth or extra ports to make sure that devices like a weight scale are connected to your computer. We have this article that is dedicated to POS scales and how they can be integrated with POS systems.

Use of contactless payment alternatives and EMV payment authorization are also supported. PCI compliance applies to all electronic transactions.

Alternatives to Indica Online

  • GreenBits POS
  • BioTrack THC

Indica Online Integration With Weedmaps

I described above the available integrations with Weedmaps, Shopify, WooCommerce and Potify. These integrations are key in all Indica Online reviews. It is an important topic and deserves a separate paragraph.

Apart from the integration with Potify, it is possible now to integrate with Weedmaps since 2021.

By using this synchronized approach, all of the dispensary’s Indica Online accounts are kept up to current, so that changes are easily synced from each account to the connected Weedmaps profile.

For the small company owner, maintaining data in Indica Online and having it updated in Weedmaps automatically is all they have to do.

On order to use Weedmaps, you first need to register an account therein.

A dispensary does not have to go through the pain of system maintenance again. Imagine if with each change, you have to do inventory updates, price adjustments, and out-of-stock product listings. No, synchronization is much more simpler.

Weedmaps users benefit from Indica Online’s integration, which saves time and eliminates the chance of mistakes during the operation as data has to be maintained only once.

With Indica Online, new dispensaries may simply design and implement a personalized menu without any coding or programming that is instantaneously synchronized with the appropriate account. This does not require programming.

Indica Online Integration With Potify

Potify integration is very convenient because you will be showcasing your shop menu, business and delivery hours, your location as well as your delivery zones. However, it is a marketplace where your products will be displayed to prospective customers along with the ones of your direct competitors.

For this reason, I recommend you to have a WooCommerce store to sell the products. This store will be connected through the Indica Online integration and have Potify as an additional channel to promote more sales.

Before you can have your account with Potify and connect Indica Online with Potify, you must submit them a copy of your CBL to the support team via mail. The support team will create a ticket and after they acknowledge your business license your integration can go forward.

Potify is the platform of Indica Online for both storefront and delivery to Indica Online accounts.

It is really seamlessly integrated with Indica Online and does not require the installation of any plug-ins. The integration was easy and also the Indica Online reviews reflect the same situation for the users.

Your whole inventory with pricing will be in sync with your Potify online store.

indica online reviews

Steps To Connect Potify With Your Indica Online Account

 1. If you would like your customers to enjoy the pleasure of a special loyalty program, you can enable the Potify Loyalty Program for them to get Potify credits to use at checkout. To set this up on your computer:

  • Navigate to the Config tab on the left-hand side of the screen, click Offices & Storages on top of the Config menu and select the Office you want to edit.
indica online reviews
  • Go to Marketplace Settings, click the Loyalty Program tab and hit the Enable The Program button. 
indica online reviews
  • Set a percentage that your customers will receive as cashback in the Enable the Program pop-up and submit the request to IndicaOnline for approval. It takes up to 24 hours for the request to be approved.
indica online reviews

Once you have enabled the Loyalty Program, a banner will be displayed on your Potify store. It will inform your customers of the amount of cashback they will be rewarded with each time they place an order with your dispensary. Your customers will also be able to apply for their earned Potify credits while completing the orders.

indica online reviews

If you disable the Loyalty Program, your customers will not be able to see an option to apply their Potify credits in the cart.

2. As your request has been approved, the Potify Orders tab will appear. 

  • Switch the Accept Orders toggle button to YES for your customers to be able to add products to the cart. Otherwise, your Potify store will simply show your inventory and deals, but the Add to Cart button will not be available for your customers. Select your Payment Methods, fill out the courier phone number under Order Notifications and Customer Support number, if required.

Currently, you are only notified after a new order has been placed on Potify. You are not notified if the order status has been changed.

  • Make sure to switch the Allow Pickup and Allow Delivery toggle buttons to YES depending on your business type. You can further customize your Potify online store page by adding your pickup and delivery shipping methods. 

Under the General Info tab you may also want to upload your logo to show on your Potify page. Make sure to use the file which size is 432 pixels x 432 pixels and save the changes by pressing the Save button. (If the image is still not displaying, reformat the file from PNG to JPEG or vice versa.)

3. And finally, in the product profile of your IndicaOnline account, switch the Publish on Potify toggle button to YES to have the item displayed on your Potify online webstore.

Customers will need to create a Potify account, verify their phone number and upload their ID to verify their age and start shopping.

Medical patients will also need to upload their recommendations. Each of your customers will get a $5 credit after verifying their email addresses. $10 referral credits are up for grabs both for referrers and referrals once a referral completes their first order.

Customers will be able to place pick-up as well as delivery orders directly from your Potify website.

You have an option to create Potify accounts for your existing patients in the IndicaOnline account. To do so, navigate to the patient profile and, under the Actions tab, choose Create Potify Account.

Indica Online reviews praise the customer master record and the fact that they can distinguish the “patient” part and the “customer” part.

WooCommerce Integration

Indica Online can integrate with WooCommerce, which is a plugin to convert a site built with WordPress as a CMS into an e-commerce store.

Potify is different from WooCommerce, as in Potify your products are listed along with your direct competitors, so this can affect your sales. Potify is a marketplace while WooCommerce is your own e-commerce store.

Furthermore, with a separate e-commerce store, you will be able to build a brand much better.

An integration possibility is to use WordPress CMS with plugins WooCommerce and WP Dispensary and CannaBiz as the theme.

Anyway, do not discard Potify at all, even if you are listed there along with your competitors, because it is a very important sales channel to have.


Indica Online is an all-in-one point-of-sale system created to assist cannabis merchants with everything from inventory management to sales reporting, including compliance.

Regardless of whether we are operating out of a dispensary or delivery service, Indica Online covers all the business processes.

Their POS is designed for dependable cloud-based use that can be integrated with websites like Weedmaps and Leafly for managing your dispensary’s online menu. 

Their in-house e-commerce platform, Potify, is also provided to dispensaries for usage. 

Registered shops can utilize the IndicaOnline automatic compliance reporting integrations. Everything is sent after the transaction is complete, and it is simple to find METRC-tracked goods. 

The IndicaOnline MMJ POS is one of the most complete cannabis-specific systems available to collectives and dispensaries today. Offering complete regulatory and compliance functionality, this system will allow a new operator to have confidence they are operating with the laws and regulations in their state.

Built by a team of experienced IT industry pros, IndicaOnline also provides all the POS benefits and features that traditional retailers have been utilizing for years.

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Each industry vertical requires a different type of POS, so we cannot analyze them all together in one single group. Therefore, we have researched in different verticals to define which are the POS systems that we can recommend for each industry and why: Wholesale POS, POS for kiosks, fast foods, POS for restaurants and which of them work well in iPads because some work very bad in mobile systems in my opinion, gas stations, supermarkets, dispensaries, convenience stores, dry cleaning industries, furniture, liquor stores, and bike shops.

What about cash registers? We have reviewed some and we have found good and bad products: cash registers for gas stations, small businesses in general, and restaurants.

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