Cheapest Receipt Printer For Square

Cheapest Receipt Printer For Square

The cheapest receipt printer for Square is now the Star Micronics TSP143IIIU. It connects with the Square hardware immediately through USB and is recognized quickly by the Square operating system.

When we studied the Square receipt printer scenarios, we did not analyze the devices in detail, because the goal was to define landscapes available, connectivity, and installation

Square recommends Star Micronics and Epson for receipt printers. Star has discontinued many models that we liked in the past and that were also cheap.

You can connect the thermal receipt printer to your Square hardware, such as the Square Terminal or the Square Register, to quickly provide your customers with a paper copy of their receipt to either sign and tip, or keep for their own records.

The reason why this printer is much cheaper is that it does not have Bluetooth or a WiFi connection.

Nevertheless, it can connect via USB with the Square hardware and of course with Square Hub.

USB is enough for this cheapest receipt printer for Square because the Star Micronics TSP143IIIU will remain usually beside the Square Register, or the Square Terminal, with or without the Square Hub accessory.

If you are billing a customer sitting at a table, it is the Square Register that will send the billing to the Square Terminal in the hands of the waiter via WiFi. The receipt will be printed beside the customer by the portable Square Terminal device. The Star Micronics TSP143IIIU will not intervene here as the receipt is printed already by the Terminal and handed to the customer.

If anyway you want to print the receipt, the information on the customer table transactions is within the Square Register. The Star Micronics TSP143IIIU will receive the information to print via USB from the Square Register, with disregard of what the Square Terminal is doing or maybe you do not even have a Terminal, as it happens mostly in retail and wholesale business processes.

All those processes described above are led by the software, Square Point of Sale or Square for Restaurants depending on your business process. That software has excellent integration with the Star printers in general, and the Star Micronics TSP143IIIU in particular. This is why Square recommends it and we cannot deviate from that recommendation as it is a manufacturer’s best practice.

You would not be able to use it as a kitchen printer in a restaurant, because the device will be far from the Square hardware where the customer order is entered. In this scenario, a printer with Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity will be required.

In case you have a restaurant, and you need that the personnel prints the customer order, you can deploy the same scenario, but your printer can be a Star Micronics SM-S230i instead, a portable device, which will connect with the Square hardware through WiFi.

Best Receipt Printer For Square

In our article about the best receipt printers for Square, we have also listed the Star Micronics TSP143IIIU printer.

This is our list inside that article.

  • Star Micronics TSP143III Ethernet (LAN) Thermal Printer ۞ [TOP PICK]
  • Star Micronics TSP654IIE3 Ethernet (LAN) Thermal Receipt Printer
  • Star Micronics TSP143IIIU Cheapest receipt printer for Square
  • Star Micronics TSP143IIIW Monochrome Direct Thermal Receipt Printer
  • Star Micronics mC-Print3 Thermal Printer
  • Star Micronics SM-S230i Portable Printer

The last device, Star Micronics SM-S230i, is portable, so it can be used in kitchens without connectivity issues.

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