pos maid review

Alexandria POS Maid Review

Alexandria POS Maid Review

Alexandria POS Maid review. When analyzing the current trends of the retail industry (1), not only in the US (2) but also in the UK (3) and Germany (4) we can consider that there are many challenges in the retail industry such as offering customers a quick and seamless experience (7) to which we can add, control of the age of customers when selling alcohol (5), visualization of reports and sales information to support management decisions (6).

Here comes our Alexandria POS Maid review, where I study how well this point of sales bundle, a necessity for all customer-facing businesses (9) accomplishes the challenges in the retail industry (8) which is facing irregular trends recently, (10) and we encountered a favorable result in key areas such as replenishment (12) through the setup of a reorder point (11) and inventory management.

Alexandria POS Maid is a point of sale software system addressed to retailers represented by a product bundle that includes the software, a cash drawer, a receipt printer, and a kitchen printer.

The POS Maid review found that the product master data and the inventory management are the best features of the POS Maid bundle. For the product master data, it links the product with the supplier and allows to configure variants. Furthermore, inventory management allows an easy process for replenishment setting an order point in the “Low Stock Alert On” field.

POS Maid reviews praise the handling of the product master data that allows variant configuration, which is a business requirement of the retail industry.

Alexander POS is a point-of-sale software system that combines easy-to-use software and programming capabilities with features such as easy-to-install and -setup.

The alternative products to Alexandria POS are AMS Point of Sales, Lightspeed Retail POS, and Revel Systems. All three are considered to be common alternatives.

Among the most common types of companies using Alexandria POS Maid are mid-size businesses that are involved in the retail sector.

Alexandria Point of Sale publishes POS Maid as a software platform.
Alexandria, in fact, produces many point-of-sale systems under the “Maid” DBA name, including Restaurant Maid, Salon Maid, and Point of Sale Maid.

The latter of these aforementioned environments, called POS Maid, is geared at merchants’ point-of-sale requirements. These systems are advertised as clothes shop point of sale systems, grocery store point of sale systems, and electronics store point of sale systems.

This retail-focused solution is ideal for owners of businesses in the majority of retail sectors. With the POS Maid bundle, you will not encounter much overlap or unused functionality, since this product is designed especially for retail companies.

Whether you own a grocery store, a bakery, a clothes store, a vape shop, or even a gift shop, POS Maid is an inexpensive, simple-to-use solution.
Easily adapt the program to your retail business’s specific requirements.

You will be capable to have a snapshot of your entire sales and orders using POS Maid. Sort your sales according to the product or service, the client, or the department. Do you want to know how much a certain employee sells? This may be accomplished inside the program, as well as via the generation of daily, monthly, and yearly reports.

After doing an in-depth analysis of POS Maid, we discovered that perhaps the operating system is out of date when compared to competing retail point-of-sale systems. You may, however, retain control of your inventories and use a variety of management tools. Among our favorite features is the ability to configure low-stock alerts and monitor inventory across different warehouses or locations.

Additional features include staff administration, client management, and straightforward bookkeeping (handling bank transactions and including customer accounts). POS Maid is compatible with various point-of-sale hardware components, such as tablets, but is often installed on a desktop PC.

If you are searching for an absurdly low-cost solution that you can install on your local computer, POS Maid by Alexandria Point of Sale is just $59 for a one-time charge. If you operate a small business without a need for advanced capabilities and interfaces, this may be a suitable choice for you.

Let us analyze the specifications that POS Maid offers and see whether they are a good fit for your company.

Alexandria POS Maid Software Costs

One of the most important selling factors for POS Maid is the cost.

Alexandria POS Maid costs an average of $65 for a direct download and $70 if the business owner requires a USB drive with the installation media delivered to your address in addition to the direct download fee. It costs only $65 per terminal, which is a significant saving. There is no monthly charge. Essentially, it is a one-time purchase that comes with a full 90-day money-back guarantee.

POS Maid Hardware Requirements

For the most part, the hardware requirements for Maid POS are basic.
Software designed to operate on Windows PC devices, with at least Windows 7 as a minimum requirement. However, it also can perform on devices up to Windows 11.

In addition, the hardware requirements are minimal:

Processor Speed400 MHz1GHz
RAM96 MB256 MB
Hard Disk Space280 MB850 MB

In an era of iPads and Macs, few companies are committed to the Windows platform. Alexandria is one such company. They don’t sell their own POS equipment or serve as a reseller for compatible products but they do offer trusted vendors instead

Alexandria POS Maid Review: Product Bundle

The Alexandria POS Maid is a product bundle that includes:

  • Software.
  • Cash drawer
  • Receipt Printer
  • Kitchen Printer

POS Maid Features

POS Maid promotes many features designed specifically for shops.
These involve the key services desired by the majority of stores: reporting, inventory management, and employee and customer management. These capabilities are beneficial for almost every merchant, from large establishments to other small businesses.


There are several options for reporting available with POS Maid.
Detailed financial reports are available for each register, the cash drawer is reconciled, and individual sales are tracked product by product. Additionally, you can track your sales performance over the course of a day, a week, or a month, and you can export your records to an Excel spreadsheet.

There is also the option of customizing the reports. Configure your reporting to include information that is based on specific product, service, customer types, or any other relevant criterion.

In addition to enabling easy documentation linkage, reporting provides a means for storing documentation. You could assemble reports of employee earnings and bonuses and connect their paychecks to the report so that they can easily be looked at.

Inventory Management

Inventory management is critical to the success of any retail business.
When you use POS Maid, you can keep track of inventory for goods depending on the kind of product and any variety of other configurable characteristics (color, size, etc.).

Also, in the same master data, you can include the supplier (only one supplier) along with the website and phone number, so you can react quickly if you have a complaint or you want to reorder.

This POS will assist you in tracking inventory in real-time, receiving notifications when inventory is running low. Of course that you have to set up a reorder point beforehand.

This platform also enables you to import and export inventory lists via Excel, making it simpler to keep track of your inventory levels.

During the POS Maid review with the demo software, this was one of the best features, the inventory management. However, if you have a wholesale business and you manage inventories, you would better choose NCR Counterpoint.

pos maid review

Employee and Customer Management

This point-of-sale system offers you the essential features for managing your employees and customers.

On the employee side, you have the tools you need for commission reporting, pay management, providing reference to payment stubs, and more related functions.

Furthermore, staff members may use their time to monitor their sales versus the sales targets established by the management.

The customer side of things is handled by POS Maid, which provides client profiles as well as a customer database that can be used to monitor preferences and purchasing patterns.

It also allows for appointment-based engagement with particular services, if necessary.

Customer Relationship Management

When it comes to functionality, POS Maid follows the rules fairly closely, therefore it is a nice surprise to learn about its CRM capabilities. In addition to basic CRM capabilities, the system offers a customer database with specific fields for tracking customer behaviors and sales statistics.

POS Maid, on the other hand, enables you to build and maintain email lists depending on parameters like shopping habits, seasonal discounts, and other factors, among others. Additionally, you may incorporate conventional snail mail and telephone contact lists into this capability to increase sales.


POS Maid is a simple and convenient way that helps organize all your bank accounts with one easy interface.

Take care of several business bank accounts related to the operations of your company. The same place where you reconcile your cash drawer is also the place where you make deposits and facilitate transfers.

Consider how that kind of accounting can apply to your business relationship with your customers as well.

Manage also user accounts, such as credit and debit cards for things like consignment, and customer debts and payments.

POS Maid Cons

Not all are good things for the POS Maid, as there are some drawbacks too.

This retail POS service, POS Maid, is just for the retailers, and it does just that – it provides retail POS services. The software package does not boast a large number of features, which might dissuade some prospective customers with complex requirements.

It’s perfectly fine: Every business has its own needs when it comes to fitting a POS to meet their needs. Below in this article, I have a list of reviews for other POS that can be considered suitable to meet complex business requirements.

It is a great choice if you are looking for a POS package that provides all the essential features of a retail POS system. There can be automated reporting, and management of files is simple, and the interface can be fully customized, but not to the point of being excessively complicated.


In this POS Maid review, I found that it comes with a couple of great features but only for small to midsized retailers.

First and foremost, it is designed with retailers in mind. There are a number of functionalities you get in this software package that is going to be appropriate for the retail sector in some way.

A second benefit is that it offers a great deal of customization allowing you to make it fit your exact business needs. The level of customization you can have with the software is great, as it keeps you from having to learn and memorize a manual of tools and menus.

Another great quality of this product is the new, low-priced price point, which I think is the best part of it. You can get software that’s not going to be a financial burden to your company on a monthly basis, and it’s only $65 per terminal plus hardware.

Additionally, because of Alexandria Computers’ flexibility in negotiating the terms of your contract, you will be able to select the hardware you want, as long as it complies with the requirements of thereof.

POS Maid is a POS software service that you should consider if you are trying to find a POS solution that gets the job done, does not take up a large amount of your time, and doesnot cost a fortune.

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