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where can i add money to my cash app card

Your cash app card is in hand, and you are buying a new avocado peeler from Amazon. I mean, check this thing out! But it would help if you learned how to add money to your cash app card to use it. Let’s discuss that in this article.

If your bank account is linked to your cash app, you can quickly load money onto your cash app. Then you can spend the balance using your cash app card. You handle the entire process in the app, so all you will need is access to it.

Also, with my teen, we recently started using The Step Card rather than Cash App. Definitely read my review of Step to see why we switched.

Let’s get started.

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Let’s look at how to link your bank account to your cash app. We will also review how to add money to your cash app card and check the balance to see if the transfer was successful.  If you want to review the fees for using the cash app debit card see this article.

Sidenote: You probably know that you can get paid extra cash by inviting your friends to use the cash app. Here are some other ideas that can help you make some extra money.

Can You Add Money to Cash App Card in Store?

Unfortunately, you are not able to add money to your cash app card in a store. Not at present, at least. I feel confident that as the app continues to grow, so will the features and cash abilities.  

The only way that you can add more money to your cash app card is by connecting directly with your bank account via the app and transferring money over.

To add money to your cash card, select “add cash” from the app’s home screen.  

Add the desired amount that you want to add.

The amount chosen will be deducted from your linked bank account and added to your cash app account. 

I will go into further detail later in the post.

How to Add a Bank Account to the Cash App?

You must link your bank account to your cash app before you can transfer money to it from your bank. Once linked, you can freely transfer money back and forth from the cash app to your account.  

Once you have the cash app installed, select the “my cash” tab on the home screen.

Then, select “add bank” and add your bank routing number and account number.

You can’t have more than one bank account linked to your cash app. If you need to add a different bank account, follow these steps.

Tap the Banking tab on your Cash App home screen

Select the bank account you would like to modify.

Select “Remove Bank” or “Replace Bank”

Follow the directions, and you’re all set.

How to Add Money to my Cash App Card?

Now you have your bank account linked directly to your cash app. Let’s say you still want to get that avocado peeler.

Now you need to transfer cash over to your cash app so that you can make the purchase. This is easily done in the app.

To add cash from your bank to your app tap on ‘my cash.’ 
Select ‘add cash.’
Then add the amount of money that you wish to transfer.

The app needs to confirm your identity and will ask for your PIN or password to verify the transfer.

If you also have a debit card linked to your account, you can choose which one of them you will use as your default account. The money amount you select will deduct from this account.

Checking Your Cash App Balance

Checking your cash app balance is simple. This info can be found directly on the home screen of the cash app.  

But you can access your transactions online also, but downloading a CSV file directly from Cash.App

After signing in at, click on Statements.

Next, click on “Export CSV.”

It will automatically download, and you can then view the file and organize it as you like.


The Cash App is simple to use and is rapidly expanding its features.

It’s very similar to Venmo (owned by Paypal).

You may be interested to learn how Venmo makes money and how it works.

It’s exciting to see the fintech game heat up as it needs disruption. Apps like Cash App and Venmo are baking for young people. There are even apps that will pay you to walk and get healthy. It’s getting wild out there!

It’s possible that in the future, money will be directly transferred to these apps for payment from employers, bypassing the need for banks at all.

In essence, the Cash App or Venmo App becomes your bank.

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