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what is a lifestyle blogger

Welcome to lifestyle blogging. The blog has soft-focus dreamy photos, places you wish you can go, lovely kids, and a whole lot more.

What is a lifestyle blog? Is it like Instagram incorporated in a blog to create that feed?

Join me in this post as we define lifestyle blogging and how to be a lifestyle blogger.

And if you want an in-depth guide for starting a blog, I’ve created this for you.

Definition Of A Lifestyle Blog

A lifestyle blog has no formal definition yet. Because it is a new interest in the internet, it is not surprising that its meaning is not official.

During the late 1990s, blogging started to become a thing that people enjoy as an activity.

To put in my own words the definition of blog based from the dictionary, we learn that:

A blog is a website that features someone’s daily experiences or thoughts about a specific theme or topic.

If we modify its meaning to make sense of a lifestyle blog, then we define it as:

A lifestyle blog is a website that features broad experiences or thoughts about a theme or topic in a blogger’s daily life.

Still, it may be too vague to understand. If we apply this definition, you can write about any topic or idea and even call it a lifestyle blog. As long as it’s related to your daily life and how you live, then it’s okay.

According to the current years, here’s a guide to lifestyle blogging to shed some light on a lifestyle blog definition.

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What Is A Lifestyle Blog?

A lifestyle blog is an open field for topics and ideas. It is better to discuss what doesn’t pass as a lifestyle blog.

It Is Not A Personal Blog.

Before, people wrote blogs about themselves. They share their life, daily routines, and other personal stories with the readers.

During 2010, these kinds of blogs were a success. It didn’t matter if your life was ordinary or out of the ordinary.

For many years, personal blogs focused on writing about hobbies out of their pleasure. They have a smaller following, and only a few can make money from it.

These blogs focus on a specific niche, but it is not a bad thing. Personal blogs still grow and are successful, but over the years, there were changes.

Nowadays, personal blogs can discuss mental health, a journey to weight loss, or adventures of going to a rare spot. Many people tend to follow these blogs, but you can’t label them as lifestyle blogs.

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It Focuses On The Readers And What They Gain From It.

A lifestyle blog implies that your blog is about your life. But, adding your interests, opinions, and thoughts helps in building a better lifestyle blog.

You can break down parts of your life and let readers catch a glimpse of what your daily life is. You are free to post bits of it to your thousands of posts and add a creative touch to it.

However, there are exceptional cases in this description. Some bloggers tend to post sentimental personal posts.

Somehow, they manage to carry out the aim to be a lifestyle blog. It feels like reading a Facebook post of your friends about their experiences.

Most lifestyle blogs that manage to generate income and gain a significant following are inspiring.

The reality of life is more subtle when written. Instead, bloggers focus on the information and tips to motivate readers to pursue their dream and life.

In today’s generation, lifestyle blogs are like printed magazines. If magazines like Elle began in modern times, they could be a big lifestyle blog whose niche is fashion, beauty, health, and entertainment.

Lifestyle blogs are less complicated to read. Bloggers also add a lot of pictures to make them creative and attractive for readers.

And you can run the project from anywhere. Our friends over at Porch have this helpful guide for blogging from home.

Most Lifestyle Blogs Begin As Niche Blogs.

The world of blogging is expanding. The best way to appeal to the jammed blog community is to start with a niche blog.

For example, you can start writing about fitness and health tips. When you gain more followers, you can slowly add a travel adventure segment or advice on a healthy diet or weight loss tips.

It is better and safer to write at least only three topics instead of writing multiple niches on the blog that can fail.

Generally, the more topics you are covering, the more often you have to post in a week. Creating new posts can invite more followers and draw loyal followers.

It Is Unique.

Let your writing speak reality and tell your story.

You can only pull off a lifestyle blog if it reflects your life. It would be hard to write about an experience and give tips if you didn’t experience it firsthand.

For example, you want to write about the life of being a mother of a child, but you don’t have a child. Or maybe write about the struggles of modern college students, but you are in your fifties already.

It’s okay to showcase your various life interests, but it’s better to pursue appealing topics. You can write about beauty, travel, food, fashion, health, and family.

Bloggers Can Be Anonymous.

It sounds like something hard to do, but it does not mean that it is not possible. Few bloggers manage to be successful while keeping themselves anonymous.

The part where it gets more challenging is when you start making money from the blog. Sponsors, payment apps, and affiliates may need your real name and other information for you to get paid.

Sometimes, you need to reveal your business names and other contact information in the blog. You always have the option to keep your identity hidden, but if you have the company details disclosed, it’s just one Google away.

Start by posting an introduction about yourself when opening a blog. You can remain anonymous as long as you carefully choose what photos and details you share with the readers.

How To Make Money From Lifestyle Blogging?

The key to a successful blog is to build high web traffic blog posts. You can choose to write about trending topics that attract followers across social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Keeping up with popular topics can make a lifestyle blog appealing to sponsors and partners that can support your blog.

One of the most common income generators for blogs is ads. MediaVine is a full-service ad management partner that helps bloggers and content creators earn money from ads. 

MediaVine pays more than Ezoic, but you can only register under the condition of having 50,000 sessions per month (I used Ezoic before crossing the 50,000 per month requirement for Mediavine).

Another way of generating income from lifestyle blogging is promoting products. Companies reach out to bloggers who start gaining followers and ask to collaborate with them.

It’s great to make money through sponsored posts as long as you know your way around it. Just because companies approach you to promote their services necessarily means your blog will revolve around it.

Keep your freedom in expressing opinions about the products you promote. Readers will take your word when reviewing, so make sure it is reliable and convincing.

Affiliate Marketing

You can talk about products and services you enjoy using when you run a lifestyle blog. As you share to people your favorites, make money by promoting them as affiliate products.

Affiliate marketing allows bloggers to earn commissions whenever people buy products through a link included in their site. 

The commissions depend on the product, category, and company. For example, Amazon offers up to a 4% commission rate. Some digital products have higher commission rights ranging up to 40%.

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Opening A Shop

When you’ve finally established a career in lifestyle blogging, opportunities will flood in. Your lifestyle blog’s traffic can help introduce your shop.

Take advantage of the traffic to open a business and sell beauty products, cosmetics, clothes, or jewelry. You can open up a shop on a platform like Etsy (here’s an article with ideas items to sell).

You can also write a book or start courses that can help your readers.

As long as you have a big audience, selling your products is possible.

Starting A Lifestyle Blog

It’s easy to start lifestyle blogging, but you may want to answer these questions to know if you are ready to manage your lifestyle blog:

  • Do you take amazing shots when you go on a trip?
  • Can you manage to be an ideal and beautiful image to the readers despite the dramas of daily life?
  • Are you comfortable with sharing your daily life with the public, even in a limited way?

You can choose the details you share with the readers. You can continue lifestyle blogging without giving away too many personal details.

If your lifestyle blog is solely about you, then it’s all up to you. However, if your family makes a feature in the blog, make sure you ask permission to use their story, photos, etc.

Don’t worry. You can start writing a lifestyle blog that does not entirely reflect your life. It can be about your ideal life and what you do to achieve it.

It serves as an inspiration for yourself and your readers to build an ideal life through the lifestyle blog.

Your Lifestyle Blogging Formula

A great way to think of your lifestyle blog’s perfect formula is to compare and analyze other blogs you enjoy.

First Step

Create at least 3 to 5 choices of blogs, including their main niche and interest. Then, put descriptions for each blog.

Assess the blogs according to these questions:

  • Which blog content can you relate to your life?
  • Are there blogs that are similar and may overlap?
  • Are the descriptions of specific blogs more engaging than the others?

Your response will tell which topics will remain. Your subjects may be down to 2 or 3, but you can always add more later.

Second Step

Decide what tone you will use in the lifestyle blog. How would you approach your audience- formal or casual? Would you recommend budget-friendly or premium products?

Be consistent with the tone because it will reflect you as a person.

Third Step

Look ahead in time and envision the future of your lifestyle blog. Ponder how big and successful your blog will be. Remember that it is your life and work.

Think about the topics you plan on writing, and ensure that it gives you long-term happiness and motivation. Erase topics that will, later on, fade your interest.

Conclusion: Lifestyle Blogging

Think of a lifestyle blog as a mirror. It reflects your life and dreams as a writer and your reader’s inspiration. You showcase the best out of your life to motivate the readers with theirs.

Lifestyle blogging highlights visualization, so make sure you provide appropriate photos with reader-friendly posts.

There are different blogging styles: some can focus on the blogger’s life, while some provide informative posts.

The audience’s interest can affect the variation of topics in a blog because writers tend to catch up with the trend.

Also, bloggers are free to choose which personal information they want to share or remain anonymous.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Lifestyle Blogging

What Is A Lifestyle Blog?

A lifestyle blog is a website that features broad experiences or thoughts about a theme or topic in the blogger’s life. It uses images and easy-to-read posts.

What Defines A Lifestyle Blogger?

A lifestyle blogger inspires their readers with their daily life experiences and tips. 

Can You Be An Influencer Even You Are Not A Blogger?

Nowadays, people make money through social media platforms like Youtube and Instagram. People on these platforms are influencers who gain followers even without a blog.

However, having a blog- a lifestyle blog- allows you to earn extra money and is an effective way to promote products rather than social media platforms.

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