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If you have a thing for stickers and decals, then you must be on the lookout for the best sticker companies and manufacturers right now.

It’s odd how we seem to have an innate, deep affection for stickers as humans.

It’s not uncommon to have an impulse to peel things. 

Maybe you’re into crafts, or you’d like to sell stationery.

Something about the modest sticker just seems to pique your interest.

In this post, we’ll take a look at different custom sticker companies and manufacturers to see who makes the most killer stickers. 

When it comes to finding the finest sticker printers, we have to be wary.

After all, it’s easy to order bad-quality products if you’re not paying attention.

I hope this post helps you out in making an informed decision about who can provide you with excellent quality custom stickers and more. 

Let’s get started! 

Reviews For The Top Sticker Companies and Manufacturers 

Let’s talk about the top sticker companies and manufacturers around. 

Sticker Mule 

Right off the bat, Sticker Mule’s tagline says, “custom stickers that kick-ass.” I don’t know about you, but I always appreciate a good pun.

So now, let’s dive into what this sticker printing company has to offer. 

If you’re picky about the kinds of stickers you want your manufacturer to produce, it looks like Sticker Mule will have you covered.

They have a great selection of sticker types, including: 

  • Round stickers 
  • Square stickers 
  • Die-cut stickers 
  • Rectangle stickers 
  • Bumper stickers 
  • Kiss cut stickers 
  • Oval stickers 
  • Sticker sheets 
  • Clear custom stickers 
  • Rounded corner stickers
  • Transfers 
  • Static clings 
  • Vinyl letterings 
  • Front adhesive stickers 

While you might go ga-ga over Sticker Mule’s offerings, it’s essential to note that this company isn’t the cheapest out of the options I’m going to give you in this post.

However, like with any other kind of manufacturer, you get what you pay for. 

In terms of quality, Sticker Mule certainly delivers.

You can always rest assured that you’ll get a high-quality product from them. 

What’s another thing that I love about Sticker Mule?

They have speedy, free shipping!

So you go on Sticker Mule, customize your stickers, complete your order in a few minutes, and have it shipped to you in no time. 

I have used Sticker Mule to create stickers for an event that I produced, and I had a great experience.

It’s definitely high on the list of the top sticker companies and manufacturers.

With this link, you can save $10, and I’ll get $10 too.


Stickers are one of the most fun and best tools of expression ever invented.

With Canva’s free sticker creator, imagination is your only limit.

You can work your magic by starting from scratch or customizing one from their rich collection of custom sticker templates, then handpick from over 100 million design ingredients to create your masterpiece finally.

Are you delighted with your final design?

You could publish it at home or let Canva Print do the work for you!

You can expect your stickers in a couple of days, and you’d be ready to show off your awesome stickers.

Canva has all the print and design features that you need.

  • Thousands of free templates
  • Millions of free images, icons, and graphics
  • Eco-friendly packaging with no plastic or bubble wrap included.
  • Order prints and get them delivered fast, free, and in recycled packaging.
  • Access on any device
  • Font library
  • Easy sharing and exporting tools
  • Curved text
  • Make eye-catching designs with curved typography.
  • Brand kit (Pro)
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Photo effects
  • One-click background remover (Pro)

How To Design And Print Your Custom Sticker With Canva

  1. Choose a free sticker template from their library, or start one on your own.
  2. Upload your own images, illustrations, or graphic elements.
  3. Start getting creative. Drag and drop your way to a custom sticker design.
  4. Save your design, then order it as prints in the size, shape, and paper finish of your own choosing.
  5. Get your custom stickers delivered to your doorstep with free standard shipping.

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You will be attracted by their slogan: stick your stickers anywhere.

No stickers, no fun.

Custom stickers are a fun and affordable way to not only help promote your brand but also make folks smile.

These stickers stick easily due to their cut-out line on the backing.

Moreover, even if you remove them, it has no residue.

They have a large selection, and you can always find the sticker you want to make.

  • Die cut stickers
  • Kiss cut stickers
  • Round Stickers
  • Square Stickers
  • Holographic Stickers
  • Vinyl Stickers
  • Clear Stickers
  • Kraft Paper Stickers
  • Metallic Stickers
  • Bumper Stickers
  • Logo Stickers
  • Band Stickers

You will enjoy custom stickers with no minimums.

You can even order just a single sticker.

They also offer free air shipping.

Since they offer some other products like labels, buttons, wall graphics, and magnets, you can possibly save time and get your items in a single place.

Custom Stickers

At Custom Stickers, they make it easy to create high-quality custom-printed stickers.

The stickers are made using high-quality vinyl with a laminate coating for added durability.

Custom Stickers is famous for its great quality, fast turnaround, free shipping, and the best prices.

You can order your own stickers in any custom shape in one minute.

Die Cut Stickers and kiss cut stickers are their most popular product.

You’ll get online proofs, typically within a few hours.

Approve them or get free revisions.

Once you’ve approved your proof, they typically print and ship within 2 business days.

Their vinyl stickers are weatherproof, dishwasher proof, and sun proof and rated to last for 5 years.

Awesome Merch 

You might have heard of Awesome Merch (based both in the UK and US) before because they produce more than just stickers.

They offer a wide range of options, from stickers to apparel.

Of course, we’re going to look at this company in terms of sticker production.

So what can they produce? 

  • Square stickers 
  • Round sticker 
  • Die-cut stickers 
  • Oval stickers 
  • Bumper stickers 
  • Rectangle stickers 

As you can see, your options are pretty limited with Awesome Merch.

However, I find that these options are enough for most sticker needs. 

What the company lacks in options, they make up for quality anyway.

Another reason why Awesome Merch might be familiar to you is that they’re on Facebook’s level in the merch industry. 

The company was started 14 years ago by only two people.

Now, they’re an international operation with a 20,000 sq ft HQ in Texas. 

Sadly, international shipping isn’t free with Awesome Merch, and I hope they change this soon.

Shipping is going to cost you a lot if you live outside of the US.

However, I think these fees are worth it because Awesome Merch puts out high-quality stuff. 

The Sticker Guy 

If you’re on a budget, then The Sticker Guy is the cheapest custom sticker maker on this list.

They’ve been around since 1993.

However, please don’t be discouraged because the low price point doesn’t equal low-quality stickers. 

With The Sticker Guy, you can only order three types of stickers: ovals, circles, and square-cut.

For this reason, The Sticker Guy is a bit different from the other options above.


Since it’s a smaller, lesser-known company, the type of service you can get from them is far more personal.

In most cases, you get way more than what you pay for. 

It’s likely that this situation is going to change once TSG makes it big.

But, for now, I suggest you take advantage of The Sticker Guy’s phenomenal products sold at highly competitive prices. 

The History of Stickers

And if you wanted to know about how stickers began… here’s some of the history of stickers.

I was surprised to find out that stickers have a long history.

The ancient Egyptians are said to have used stickers for the first time ever.

Okay, these weren’t the stickers that we use today, but they were stickers nonetheless. 

On multiple occasions, archeologists discovered the remnants of papers pasted onto walls.

These walls did, in fact, were part of old marketplaces.

The stickers contained prices for the various items for sale. 

The history of the stickers as we know it is a contentious topic in and of itself.

Many people think that Sir Rowland Hill invented the contemporary stickers in 1839.

However, Sir Ronald is known to be the first person to bring sticky papers to the masses. 

However, there is a case to be made about the sticker not being conceived until 1935.

The first adhesive labels were invented by R. Stanton Avery, the founder of Avery Labels.

As a result, the question of who is responsible for this ingenious idea is a contentious one. 

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Top Sticker Companies and Manufacturers – FAQs

1- What Are Some Common Sticker Choices? 

There are, of course, options when it comes to selecting the type of sticker you want.

Below, I’ll go over the most common varieties and explain what they are. 

Rolls of Stickers 

The sticker toll is the most popular choice for companies that want to purchase labels.

Companies usually need logos and product labels, and there is always the right sticker choice available on a role. 

These stickers make it simple to brand products easily.

Please take note that there a couple of subcategories to choose from: 

Foil labels – metallic and stylish 

BOPP Durable Labels – extraordinarily durable and long-lasting (generally permanent) 

Writable Labels – can be written on 

Clear Labels – stable and tear-resistant 

Sticker Sheets 

The sticker sheet is ideal for smaller amounts of stickers. They also come in various options. 

  • Clear Vinyl – provides excellent contrast for designs, commonly used in food production 
  • White Vinyl – multi-purpose stickers that can be exposed to outdoor elements 
  • Kids Labels – durable stickers intended for children 
  • Permanent Clothing Stickers – an excellent alternative to iron-on stickers 

Die-Cut Single Stickers 

If a sticker is die-cut, it usually means it’s of excellent quality and can be easily customized in terms of shape and size. 

2- How Are Custom Stickers Made? 

When it comes to the production of stickers, few folks are knowledgeable about the entire procedure.

Litho stock is the most common of all the materials used to make stickers, although latex can be added to the mix from time to time. 

Latex is used to aid the flexibility of rounder sticker styles.

Vinyl is used when the sticker has to be weather-resistant and more robust in general. 

As far as equipment goes, a Pantone Machine System is the most commonly used piece of machinery in sticker production.

The Panton is people’s favorite option owing to its ink’s color availability. 

Stickers were on in magenta, yellow, black, and cyan until Pantone came along.

You can find these four colors in most of the printers that we have at home nowadays.

With these four shades, a printer can form layers from which new colors can be built. 

Stickers are then cut once they have been printed.

Stickers are usually cut in one of two ways: a kiss cut and a die-cut.

What’s the difference between the two? 

A kiss cut involves making lighter cuts inside the sticker’s border.

When a sticker is kiss cut, it can be removed from its backing material while leaving the material on the back intact.

A sticker sheet is what you get when you have more than one kiss cut on one sticker. 

A die-cut is one that has been cut into a specific shape to accommodate a logo or some custom design. 

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The Bottom Line

Well, there you have it, my top choices for the best sticker companies and manufacturers around.

It’s pretty tricky for me to choose a favorite, so I’ll let you take your pick based on your needs. 

As you can tell, each company comes with its own fantastic benefits, and I’m sure one of the three can produce excellent stickers for you.

Outsourcing sticker production is an intelligent move if you plan to build a sticker business from the ground up.


Without having to put down capital for expensive printing equipment, you can test your ideas out on your market safely and efficiently.

Once your sticker business takes off, you could even consider being a sticker manufacturer yourself! 

In the meantime, the options should fill your sticker needs, and I’m confident that all of these sticker companies can deliver.

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