side hustles for men

I’m sure you’ll agree with me that men’s side hustles are constantly in demand. Finding ways to supplement your income is highly sought after by many. The good news is that new side hustles are constantly popping up everywhere. In this article, I’ll highlight some great side hustles for me.

I don’t want to be accused of looking out for my dudes. So ladies, if you come across this article, have a read. I’m sure you’ll find some items you can make some extra cash with too.

When you discover new side hustle ideas included in the list, you’re likely to be shocked and say, “I had no clue I could make money doing that!” 

Side hustles come in various forms and earning potential, and the best thing about them is that they can be done whenever you like. Of course, they will not make you wealthy, but they may significantly increase your income if done correctly.

 I enjoy side hustles.

My life is one giant side hustle.

Like I’m a professional side hustler or something.

So, if you’re trying to supplement your family’s income or need some extra cash for a large buy or trip, have a look at all the fantastic side hustle for men.

Sides Hustles For Men You Can Do On Your Phone

You can make money with any smartphone, whether it’s an iPhone and Android. It turns out that your phone can be transformed into a money-making machine in today’s technological age.

By simply using some apps, any smartphone can put money in your pocket.

So have a look at these strategies and see if you can start using them right away to start generating money.

Get Paid To Answer Surveys. 

We all have views on things, so why not turn your opinions into money? You could earn profits by sharing your thoughts on various products and services.

Here are some of the applications that reward you for simply voicing your opinion. My particular favorites are Shopper’s Voice, Panel Place, and Survey Junkie.

Similarly, you will receive $5 for joining Swagbucks and InboxDollars.  

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Get Paid To Take Photos Of Your Receipts. 

It might be a bad idea to discard those receipts because they’re actually worth something. You could get money back on things you’ve previously purchased. You may also be eligible for a partial refund if the price of the item you bought drops in the future. 

Here are the best apps for this method: 

Get Paid To Watch Videos.

I’m sure you already watch videos on the internet, so why not make money from it? Who’d have guessed that viewing videos might be profitable? You will get compensated for each video that you watch.

Here are the best apps for this method: 

Get Paid To Shop On Your Phone. 

Shopping is another opportunity to earn money just by using your phone. Shopping using the following apps may earn you cashback, and the best thing is that you may earn points simply by going to the online store. 

Here are the best apps for this method: 

Get Paid To Browse The Web. 

Get paid to do the things you enjoy, such as surfing the web. You may earn money just by searching the internet.

Try using the sites listed below the next time you need to Google anything.

Sides Hustles For Men You Can Do On Your Laptop

Another way to earn extra funds is to use your laptop or desktop computer. You can supplement your income by doing the things you enjoy, just like what you do on your phone. 

Start A Blog. 

Although creating a blog will not make you money fast, it is a long-term strategy to supplement your income.

You may earn money by showing advertisements, selling your own goods, or selling other people’s products.

If you have the patience, earning money from a blog may be rewarding. Many bloggers I know have left their 9-5 jobs to pursue blogging full-time.

You can effectively start a blog with low expenditure if you’re willing to learn more about how to start a blog the proper way.

Answer Online Surveys. 

Because you can do it on your phone or on your computer, doing online surveys is a flexible method to make additional money.

You may earn money just by sharing your thoughts on various services and goods from the comfort of your own home.

Here are the best apps for this method: 

  • Panel Place
  • Shopper’s Voice
  • Unique Rewards 
  • Survey Junkie 
  • Swagbucks 

Use Truebill 

Truebill is an indirect way to make money, as it can help you save money on your internet, cable, and phone bills, so I added it to this list. I live by the view that you can either lower expenses or increase revenue. Both have a similar net effect.

They’ll even track down and cancel unwanted memberships you forgot about.

Truebill gives you the peace of mind that you are not paying more than you should. The great part is that you won’t have to worry about negotiating because Truebill will handle everything for you.

Do Affiliate Marketing. 

Affiliate marketing is another option to supplement your income. Although affiliate marketing is more effective if you have your own website, you may still do it without one.

Affiliate marketing is advertising items from businesses that are relevant to your target market.

You make a commission if a member of your audience purchases a product after clicking on your link. We are involved in affiliate marketing every day in our real lives, but we usually don’t get paid for it.

Work Part-time As a Virtual Assistant. 

A virtual assistant is someone who is compensated for helping businesses by providing various services.

Social media management, email management, bookkeeping, content research, calendar management, editing, and proofreading are just a few of the expected services you have to provide.

There are many platforms that you can join in order to look out for jobs that might be a good fit for your skills. Sites like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer are major ones in the space. I have used all of these and appreciate each of them for different reasons.

Learn a Trade. 

Make money by learning a new talent or honing an existing one. People will be eager to pay for your services if you become an expert in a craft.

Thousands of cheap lessons in photography, music, design, arts, crafts, and everything in between are available on sites like Udemy to help you become a successful creator.

I’m a big proponent in traditional trades as well. Welding, plumbing, HVAC, and electrical are actually in higher demand in many places as the workforce begins to age and exit. It’s feasible to make $60,000-$100,000 in these fields.

Sides Hustles For Men You Can Do With Your Car 

Your vehicle has the potential to be a money-making machine as well. For example, you may use it on your own time to give services to clients.

You can use the money toward a vehicle loan or put it aside for a rainy day. 

Amazon Flex 

Amazon Flex is a program that Amazon established. Essentially, your duty is to deliver Amazon items. According to their website, you will get paid between $18 and $25 per hour.

The benefit of this program is its flexibility. You will create your own schedule and only take work that you are capable of doing.

All you’ll need is a smartphone to download the app and a vehicle to transport the products.

The procedure is straightforward: you schedule your time, pick up the products, and transport them to their final location.


Lyft is a ride-sharing service that provides consumers with car rides. Signing up as a driver for Lyft allows you to earn money. You can begin accepting your first customer once you’ve been approved.

To become a Lyft driver, you must be at least 21 years old, own a car, and have access to a smartphone.

There may be additional restrictions in your city. As a result, double-check everything. If you don’t have access to a vehicle, Lyft can assist you.

Pro Tip:

If you don’t have a car or don’t want to use your vehicle, Hyrecar offers economical rental automobiles ideal for Uber, Lyft, or food delivery.


Another method to earn income from your car is to use DoorDash. DoorDash aims to give clients with meal delivery from their favorite eateries. They primarily serve highly-rated local companies.

DoorDash also gives you the option of choosing your own hours and the amount of work you want to complete. DoorDashers may earn up to $25 per hour right now, with a guaranteed minimum wage of $10. Plus, the tips are yours to keep.


Turo lets you rent out your automobile to anyone that needs one. Turo’s goal is to help you earn money while you’re not driving.

Turo says that renting out your automobile through their service may earn you over $800 per month.

Turo is convenient since it allows you to keep your car and rent it out while you are not using it. It’s also completely free to get started.

Sides Hustles For Men That Involve Selling 

Sell Electronics. 

Do you have any old devices lying around your house that you aren’t using? Collect them all and sell them at Its Worth More.

You will be confident that you are getting the most out of your devices, thanks to their competitive trade-in offers.

Customers may easily trade in their devices using Its Worth More. In general, you will obtain a quote, send the item for free, and then get money within two days of receiving the item.

Sell Old Books. 

Don’t donate those books you used in college just yet; you can make money from them. You could sell your textbooks in various places, but the most popular are and Amazon. Both of these firms provide the ability to pay you by direct deposit, cheque, or Paypal.


If you enjoy photography and videography and have the ability to capture stunning photographs and videos, why not convert your passion into a lucrative business?

Shutterstock is a well-known brand that lets you create high-quality photos and films and upload them to their user-friendly platform. Adobe is another.

You will get paid whenever clients download your material from all around the world.

What’s more, if you opt to invite your like-minded friends to the program, you may make even more money.

FBA Amazon 

FBA on Amazon is one way of generating revenue. It actually means “Amazon Fulfillment,” implying that Amazon will handle all of the hard work on your behalf.

All you have to do now is choose a product, keep the inventory stocked, and market the product.

The following is an overview of Amazon FBA:

  • You choose a product.
  • Then place an Amazon listing for it.
  • You ship the merchandise to Amazon, and Amazon stores it in one of their warehouses.
  • The customer orders and receives the goods after packaged by Amazon. 

You’re not doing any of the actual work, as you can see. However, there are costs connected with launching an Amazon business, such as subscription fees and inventory costs. Therefore, you’ll need to make a preliminary investment.

You must first establish an Amazon account before you can begin selling. An individual account or a professional account are the two options available to you. Individual accounts are free; however, they have higher sales costs. 

On the other hand, the professional account requires a monthly membership price but offers additional features and reduced rates.

I would recommend joining up for the professional account if you anticipate selling more than 40 products each month since the monthly charge will be well worth it.

The amount of profit you may make from selling on Amazon is dictated by the things you select. The idea is to discover heavily discounted items and resell them on Amazon for a greater price.

Side Hustles For Men That Involve Labor

You may be requested to do errands for friends or relatives, such as house sitting, caring for a neighbor’s dog, or even babysitting a friend’s child.

You do it for free because you care about your family and friends, and perhaps even your next-door neighbor. So why not take it a step further and make money by performing jobs for others?

The methods listed below enable you to earn money by offering services you enjoy.

Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping is a side hustle for guys in which you are paid to do a task for a company, generally to gather data based on consumer feedback in order to help them develop.

A mystery shopper is invited to provide feedback on the company’s workers, products, and services. This information will subsequently be used to assist the firm in improving its operations by solving the concerns discovered.

You can pick the type of job you wish to perform since mystery shopping allows you to be your own boss.

A restaurant, movie theater, retail business, amusement park, self-storage facility, bank, grocery store, housing community, and other places may be assigned to you.

The most excellent part about mystery shopping is that you can start whenever you want. You do not need a degree or certification, but you should check into a training course that will teach you the essentials to help you succeed.

The one disadvantage of mystery shopping is that you must sign up with various mystery shop businesses to obtain additional tasks. In addition, you should also be aware of potential frauds.

Complete Other People’s Projects. 

TaskRabbit is a service that connects clients with jobs that need to be completed with people who have the skills to complete them.

If you’re a handyman, TaskRabbit is the service for you. Cleaning, delivery, moving, furniture assembly, and more are some of the other areas in which you might be a Tasker.

It’s also straightforward to become a Tasker. To use Tasker, you must first register online, then attend a Tasker onboarding session in your city, and then download the Tasker app.

Lose Weight

Who’d have guessed you could make money just by losing weight? Healthy Wage is a health firm dedicated to assisting individuals in losing weight and getting in shape. It enables you to earn money while looking out for yourself.

The Healthy Wager is one of HW’s most popular products. The Healthy Wager is based on the idea of placing a bet on your own weight loss.

The Team Challenge, in which players create a group and compete for a cash reward, is another popular HW offering.

The only investment you’ll need to make in these programs is your “bet,” although the Team Challenge does require players to pay $75 to participate.

This initiative is a win-win situation. You’ll earn money while losing weight and getting healthier.

You can also check out apps that will pay you cash to walk and stay active. 

Provide Care

It can also be profitable to have the patience to look after someone other than oneself. Consider spending more time on if you have that patience.

You can earn money by babysitting, teaching, providing geriatric care, housework, pet care, and more on

Rent Out Space. 

If you own a property but seldom use it because you travel frequently or if you have a spare room that you don’t use, you may rent it out and earn money.

Airbnb is a firm that provides the best lodging to connect people from all over the world to local cultures.

As an Airbnb host, you will have the opportunity to make money by renting out your house or room while also meeting new people.

The nicest part about becoming an Airbnb host is that each booking is covered by $1 million in property damage insurance and another $1 million in accident insurance. So, as a result, you can be confident that your property will be safe.

You can also look at renting out your extra storage space at your home. Neighbor is the Airbnb for your storage space!

Side Hustles For Men that Involve Investing 

Another approach to making money is investing; however, investing may be intimidating, especially for beginners.

Stocks, real estate, mutual funds, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, and peer-to-peer lending are all enough to make your head spin.

As a result, a slew of new businesses has sprung up to cater to novice investors. The aim is for them to get their feet wet initially and then go further into investing.

Some of the most outstanding investing businesses for beginners are listed below.

Lending Club

Lending Club is a financial services company specializing in the consumer credit asset class.

The way it works is that you put your money into Lending Club, a customer borrows it, and you get monthly payments from the principal and interest.

The nicest part about Lending Club is that you can choose a plan and have it automated. Lending Club requires a $1,000 deposit to begin investing.

Another similar company to check out is Prosper.

If you want to invest in stocks, try Robinhood and Webull as you will earn free stock when you register an account.


Acorns is a micro-investment firm that aims to save you money by allowing you to invest your spare change while also increasing your knowledge.

It works by having you link your debit or credit card from the start. Then, when you use the card to make a transaction, Acorns will round up the total and keep the change.

For example, if you pay $4.50 for a cup of coffee, Acorns will round it up to $5.00. So $0.50 will be deposited into your Acorns account.

When your account balance reaches $5.00, Acorns will invest it for you.

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That concludes my list These are some of the simple side hustles for men, males, and dudes!

How To Choose The Right Side Hustle

The value of side work is boosted by five key factors. For starters, side hustles give people greater autonomy by allowing them to organize their work, make decisions, and choose how they do tasks, resulting in more engaging experiences.

Similarly, side hustles that require you to finish something from beginning to end are more satisfying. Because of the nature of part-time work, having side hustles is seen as a sign of independence.

As a result, finding side hustles that meet these criteria should be pretty simple.

Other crucial aspects to consider when choosing a side hustle include the presence of feedback, relevance, and skill variety. Choosing a side hustle that provides immediate and unambiguous feedback on one’s performance improves the employment experience.

Consider the real-time feedback received by Lyft and Uber from rider ratings and tips added to the fare. Using the Rover app to execute a dog walking side hustle, on the other hand, may provide less immediate and visible feedback regarding one’s performance, making it less gratifying.

A side hustle that is regarded as meaningful (i.e., has a direct influence on other people’s lives or jobs) can also help to enhance the work.

Finally, choosing a side hustle that necessitates a wide range of skills should improve the whole experience. These abilities are maybe those side hustlers already possess or, better yet, abilities that he or she aspires to develop.

Consider the depth of skills that may be learned or used by executing a variety of activities on TaskRabbit vs. a single skill like driving for a shared transportation service.

So to summarize, establishing a side hustle that provides autonomy, defined tasks, feedback, relevance, and skill variation will provide more meaningful experiences and aid empowerment and involvement in the activity.

Final Thoughts

The side hustles I picked above are uncomplicated since they allow you to use stuff you already own, such as your phone, computer, and vehicle.

And the great part is that you may do them whenever it is most convenient for you. So, for example, you could run your own company and be your own boss.

However, while these side hustles for men seem simple, they may be difficult to master. You must have the correct mindset and aim to be successful with these side hustles.

These side hustles may not make you rich, but they will boost your income and provide you more flexibility to do what you want.

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