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You’re reading this Hustlers University review probably for a few different reasons:

  • You’re unsure if the $49.99 price tag is worth the money or if it’s a waste.

  • You’re afraid that the hustler university campus is a scam or fraud run by affiliates.

  • You don’t believe that HU 2.0 is useful for beginners or that you can make any money.

  • You’d like to see the opinion of someone who claims that they’ve tried it for real.

And I fully understand your worries, as Andrew Tate first blew up on TikTok, YouTube videos, and even the mainstream news, just to be deplatformed across the board.

However, while the media is twisting and turning anything and everything out of context, one fact remains:

Why on earth would thousands of individuals, guys or girls, pay monthly for something if it was not valuable?

For example, you probably subscribe to things like Netflix, Spotify, or YouTube premium. 

All of them have a monthly cost and you get something out of it, entertainment value. 

It’s the exact same thing with Hustlers University; people get something of value consistently.

The difference? Does watching series and movies really help you to improve your life? Or is it just a coping mechanism?

People and the media are throwing around words like “it’s a scam” or “it’s a pyramid scheme” because doing that gets a lot of attention and clicks (it’s marketing and sales tactics).

I’m not going to do that.

I’ll simply show you that it’s a cool place to learn new stuff, that others think the same, and that the stuff is well worth $50 a month.

People love being part of a community that actively helps you to learn new skills, make more money, and become a better person. 

There is something powerful when a group of like-minded creators all come together with a common goal.

If you’re still unsure after reading this entire article, check out my Hustlers University FAQ page. 

I’ve answered all the most common questions about the classes, features, and whether it’s worth it.

With that said, let’s dive deep into what Hustlers University is all about from the perspective of a REAL student that has the data.

New HU3 Product Update (Sep 2022)

Hustlers University is undergoing massive upgrades according to a 3-year-long roadmap to become the best learning platform on the internet. 

They have the real goal of becoming a legit academic institution that rivals a traditional diploma and career.

A new custom platform is being built for Hustlers University. No more Discord once it’s live.

New study materials and video lessons are being revamped from the ground up with quality in mind.

  Early morning live stream power-ups to get you in a world champion mindset for work.

New quizzes are added to expand your knowledge through repetitive learning, which makes learning topics easy.

Hustlers University WILL increase the price once the upgrades are 100% complete. 

As long as you have an active membership before the price increase, your price is secured.

So if you’ve been sleeping on Hustlers University for a while, now might be an excellent time to join before the price increases and lock in that price. 

Don’t complain if you thought about getting HU2 and missed the boat once it’s rebranded.

Hustlers University 2.0 Review

Before we dive into the juicy, life-changing information I’ve discovered from this “online college,” I want you to look at the screenshots below. 

Maybe you have seen similar pictures scattered across other websites and social media.

It’s a screenshot of a student who posted the commission he made, $10k in 7 days, unreal right?

Or how about this student, $4k in the first month of joining HU2.

Or how about myself? Not nearly the same, but 20 days was all it took to 5x my initial investment both through crypto and affiliate, which I’m interested in.

Now, HU2 pays for itself.

That’s what you get when you get direct access to multiple millionaires willing to coach people.

The professors, as they like to be called, are genuine, real-life professionals. 

Most members are young and intelligent, with a huge net worth and millions in the bank. And they all make their own money from the skills that they teach.

Never before have so many world-class millionaires been gathered in one single place.

All are hand-picked by Andrew Tate, teaching what they know to you LIVE.

This is an entirely new system that I haven’t seen anywhere else. 

And people are making a killing off of this opportunity in a lot of different ways.

“Money isn’t real”… 

Regular subscribers are cashing in MONTHLY salaries in a WEEK or less… 

I see this all the time, motivating me to keep working and crushing it together with them.

Hustlers University is as real as it gets, giving you the crucial mindset to get a cash flow going as fast as humanly possible. 

Anyone can learn high-income skills that require $0 cash to start with, only access to HU2, a dedication to learning, and the internet.

What if I told you that many people post screenshots of their earnings like these in the hundreds?

Every. Single. Day. 

It’s physically impossible for me to attach a single day’s worth of screenshots to this blog post because the number of updates and comments is through the roof.

So by now, you’ve undeniably seen that: 

  1. People just like you and me are crushing it.

  2. Most make their initial investment back.

  3. You get to learn advice from friggin millionaires!

These things alone should prove that Hustlers University is legit and not run by scammers.

HU2 has over 100.000 students! Can all of them be wrong?

But I get it, you still have your doubts. We all have.

You probably have thoughts that this can’t be you. Maybe the 111k students are the exception and super intelligent, right? 

The problem has nothing to do with you or your circumstances.

It doesn’t matter if you’re 18, living at home in Romania, or 36 and working a real estate job.

The real problem is this. You’ve been taught, or “programmed” with:

Society doesn’t want you to have financial freedom and a free lifestyle. 

To succeed and act however you want. To crush it in life and in all fields of endeavor. 

Society wants you to sit down, raise your hand, and ask permission to exist. 

It doesn’t want you to have dreams, supercars, friends, a mansion, lots of energy, or even experiences.

This has been the case for as long as you can remember and as soon as you started school.

And it follows you to your 9-5 slave job if you’re old enough.

The education is bullshit, and as a result, your mind is filled with meaningless distractions. 

Knowledge from the right group of people is the key.

Who do you think has that knowledge? Your school teachers? (lol). 

Absolutely, if you want to stay broke and miserable like them in a failing economy headed for recession.

Instead, what if you had personal access to experts who know the secrets to actual wealth creation and business ventures?

Why would you struggle for years and fail miserably when the solution already exists here and now?

You have the chance to jump on this opportunity that can change your life for real.

But honestly, I have no idea how long they will keep the price of $49.

Who knows when they might close the doors entirely, or just 10x the price due to the massive value inside?

Andrew Tate (or his brother) can decide from one day to the next that he doesn’t want more students.

I’m already in, but how about you?

There is so much immense value, knowledge, mindset, opportunities, and lessons inside that you can’t afford to miss out on.

Golden nuggets are lying everywhere on the floor, and you just have to pick them up. 

I’ve never seen a faster return on my investment from any other course.

And this is also lesson #1 taught at Hustlers University, SPEED!

If I can do it, so can you, as many others have.

So how does this entire “University” thing work? 

It’s pretty straightforward, even if you’re brand new.

Hustlers University is hosted on a Discord channel, a community-based platform where people can talk, chat, and hang out, and you’ll find the training course there.

Networking is key, and they chose this environment for a reason.

Other online courses usually have a series of videos with filler content, and a generic Facebook group. That is the formula.

Hustlers University 2.0 is different. 

To learn effectively and take action, you need to be able to talk with other people effortlessly. 

Students help each other out, and you can ask questions or chat directly with your mentors.

You’ll learn where to find the lessons and resources, how to open up specific channels, and more.

Hustlers University is structured to “download” the professor’s brain straight to you in the shortest time frame possible.

There is ZERO fluff—only effort and action are required.

They teach people about wealth creation and get them started on the right path. 

How do you get started with Hustlers University?

First, you’ll have to buy it for $49 (this is a monthly subscription, just like Netflix).

Fill in your credit card details, and you’re in!

Once you’ve got your welcome emails and installed Discord on your computer, you’re ready to begin (it also works in your browser).

Simply head into the “Start-here” intro tutorial section and follow along step by step.

You’ll be guided through a series of tutorials (both written and videos) where the professors will help you determine your current situation. 

They’ll figure out the best possible action for you to take to start generating cash as soon as possible. 

They do this through what’s called the “Cash-Flow Quadrant.” 

Once you’ve gone through this, you’ll know exactly what profession (skill) you should learn and master.

  • Think of it as an RPG game, you select a hero (this is you).

  • Pick a profession/skill (your money-making machine).

  • Head out on an adventure (take action)! 

“Teach a man how to fish, and he will never go hungry again.” 

This is what Hustlers University aims to do, teach you the money-making skills to turn your monthly salary into a weekly income. 

Of course, this weekly income soon explodes into much more as every modern money-making skill taught is scalable. 

What do you have to lose? 

$49 bucks? The same price as the last Xbox game you bought. 

How about the upside? 

You’ll have limitless income where you’ll never have to go to a dead-end job! 

It’s up to you. 

Either you’ll: 

  • “Think about it,” which is typical procrastination. Sorry.

  • You keep on mindlessly reading ten more reviews and fall asleep.

  • Or you take a real-life opportunity staring you right in the face and start crushing it in life. 

If you know the answer, then the next step is obvious.

Sign up to Hustlers University while it’s still priced at a measly $49.

Frequently Asked Questions

By now, you’ve probably seen or heard of Andrew Tate on YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, or Instagram simultaneously. 

The man is blowing up everywhere.

You’re probably thinking:

I’ll get into most of your questions in this FAQ section, so stay tuned.

What is the pricing?

The pricing is extremely simple, Hustlers University costs $49 per month for as long as you’re a member, and you can quit anytime.

There are no hidden fees, no upsells, no promotions inside, nothing.

For $49 per month, you have access to a thriving community on Discord, all of the lessons, and direct access to the professors who are your mentors.

They are all verified by Andrew Tate and have a multi-millionaire status.

These are genuine, real-life people crushing it in life, and you get access to ask specific questions directly to them.

How many multi-millionaires do you speak to daily in your current environment? Probably zero.

Does what they teach inside Hustlers University 2.0 work?

For each section in Hustlers university 2.0, whether it is copywriting, freelancing, crypto, etc. there is a dedicated channel where students can share their progress and success.

And it’s insane that every single day, students are crushing it, and backing it up with real screenshots.

I mainly joined Hustler’s University to learn about Crypto from professionals and clean up my investing portfolio (a disaster before I joined).

In my first weeks, I made some quick scalping wins trading with the knowledge I got.

Just one trade paid for 4.7 months of the Hustlers university membership. This is truly a one-of-a-kind type of course, and I’ve been through a few.

Below you’ll find fresh screenshots from different sections within Hustler’s University.

These are all real people making money daily. 

You can’t fake this stuff.

What should I expect going into Hustlers university?

So here is the truth you need to be fully aware of, as there is probably some confusion around how making money online works.

1. You won’t magically print money with zero effort

Some people seem to believe that just joining a course, a program, or reading about how to make money online is enough to magically add numbers to your bank account.

That is a skewed view of how reality works.

Hustlers university will teach you everything you need to know about making money online. 

However, you still need to be a student, sit down and learn, try to do it yourself, take action, and fail along the way, eventually until you succeed.

All the help is there, but it won’t be done for you.

2. You won’t make money today, but maybe in a few weeks

I saw a comment from a guy in the community that joined with his last few bucks and NEEDED to make money TODAY, or else.

If this is you, then don’t join. Your immediate priority should be to fix your shit, get a job, and do Hustlers University on the side.

Nothing good will ever come from a position of NEEDINESS.

Picking a business model and making money online is possible in a short period of time, but it still takes work, effort, time, and SKILL.

3. You will be learning skills, and skills take time to learn.

There are some incredibly wealthy and skillful mentors at Hustlers University, and they all seem to have one thing in common.

They are all extremely skilled in what they do. The skills they have today are the results of YEARS of effort in the field.

Just like a swordsmith apprentice who starts out with his craft, it will take him time to become good at it. 

Most likely, he will be utterly useless at first. But his mentor is there to guide him on the correct path.

Hustlers University works the same way. They teach people the SKILLS to make serious money. 

YOU need to take the TIME and EFFORT to make it happen.

As Andrew Tate quotes, you deserve precisely everything that you have today. If that is a miserable and boring life, then you’re probably skilled at that.

Time for a mindset shift.

What do I get inside Hustlers University?

The entire university is on a community-driven platform called Discord.

The onboarding process is professionally made, with proper introductions, material to go through, choices to be made, channels to unlock, and quizzes to answer, all step by step.

They have intentionally structured the program in a way that gently introduces you to the environment, establishes where you are in life right now, and what potential money-making methods best suit your situation.

This is done through the Time/Cash quadrant to give you the best possible start.

Once you’ve determined the best skill for making money online, you’ll unlock the channels specific to that skill.

Hustlers University is ENORMOUS. There is so much information, wisdom, and golden nuggets everywhere that you will instantly be hit with information overload if you venture around.

That is why the onboarding is done this way, as the professors suggest that you only pick ONE SKILL, work on that skill, master it, and make money as fast as possible before you start adding more to it.

So what are the skills that you can pick and choose from? It depends. Some require money, while others require nothing, and this will depend on your time/cash quadrant:

  • Copywriting

  • Freelancing

  • Cryptocurrency

  • Stocks and Options

  • Affiliate Marketing

  • Amazon FBA, Print on Demand, Publishing, etc.

  • E-commerce

It’s impossible to do multiple things at once as each section is so massive, so pick one skill that fits your situation and go from there.

Once you start navigating your category, you’ll familiarize yourself with the mentors (or professors), the resources, the video lectures, FAQs, cheat sheets, AMAs, and more.

You’ll learn from professionals that are in the field doing what they teach.

I went deep into the crypto rabbit hole, and the lectures that I went through are on par with an actual University level degree (speaking from experience as an Engineer!).

Who is Andrew Tate?

I won’t elaborate too much on Andrew Tate, his life story of how he rose from a UK council estate, or how he became a multi-millionaire with webcam studios. You can watch interviews on YouTube.

But what I am going to share is that Andrew Tate:

  • Does not need your money from what Hustlers University produces in terms of revenue. He has plenty of other businesses, and this is a drop in the bucket for him.

  • Is surprisingly off-hand when it comes to Hustler’s University. Instead, he has hired a network of professionals, the professors who will be your mentors.

  • Everyone genuinely respects “Cobra Tate.”

So what is his plan with Hustler’s University?

From what I’ve picked up, he wants you to become financially successful, so you can join the War Room later.

He wants to be surrounded by elite-level men who help each other out. And the first step is to get YOU rich and understand how wealth creation really works.

The money you make from HU2 will pay for the War Room, and it’s set up to be a Win-Win situation for both.

So there you have it. I genuinely hope that this Hustlers University 2.0 review was of help to you.

I’ve tried to keep it as concise as possible without fluff, hype, or sales tactics—just a simple walkthrough of what you should expect.

Will I see you inside?

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