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This blog post will discuss 11 of the best Instagram growth services and tools that can help grow your account without doing shady methods. Yup, let’s kick that to the curb right now.

But before we continue, who is this best for? 

If you’re a brand or business that doesn’t have time to grow your own account or have an Instagram marketing strategy in place, then these are services that will help you grow organically.

If you do it right, you can earn more money with your online business or side hustle even with a small audience on Instagram.

Important: If you’re a business that is looking to buy fake Instagram followers and engagement because it boosts your ego? Then these Instagram growth tools aren’t for you! This is only going to discuss tools that can help increase your organic following and engagement.

My name is Eddy and I researched every company that says they can get real Instagram followers and high-quality engagement for you.

Seriously, I looked through 30 or more Instagram growth management services and most of them use bots or screw you over with fake followers. The whole purpose of these tools are to help you with growing your follower base and build influence with your niche.

So don’t only focus on social media tools, but focus on the value you can provide to your instagram followers.

Why should you trust me? I’ve actually used a few of these services listed and believe it’s best to be as completely transparent as possible when it comes to online product reviews.

If I haven’t used a certain product or service, I always make sure I do my research and contact the support team to get as much information as possible. 

What Is The Best Instagram Growth Service To Use?

In order to find the right Instagram growth service for your account, you need to consider a few things.

You’ll want to make sure that you are gaining real followers and that they will grow your Instagram account without using bots or buying ghost followers. Why?

Because they will damage your engagement rate and ruin your entire growth strategy. 

You need to still put in the work and consistently be posting at least twice a day and post on your story throughout the day as well.

A reputable Instagram growth agency will have an organic growth strategy for you and let you choose your target audience without having to provide them with your password.

Depending on the service you go with, they shouldn’t have to log in to your profile unless you’re hiring a professional account manager.

You’ll want to make sure it can do the following or have at least one of these features:

  • Pick your target audience
  • Provide a dashboard to view your stats
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Use safe Instagram growth tools
  • Choose niche target accounts
  • Dedicated account manager or customer support team
  • Offer marketing tools

Here are my top picks for the best Instagram growth services to use this year. 

The safest method for organic growth

Kicksta is an organic growth tool for getting real followers on Instagram that doesn’t spam or give you ghost followers. They use artificial intelligence technology that has been tested and create meaningful engagements with your target audience.

How does it work?

Kicksta’s AI will safely like posts from accounts that are in the same niche as you and this results in the Instagram user checking your account out. 

So depending on how engaging your Instagram profile is, this will lead to them following you. So you’ll want to make sure you have some type of lead magnet or digital product ready for them to buy.

You also get a dashboard so you can track your progress, see how many followers you’ve gained, and switch your target audience.

Key Features:

Kicksta will like and create engagement with the followers of your selected Instagram profiles that you chose when you first started the onboarding process.

Don’t worry, you can always change the filters within your dashboard.

Other Kicksta features:

  • You can track your progress on the dashboard
  • Instagram marketing guides & courses
  • Blacklist certain accounts
  • Advanced targeting such as hashtags & geolocation
  • Partnered with a celebrity giveaway agency for faster growth
  • So the best part about Kicksta is that you don’t have to give them your password and it’s one of the safest methods for organic growth. 

    But if you are looking to use the celebrity giveaway service, you’ll need to provide your Instagram password. 

    Pricing Plans:

    Kicksta offers three different pricing plans depending on how fast you want to grow your Instagram account. They have a range of monthly rates, starting at $49 per month and going up all the way up to $218.

    Standard ($49): This plan is a great way to see moderate growth, but it doesn’t come with VIP support or advanced targeting.

    Premium ($99): This plan offers maximum growth and all of Kicksta’s features such as blacklisting accounts.

    Boost ($218): This is their main service that provides celebrity giveaways and maximum IG growth. They guarantee 850 followers per month.

    As I said earlier, Kicksta is the best Instagram growth service for growing your Instagram following. It’s completely safe to use and lets you pick your targeting options.

    Read Our Kicksta Review and use the best instagram growth tool.

    Top Instagram Growth Automation Service

    Growthroid is an Instagram marketing agency that makes it easy for you to grow your Instagram account. They use AI technology and offer different features like liking posts or following people who follow the same niche as yours.

    They are very similar to Kicksta but with just a few more tools for your marketing strategy. The company also says they have an account manager and do not support Instagram bots which is good to see.

    Key Features

    Growthroid uses different methods to get you more organic followers without the risk of getting your account banned. So it’s good to know they have a team of experts and tools who know what they’re doing.

    Some of their key features include:

    Follow/Unfollow: This tool will automatically follow people who follow similar accounts to you and then unfollow them after a set amount of time so you don’t get banned.

    Hashtag targeting: With this, you can target people who have used or followed a certain hashtag.

    Liking Method: This will like posts from similar accounts with the hope of getting them to check out your profile.

    Auto Commenting: This is another way of getting attention to your account by commenting on other users’ photos.

    Direct messaging: You can send a DM to other Instagram users welcoming them to your world.

    Blacklist: This is a great feature that lets you blacklist certain accounts so it doesn’t mess with your metrics.

    Pricing Plans:

    Growthroid has three different pricing plans, but they all come with a monthly subscription. The standard plan is $49 and comes with basic growth features.

    Then you have the Premium plan for runs for $99 per month and gives you everything you need to grow your Instagram profile.

    As I said earlier, Growthroid is a great choice if you’re looking for an Instagram growth automation service. They have a lot of features and an account manager who can help you grow your account safely.

    Get started with Growthroid today

    3.) Social Sensei

    Best Celebrity Loop Giveaway Service

    Social sensei is an influencer marketing agency that provides a more expensive Instagram growth service by partnering with legit celebrities to deliver targeted followers.

    Social Sensei is more expensive but provides you with the chance to get legit Instagram followers. Your main goal is to get them to follow you by having an engaging bio or profile.

    Why is this important to understand? When it comes to celebrity giveaways, most of the people who follow you are in it for the contest and then will more than likely unfollow once it’s over.

    So what do you do? Try to collect their email by providing a lead magnet or giving them a good reason not to unfollow you.

    Key Features:

    Social Sensei is not only perfect for Instagram, but they also offer a variety of features for growing on any social media platform.

    Here are a few things Social Sensei can do:

    • Targeted growth using Mass DM campaigns
    • Choose from global or USA followers
    • Loop giveaways
    • SEO consulting for your website
    • Select your target audience
    • No bots, software, or scripts
    • Instagram engagement services

    Pricing Plan:

    Social sensei offers different plans for different services, but we will stick to their loop giveaway since this is their main service.

    You can pick from a wide range of monthly pricing options, starting at $299 and going all the way up to $999 per month. Like, wow that can be expensive!

    You can gain anywhere from 2,500 to 10,000 real followers per month depending on the package you choose so it’s not the cheapest Instagram growth service out there.

    They also offer influencer marketing services if you are looking for something cheaper.

    4. Flock Social

    Flock is an organic Instagram growth service that focuses on finding new followers and getting you exposure. They go to work by finding you relevant followers who are interested in your niche.

    Flock isn’t just for Instagram, but they provide a number of social media growth strategies that will help with any platform including how to monetize your TikTok and how to grow on other marketing channels.

    So why choose Flock? When it comes down to this company’s ability to produce organic traffic and skyrocket your Instagram page, they can deliver. They also offer Instagram management if you need help with the heavy lifting and let your team handle all of that.

    They also have updated guides for creating Instagram reels, repurposing your social media content, and how to create a more engaging profile.

    Key Features:

    There are many different features to use like their hashtag targeting and other metrics for the Instagram users you want to follow. Although, most of these companies all offer similar Instagram tools.

    Here are more Flock features:

    • Competitor targeting
    • Schedule interactions on your profile
    • View insights & analytics
    • Different Instagram tools
    • Personal account manager on a higher plan

    So, if you’re looking for an Instagram growth service with a personal account manager, Flock could be the way to go.

    Pricing Plan:

    Flock has two different pricing plans that can fit any budget including their starter plan where they only charge $49 per month and give you access to all of their features.

    Their highest package “Instagram as a Business” provides you with a personal account manager and will make sure you get a minimum of 1000 real followers per month. This plan goes for $99 per month.

    So, if you got the budget and are looking for an Instagram growth service with a personal touch, Flock’s top-tier plan might be better off for you.

    5. Trusy

    Most Established Instagram Marketing Service

    Trusy is a very reputable Instagram growth service that helps you grow on Instagram, TikTok, and create a press release for your brand or business.

    Whether you’re are looking to do giveaways or grow with Instagram loops, Trusy is ready to help you grow your brand.

    I personally found their company on Instagram and saw how well they do by creating content online and really focusing on helping beginners grow their accounts. It’s nice to see a business actually do what they advertise and not just take your money.

    That’s why I wanted to put them on this list because they have a great team of people who can help you increase your Instagram marketing efforts without any bots or software. 

    Key Features:

    Trusy has a number of different features that could be useful for any Instagram account, but are mainly good for loop giveaways and other social media growth strategies. Here’s what they offer:

  • Instagram contests & promotions
  • Real followers with no bots or software
  • Press coverage (PR)
  • TikTok Growth Services
  • Smart targeting and a dedicated account manager
  • Engagement actions such as profile visits and saves.
  • So why do they offer TikTok growth services? well, TikTok has now passed Instagram in terms of users and is a great platform for brands to start marketing on.

    I personally have made money on TikTok by creating informative yet engaging content. This is perfect since you can repurpose your videos onto IG Reels.

    Pricing Plans:

    Their main tool starts at $97 per month and all the way up to $627 dollars, which can be expensive but it’s worth investing in if this will help increase brand awareness.

    This also includes a 10-day money-back guarantee.

    Again, Trusy offers other services like loops and giveaways if you are looking for faster growth.

    6. Kenji AI

    Instagram Automation That Uses AI Tech

    Kenji is a social media growth tool that automates all the things you could ever want to do on Instagram. This includes likes, follows, and stories with its AI-powered automation system.

    Since it’s a completely hands-free automation tool, you can focus more on getting sales and growing your brand. 

    I like to use their tool for two reasons:

  • Kenji uses machine learning to predict who is most likely to follow you based on similar interests. Like. What? Machine learning and AI copywriting software are becoming the future of marketing.
  • They have separate phones to initiate your Instagram growth and warm up your account.
  • Key Features:

    Kenji has many features but here’s what I like:

    • Use AI-powered automation software that learns who you want to follow and grow your account with similar people. It uses machine learning so the more you use their tool, the better results you will get.
    • They warm up your account so you don’t get action blocked in the future.
    • Get organic followers
    • Follow/Unfollow method without being spammy
    • A complete dashboard to view your analytics
    • 60-second account setup.

    Pricing Plan:

    Kenji AI offers simple affordable pricing plans for anyone looking for a legit Instagram bot tool.

    They offer the following pricing plans:

    Simple: $49 per month which provides you with Kenji’s basic growth features.

    Pro Plan – $79 per month which gives you complete access to their tools and priority customer support.

    Try out Kenji AI and see what AI software can do for you. AI has been becoming more and more popular such as AI copywriting and automation services.

    7. Later

    Best Social Media & Instagram Scheduler

    Later is an Instagram scheduler and link in bio app that lets you post all your content in advance.

    This is perfect for anyone who wants to post Instagram content in the future without having to use a social media management tool like Hootsuite or Buffer.

    I personally don’t think there’s any reason why you should spend more than $30 per month when Later’s scheduling tool can do it for cheaper.

    I like Later because it’s a great way to plan out my posts in advance, especially for those with a hectic lifestyle. 

    Key Features:

    Later offers many great features but here are my favorites:

    • Schedule posts on other social media platforms.
    • Upload videos and photos to your social media accounts in advance.
    • Add team members and give them access to specific social media accounts.
    • Instagram verified partner
    • Helps you increase your Instagram presence by repurposing content.

    Yup, that’s right. Later is an official partner of Instagram and has access to your account. This means you can post Instagram Stories, photos, videos and also schedule in advance on Later’s platform without worrying about getting action blocked in the future.

    Pricing Plans:

    Later offers four easy plans that will fit any small business marketer’s budget. Plus, they even offer a forever free trial so you can test out all their features before you buy.

    Later’s pricing plans are as follows:

    Free: 10 posts per social profile.

    Basics ($8/month): Let’s you post up to 30 posts per social account.

    Starter ($15/month): 60 posts per social profile and add extra add-ons.

    Growth ($25/month): 150 posts for each social media account

    Advanced ($40/month): Unlimited posts per social profile and add 6 users.

    8. Nitreo

    Nitreo will help you grow your Instagram organically with their automated tool that does all the hard work for you.

    They provide organic strategies such as liking, commenting, and following other accounts in your niche.

    One thing I like about this service is that they have legit reviews and thousands of people using their tool with great success.

    Nitreo is a great way to get active Instagram users without having to worry about being banned or using unethical methods and they offer so many different creator tools.

    Key Features:

    Nitreo offers many features but here are the ones I like best:

    • Hashtag targeting
    • Story viewing
    • Location targeting
    • Comment liking
    • Instagram audit tools
    • Instagram post templates

    So you can see they offer awesome features for any Instagram marketer.

    Pricing Plans:

    Nitreo offers two pricing plans that will fit anyone’s budget and needs:

    Essential ($49/month): This plan allows you to use their most basic features on your social media account with the following features:

    Hashtag targeting, user targeting, and follow/unfollow method.

    Speed ($79): Most users who are the essential plan typically upgrade to this plan because it offers a lot more features and increased speed.

    This plan includes all the features of the essential plan but with the added ability to use story viewing, location targeting, comment liking, and Instagram audit tools.

    9.) GrowthSilo

    Growthsilo is an organic Instagram growth tool that doesn’t use a bot to get you real Instagram followers.

    Not only do they help you get more Instagram followers, they teach you how to monetize your following and grow your target audience.

    They say they strive for safety and work with different types of online business such as:

    • Agencies
    • Instagram Influencers
    • Online Businesses
    • & even Brick & Mortar Businesses

    So they use manual methods to get you real Instagram followers organically.

    Key Features:

    GrowthSilo offers many features but here are my favorites:

    • Gender Filtering
    • Up to 60 targets
    • Manual outreach methods
    • Audience insights
    • Detailed reports of growth progress

    Pricing Plans:

    GrowthSilo offers two pricing plans that will fit most needs and budgets. They also offer a free trial to test out their tool before you buy it. (Most of these on the list don’t provide that.)

    Launch ($49/month): This is their most basic plan with access to a few features and only 10 target accounts.

    Accelerate ($99/month): This plan allows you to have access to all their features and target up to 60 accounts.

    A big reason why I GrowthSilo is on the list is that they provide a 3-day trial.

    10. Seek Socially

    Seek Socially is a social media marketing service that helps you grow your Instagram and other social media platforms with their automated tool.

    Whether you need it for Instagram, TikTok, or Twitter, they have you covered.

    Seek Socially has been featured in publications such as Inflencive, Scoop, and TechCrunch which gives them some street cred.

    They offer a money-back guarantee so you can try out their service before committing to anything.

    Key Features:

    Similar to other Instagram growth services Seek Socially offers many features such as:

    • Hashtag targeting
    • Location targeting
    • Story Viewing
    • Campaign Improvements
    • Comment Liking
    • Location Targeting
    • Follow/Unfollow Method

    Pricing Plans:

    Seek Socially offers two different pricing plans depending on the growth you’re looking for.

    Starter ($44/month): This provides standard organic growth with limited features and normal support.

    Premium ($99/month) This plan provides maximum growth and all of Seek’s features.

    11. Crowdfire

    Crowdfire is a social media management platform that helps you grow your following on multiple apps such as Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

    If you’re looking to schedule your posts and do content curation, Crowdfire is a great option.

    They offer a free and premium plan so you can find the perfect one for your online business.

    Key Features: 

    Crowdfire offers many features for all your social profiles such as:

    • Post Scheduling
    • Content Curation
    • Detailed Reports on trends
    • RSS feeds
    • Chrome extension to share articles

    This tool is made for those who are looking to automate their content creation and schedule posts.

    Pricing Plans:

    Crowdfire offers three different pricing plans that you can choose from depending on what features and limitations you want to have access to.

    Here are the details of each plan below:

    Free ($0/month): This is their free plan which gives you limited tools such as scheduling posts, content curation, and chrome extension.

    Plus (9.99/month): Link up to file accounts and schedule up to 100 posts.

    Premium ($49.99/month): This plan allows you to track better metrics and view more detailed reports.

    VIP ($99.99/month): Link up to 25 accounts and schedule over 800 posts per month.

    Definitely a great tool for managing your social media growth.

    What Is An Instagram Growth Service?

    Instagram growth services are marketing agencies that do manual growth methods or use automation tools that will help you grow your Instagram profile organically.

    These types of services can be expensive, but the results can be worth it.

    Note: Be careful when it comes to ghost followers or getting bots to comment on your content. 

    You also need to be super careful because a lot of these growth services are scams that are out to get your money and WORSE, get your entire Instagram account blocked.

    Instagram is constantly changing its algorithm which makes it is hard for marketers and brands to keep up with growth methods. That’s when you would pay for an Instagram growth tool.

    The best way to find and choose an Instagram growth service is by reading reviews and doing your research on which one will fit your needs. That’s why you landed on my article!

    Don’t just go with the cheapest option because they may not offer the same quality as a more expensive service.

    Are Instagram Growth Services Worth It?

    I believe Instagram growth services are worth it when you pack it with daily stories and Instagram reels.

    I’ve been using this method on my account and have seen over 6k average views on my account without having to do any crazy posting or edits.

    So yes, It is completely worth it as long as you stay engaged. You still need to put in the work while your growth service does the targeting. 

    You’ll want to make sure that service you choose can do the following:

    • Target instagram accounts that are interested in your content category
    • No bots or fake accounts
    • Offer you different growth plans based on your needs
    • Free Instagram guides and courses to help you grow in all aspects
    • Offer email support or some sort of online chat system 

    Do You Need To Use Instagram Growth Services?

    There are many ways to grow your account organically, but if you’re looking for ways to automate this process then buying into an Instagram growth service is a great option.

    Side note: No, you technically do not need to use an Instagram growth service to get more followers and make money with Instagram.

    It will save you time and much stress when it comes to growing your online business on social media because most of these services offer detailed reports that let you know what’s working and what’s not.

    If you’re just starting out with Instagram or have a small account, then I would recommend trying to grow your account organically first.

    Once you’ve exhausted all of your methods and still aren’t seeing the growth that you want, then go ahead and try using an Instagram growth service.

    How To Get More Followers On Instagram Organically

    In order to get more followers on Instagram, you must first ensure that you have a good and engaging Instagram account. You should make sure to post great content, images, videos, or both on a regular basis.

    After all, the whole point of growing your Instagram followers is for people to see the content you are producing.

    A few takeaways when it comes to building a raving fan base:

    • Post daily stories
    • Post Instagram reels
    • Respond to every comment and DM you receive
    • Add carousel posts into the mix
    • Send your followers to other social media platforms
    • Have an awesome profile picture & good bio

    Someone I enjoy learning from is Steve Mellor who teaches instagram growth hacks and how to monetize your following.

    How To Make Money On Instagram

    Yes, you can actually make money on Instagram! The idea is simple but the process is hard.

    There are many ways to earn money with Instagram by selling your own digital products or doing affiliate marketing.

    If you have enough followers, you can do brand deals on Instagram where you promote a certain product on your account and work on a contract.

    In these situations, one of the important factors is to have engaging photos with good visuals and unique captions that deliver value to your audience. This way they will be more likely to engage with the post and buy from you.

    It’s completely worth it once you start bringing in some revenue from different social media platforms like Instagram Reels.

    If you are looking to sell your own digital products you can host them on a digital product platform such as Podia or ClickFunnels.

    Our Personal Favorite

    We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

    These online course software will let you create landing pages, sales pages, and even email sequences to help you sell your products online.

    You can also use affiliate marketing tools and resources to make money on Instagram. This is where you promote other people’s products and get a commission for every sale that you generate. 

    Don’t have any digital product ideas?

    Here are a few that you can try out on your real Instagram followers:

    • Online Courses
    • Templates
    • Mini-Workshops
    • Your DFY Services
    • eBooks
    • Paid Memberships

    See, you really can make money on Instagram if you use the right strategy with a good Instagram growth service!

    Best Instagram Growth Services Conclusion

    So now that you’ve seen the top Instagram growth services for 2022, it’s time to pick the right one for you!

    Each of these services can help you grow your account and get more followers, but they all have different features and pricing.

    Do some research on each of them and find the one that best suits your needs.

    Then start implementing their strategies and see how your account grows!

    Here is a recap of the 11 best Instagram growth services for 2022:

    1.  Kicksta
    2. GrowthRoid
    3. Social Sensei
    4. FlockSocial
    5. Trusy Social
    6. Kenji
    7. Stellation Media
    8. Nitreo
    9. GrowthSilo
    10. Seek Socially
    11. Crowdfire

    So choose the right service and let your account get bigger and better!

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