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Best AI Sales Tools

Best AI Sales Tools

Best AI Sales Tools. Did you know? Sales teams spend only 30% of their time actually speaking to prospects.

The other 70% are occupied by mundane tasks like entering data and scheduling meetings, something that AI sales tools could handle for you.

It’s a good idea for sales reps looking to boost their productivity to delegate unrelated marketing tasks to AI.

These AI tools carry out time-intensive tasks for you and allow teams to surpass their quota without increasing the headcount.

For this article, I’ve ranked and reviewed the best AI sales tools on the market right now.

What Are The Best AI Sales Tools?

These AI sales tools are guaranteed to make selling easier for your team.

1. Drift



Chris’ Take

Drift is the artificial intelligence sales tool to choose if you want to start personalized conversations with clients. It focuses on conversation management with prospects.

Drift helps you provide excellent client service experiences. 

It generates in-depth data about prospects, buying trends, and insights into problems, driving them to solutions like yours. 

Not just that, Drift has an automated website chatbot that identifies who visits your site and engages with them.

Its Best Features

Here are the top three Drift features to pay attention to:

Drift Prospector


One of the main problems that sales teams face is prioritizing and qualifying prospects.

Drift’s Prospector tool scores prospects based on their activities on your website. You can infer from their journey what solution they are interested in and whether to contact them.

Your sales teams save time because they only contact qualified prospects who are likely to buy from you.

Target Account Engagement

Every organization has a list of dream clients and how to market to them. But what happens when they visit your site? 

Drift immediately loops in an available sales rep when a dream client lands on the website. Otherwise, the AI prompts the prospect to pick a suitable meeting time.

Real-Time Personalization

Drift constantly aggregates buyer insights so that you can provide personalized experiences in real time to your prospects.

Your prospects are ready to buy from you when they visit your site. So, you cannot afford to waste their time with generic greetings. 

User Experience with Drift


I cannot recommend Drift enough because of its excellent interface. 

From one dashboard, you get all the data you need on prospects and current customers. 

You gain access to buyer insights needed to contact the proper accounts, say the right thing, and deliver a white-glove experience.

Drift prompts you to follow up on prospects with personalized testimonials and content.

Likes and Dislikes

⎷ Drift makes it easy to start and follow up on a conversation via email and LinkedIn.

⎷ The tool sounds human-like because it uses natural language patterns.

⎷ Salespeople save time because they have access to tailored buyer insights that help them prioritize accounts.

⎷ All insights are pulled into one dashboard.

⍻ There is no pricing transparency.

Drift Pricing


Drift is priced in four tiers—free, premium, advanced, and enterprise. Pricing is customized based on your team. Contact reps to learn more.

Drift is perfect for sales teams that want to personalize client interactions to increase conversion success.

2. 6Sense


Chris’ Take

In sales, the revenue we generate is highly dependent on our sales pipeline. 

If you fill your pipeline with prospects who are not great fits for your products, your sales teams spend too much money and time on customer acquisition.

6Sense is an AI sales tool that eliminates the guesswork. 

It provides teams with the in-depth insights needed to create a pipeline filled with qualified prospects. It also predicts the best times to pitch an account to increase conversion rates.

Its Best Features

Dark Funnel

Usually, an AI sales platform can only capture data easily linked to specific buyer accounts. The problem is that the majority of buyer activities are anonymous.

6Sense found a way to analyze anonymous buyer insights. It can link these anonymous activities back to the accounts in your pipeline.

6Sense aggregates data from website visits, content consumption, and activities on peer review sites.


6Sense gives you data on when your prospects are in the market for the solutions you offer.

You will learn the best time to reach out to prospects and how to generate targeted content to increase conversion rates. 

User Experience with 6Sense

6Sense stands out because it collects data from several sources on the internet, runs data analytics, and links them to specific segments and buyer accounts. 

The tool also integrates with sales tools like Salesforce and Drift.

Likes and Dislikes

⎷ 6Sense facilitates targeted multichannel marketing.

⎷ It tracks anonymous buyer insights back to specific accounts.

⎷ It predicts the best time to pitch an account.

⎷ It helps you improve your pipeline by revealing prospects who are currently in the market.

⍻ The 6Sense dashboard loads slowly and delays getting new data.

6Sense Pricing

6Sense bases pricing on customized quotations. 

When you contact the sales team, they calculate how much you have to pay based on your sales team.

If you want to refine your sales pipeline, check out 6Sense and sign up for the free demo.



Chris’ Take

Cold emailing is among the tried and trusted ways of scaling a business. For a company still trying to get off the ground, cold emails are a great way to get your first clients.

But, people don’t like to receive emails that feel cold. This is why you should check out

For most businesses, it’s simply not feasible to spend hours crafting one personalized email for a prospect who may never respond.

But what if you had a tool that generated an email in seconds? 

What if you had a tool that scanned your prospect’s website and LinkedIn to create personalized emails that boosted conversion rates? 

I present,

Its Best Features

LinkedIn and website scanning scans LinkedIn and the website of a prospect to find the best way to personalize an email for that particular prospect.

It looks at blog posts, case studies, new LinkedIn activity, and the about sections on LinkedIn.

Works with multiple prospects

You can enter a list of prospects or import a CSV file of their contacts. The AI generates personalizations in minutes.

User Experience with

I found it super easy to sign up for a new account. The dashboard is intuitive. Even if you are confused about navigation, there’s a welcome video to help you.

To send an email, you must fill out a few details about your company. Then, fill in the prospect’s details about what you want them to do after reading the email – book a meeting, click a link, or answer a question.

Likes and Dislikes

⎷ generates one email in less than 30 seconds.

⎷ It can generate emails for different objectives.

⎷ It scans prospects’ LinkedIn and websites.

⎷ It integrates with Mailshake.

⍻ does not work so well if your prospect does not have a lot of published content. Pricing


There are three tiers of payment – Basic, Plus, and Agency. Basic costs $97 for 325 credits, Plus costs $279 for 1500 credits, and Agency costs $795 for 5000 credits.

Try out today to get 10 free credits.



Chris’ Take

Think of all your website visitors, people who attend your events, and people who reach out to your help desk. All of them are marketing-qualified leads. 

How many do you never follow up on? How many do you let slip through the cracks? offers intelligent VAs that eliminate unnecessary workloads. 

The AI automatically qualifies leads and connects SQLs with your sales reps. It helps your team to chase only qualified leads. 

Also, it prioritizes MQLs so that you can offer them personalized content and video messaging to move them along the sales funnel.

Its Best Features

Lead qualification analyzes the engagement trends of your prospects and properly qualifies them. It only connects your sales team with sales-qualified prospects.

Conversational lead nurturing

A majority of inbound leads are MQLs. helps you carefully nurture them to become SQLs.

User Experience with

The first setup typically takes some time because you must set up everything about your company and prospects. 

Once you get past the first step, using becomes a breeze.

Likes and Dislikes

⎷ goes beyond lead scoring to properly qualify leads.

⎷ It sends automated and personalized follow-ups.

⎷ It schedules meetings based on the availability of sales reps.

⎷ It integrates with HubSpot, Salesforce, and Zoho.

⍻ The first setup is daunting for non-tech-savvy individuals. Pricing


Exceed’s pricing is based on a customized quote.

Try it today for free.

5. Claralabs


Chris’ Take

Clara is an AI that schedules meetings and handles follow-ups. All you have to do is CC Clara on any email. 

From finding the time that works for other attendees to picking a free slot in your calendar, Clara is the digital executive assistant that works 24/7 round the clock.

Its Best Features

Natural Language Patterns

People who interact with Clara via email don’t usually notice that it is AI. The tool uses natural language to follow up on attendees.

Easy setup

To activate Clara, you have to CC it on an email. You can ask it to set up a recurring meeting, notify attendees, or reschedule appointments.

User Experience with Claralabs

My user experience with Claralabs was great. I created a new account with just my email address in seconds.

In a few clicks, I set up meeting preferences, including work days and opening and closing hours.

Likes and Dislikes

⎷ Claralabs is extremely easy to activate. You only have to CC the AI in an email.

⎷ It communicates and processes natural language patterns.

⎷ It sends automated reminders to meeting attendees.

⎷ It can reschedule or cancel meetings.

⍻ Claralabs may be too expensive for some teams.

Claralabs Pricing


Pricing starts at $99 per month per user. The other tiers cost $199 and $399. 

If you regularly schedule meetings, Claralabs is a valuable tool. 

Try Claralabs for free for two weeks.

6. Veloxy


Chris’ Take

Veloxy is an AI that integrates with Salesforce to automate data entry and analysis. 

It uses machine learning algorithms to pull relevant prospect data from Salesforce to your Veloxy dashboard.

Above all, it has applications built for both mobile and desktop devices. 

Its Best Features

Analysis of Salesforce data

Many sales reps waste time on repetitive tasks like data entry on Salesforce. 

Veloxy automates all that while giving you a better overview of your prospects so that you can prioritize and market to them better.

Email marketing automation

From Veloxy, you can send out bulk emails or make calls to several prospects at once. 

The email feature includes reports on open rates and click-through rates so that you understand how prospects are engaging with your emails.

User Experience with Veloxy

Veloxy stands out because it has apps for all devices. 

There are software versions for the web, desktop, android, and iOS devices. From any device, you can easily reach your prospects. 

Likes and Dislikes

⎷ Veloxy saves time by automating repetitive Salesforce tasks.

⎷ It offers email marketing with reports.

⎷ It is mobile-responsive.

⎷ It has a feature for finding leads with geolocation.

⍻ There’s a slight lag between Salesforce data and Veloxy data.

Veloxy Pricing


Veloxy’s pricing is divided into two – Veloxy Lite and Veloxy. They cost $25 and $49 per month per user, respectively.

If you are a Salesforce user, you can grab a free trial for up to 30 days



Chris’ Take is an all-in-one sales tool that offers insights into prospect accounts and their engagement behaviors.

It integrates with other sales tools like Outreach, Salesforce, and 6Sense to get the data sets you need to drive conversion forward. helps sales reps build relationships that lead to conversions.

Its Best Features

Data Insights offers historic prospect data for up to two years. These insights are pulled from Outreach, LinkedIn, and Salesforce. 

You learn which accounts engage you the most and which team members to contact.

Embeddable dashboard captures every activity by a prospect, how many deals were closed, and the time spent on each sale. 

The tool can be embedded and viewed directly inside your Salesforce CRM.

User Experience with seamlessly integrates with Salesforce and other tools. 

It also has an embedded view, which allows you to get all the insights you need from one interface. 

Likes and Dislikes

⎷ offers support for a single source of truth for sales data.

⎷ It integrates with many tools, including 6Sense and Salesforce.

⎷ It offers insights into how to boost the performance levels of each account.

⎷ It measures performance trends in accounts.

⍻ The tool has a steep learning curve. Pricing


Pricing starts at $50 per user per month.

If you want a tool that merges seamlessly with other tools, check out

Sign up today for the free version.

What Are AI Sales Tools?

AI sales tools are applications that automate sales processes to make conversions more straightforward and faster.

Some tools focus on automating only one process. For example, Claralabs was only built to automatically schedule meetings. 

Other tools, such as Drift and, automate multiple processes and aggregate large data sets.

Wrap Up

AI sales tools are necessary if you want to eliminate mundane tasks and focus on actually interacting with your prospects. 

You need these tools to minimize the guesswork associated with selling to leads. 

To save time selecting the ones to sign up for, pick from the top 3.

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