artificial intelligence in seo

In today’s world, knowing a bit of SEO is essential for any website owner.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is critical for ensuring that search engines index your material. 

As a result, you’ll be able to reach a far larger audience.

However, SEO can be puzzling for newbies, and the majority of available tips aren’t really helpful. 

You don’t have to spend months researching the optimal optimization strategies because AI SEO tools can do it for you.

These SEO tools won’t be able to accomplish the entirety of your job for you, but they will handle the majority of it.

In this post, we’re going to go over the top AI SEO software on the market today.

These SEO tools should make your life as a website owner a lot easier because they go a long way in improving and sustaining your website’s “health.” 

How Does AI Help SEO?

Every day, across desktop, mobile, and voice searches, search engines rely on artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide responses to natural language inquiries.

AI models from corporations like Google essentially govern how and who views your information.

By saying modifications to “the algorithms” that drive search, I’m referring to changes to a search engine’s artificial intelligence.

Humans have been playing a game with rules determined by machines for years.

We’re attempting to learn more about the signals that search engines value.

Then, in order for our content and websites to rank well, we try to meet those standards.

There’s no denying that there are a lot of talented SEO specialists out there who are experts at what they do and add a lot of value to their companies. 

However, there are numerous ways in which machines can outperform humans in this game.

Artificial intelligence is now being used to assist small businesses in executing SEO better and faster since it can evaluate data patterns more quickly than people, at scale, and in real-time.

Search professionals are using AI-powered SEO tools today to perform more with less and obtain competitive advantages that manual labor alone can’t match.

This involves employing artificial intelligence to improve old content, suggest new topics to target, and even automate SEO activities.

If it’s high time your website benefits from this technology, many accessible AI SEO tools are available today.

Check out the best SEO software tools below! 

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The Best AI SEO Software That Will Benefit Your Website 


Surfer SEO is a reputable SEO tool for writers and digital marketers that want to optimize and create content that will attract traffic and consumer interest.

Surfer SEO uses machine learning to allow users to do the following:

  • Increase incoming traffic to their site 
  • Build quality backlinks 
  • Improve business outreach 

Plus, this tool allows you to create data-driven content that will rank on the first page of search results. 

You may import your post into Surfer SEO, which will provide you with detailed tips on how to increase your ranking.

Alternative keywords to target and missing content possibilities are examples of this.

You won’t have to develop a content plan by yourself if you use Surfer SEO.

It can aid you in developing a strategy that is tailored to your target audience, niche, and domain. 

It will also provide you with a plethora of ideas to create content to assist you in conquering your particular niche.

Surfer SEO can help you with keyword research, determining word counts, and laying out article structures to improve your chances of ranking well.

It is the most robust internal SEO tool for optimizing and maintaining the quality of your website.

Keyword Insights AI 

This tool organizes keywords into comparable groups based on the search intent using cutting-edge natural language processing and an examination of search engine result pages.

Keyword Insights AI generates a report that you can use to optimize content and boost your SEO by starting with a list of your keywords and picking the insights you wish to acquire. 

By examining the result, you’ll be able to choose which keywords to include on single pages and which to divide into multiple pages.

If keyword research is your main concern, this is the AI SEO tool for you.


Frase is an artificial intelligence SEO software that assists you in creating content that is aligned with user intent. 

Frase helps you appear on the first page of Google by assisting you in coming up with optimized content.

It also generates material that may be used by voice devices automatically.

By utilizing AI to answer your visitors’ inquiries, Frase boosts SEO and conversion rates. 

Frase’s fast-developing range of AI-powered tools makes it simple to find out what questions your target audience is asking online.

It then creates optimized material that can address those questions rapidly.

Frase collaborates with a number of well-known firms, including WordPress and Adobe.

The business provides a helpful guide to ensure that you create content that will convert.

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The speed with which this AI SEO software sends information to consumers sets it apart from its competition. 

MarketBrew delivers step-by-step on-site training and an open implementation strategy to each organization. 

The software takes pride in its search engine modeling, which takes only one and a half hours to complete.

Their method entails creating a base search model and tweaking it to meet your desired search engine, which they claim to be able to accommodate. 

Their system learns the exact algorithms you wish to use, even the search engine to utilize. 

This tool gives the user a detailed description of what separates the first and second results, such as HTML content or even the META description.

This reduces the amount of time a user spends manually analyzing the results.

MarketBrew also makes it easy for you to figure out exactly how to fix the problems with your ranking, which you can test again in a matter of hours. 

Overall, this software provides an excellent visual explanation as well as step-by-step instructions for quickly and effectively improving your site.

Pave AI 

Pave AI is an AI-powered application that transforms Google Analytics data into actionable insights to help you enhance your marketing approach. 

Its algorithm analyzes marketing data from several platforms (like Twitter Ads, Adwords, and Facebook Ads), making it simple to see what works and what needs improvement.

Pave AI generates tailored reports and data-driven recommendations by combining your data with over 16 million combinations to find the most relevant insights across all marketing channels. 

If you want to cut corners on analytics and need a rapid custom solution to turn relevant findings into efficient marketing plans, you can’t go wrong with this product. 

Squirrly SEO

Squirrly SEO is the ultimate WordPress AI SEO tool. It’s a tried-and-true all-in-one SEO tool that employs artificial intelligence to help your website rank faster. 

This plugin is installed straight from your WordPress admin panel.

The app analyzes your website and generates action items for you automatically.

Squirrly was created to assist you in traversing the world of SEO.

This software uses machine learning to provide outstanding, data-driven SEO, allowing you to outperform all of your competition. 

Squirrly gives you a roadmap strategy to get to the first page of Google if your goal is to get there.

It allows you to create great SEO content, grow organic traffic, and improve ranks.

It also allows you to monitor search rankings and everything else to ensure that your content appears regularly on the front pages of search engines. 


INK is a free AI SEO word editor that allows you to generate content faster and more intelligently. 

The majority of writing aids are used to check basic spelling, grammar, and tone.

INK is a full-featured word processor designed to help you improve your SEO.

INK optimizes your target term as you write by typing it.

It also suggests similar keywords to target and rates your article’s chances of ranking in Google’s top ten. 

It ensures that you employ your focus keyword correctly and that you are aware of any related terms you should target.

INK analyzes your text using machine learning and natural language processing.

It works similarly to Prowritingaid or Grammarly for any writing style or form.

You can type into the editor directly or import files from a text file, URL, or HTML file.

One noteworthy advantage is that because it is a standalone program, you may save all of your work on your PC or Mac.

You may also import and export your papers in various formats.

It comes conveniently with a WordPress plugin that allows you to move content back and forth quickly.

INK has just integrated AI analysis capabilities that propose new keywords to concentrate on.


Clearscope is a strong SEO content creation tool.

It’s simple to get the most out of your material with this tool.

It enables you to create Google-friendly content.

Your content should be more than clickable, readable, and shareable in order to rake in organic traffic.

Clearscope can assist you in producing content that will be sought after.

Plus, it keeps track of your article as you write them. 

Campaign tracking, template emails, and automated follow-up emails are just a few of the fantastic features of this AI SEO tool. 

Clearscope streamlines the most challenging components of search engine optimization.

For better workflows, it interacts with third-party programs like WordPress and Google Docs. 


Acrolinx is a newbie AI SEO program that aims to assist businesses in enhancing their content. 

As a result, marketing, product, and support departments are the primary users of the platform. 

Acrolinx excels at helping financial services, technology organizations, and manufacturing companies standardize language and documentation so that it can benefit them as well. 

Another area where Acrolinx can assist is quality control.

Acrolinx, on the other hand, has excellent integrations with a wide range of tools and programs, including WordPress, GitHub, Excel, Chrome, and many more. 

Unfortunately, there isn’t much information on cost on the website, so you’ll need to contact Acronlix for a customized quote.

SE Ranking 

SE Ranking is a feature-rich SEO tool for smaller businesses, SEO professionals, and digital companies.

It’s the research and marketing tool you’ll need to devise your SEO strategy.

It monitors keyword rankings across all major search engines with 100% accuracy.

You could even track your website’s position by city, region, or country.

SE Ranking wields AI to identify the advertising and phrases that your competitors employ in their organic search marketing.

By doing so, this tool can help you enhance your website’s rankings. 

SE Ranking identifies on-page and off-page flaws and makes recommendations for how to fix them.

You may also keep track of and control your backlinks instantaneously.

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BrightEdge is a straightforward platform with multiple modules to assist content marketers with content optimization. This software features: 

  • Hyperlocal 
  • Keyword research
  • Content suggestions 
  • DataCube
  • Intent Signal 
  • Page reporting 
  • Site reporting 
  • Story builder 

The Hyperlocal add-in is a unique feature.

Users can use this feature to map out terms in a particular region, such as a country or a city. 

Content suggestions from Bright Edge allow you to read through specific suggestions on each page.

It customizes each page on your website based on the content on that page.

The tool offers a one-of-a-kind way to see how different SEO modifications affect the business.

Can I Rank? 

‘Can I Rank?’ assembles data from a variety of search engine optimization websites, then goes above and above with ideas.

Its artificial intelligence technology offers users data that point them to the right path for improving their content, with over 200,000 websites to back it up.

‘Can I Rank?’ provides a keyword difficulty score to help users choose which keywords will work best for their website. 

The study is carried out entirely by a machine-learning system that places a strong emphasis on data rather than rigid beliefs. 

‘Can I Rank?’ is aptly named in that it tells users what makes their sites unique and how they might develop. 


Diib is an AI SEO tool that lets you manage all of your metrics, track your progress, and spot development chances all from one place. 

It allows you to improve the performance of your website by collecting data generated by an examination of your website, your competitors’ websites, and the industry benchmark, so you know how to expand.

Diib helps with keyword research for your business and offers how to improve your website’s ranking on Google.

It also enables you to maintain a continuous presence on social media and engage your audience with relevant material.

Alli AI

Alli AI is an AI SEO software that uses machine learning to improve and optimize content for your website.

The application gives users a practical and straightforward approach to improving traffic, developing quality backlinks, and expanding their business exposure. 

It’s an all-in-one SEO solution that makes calculated selections by utilizing machine learning. 

You can add a line of code to your website from within Alli and have it execute SEO upgrades automatically using JavaScript.

Broken links can be rectified on the fly, backlinks may be added, and emphasis keyword information can be changed.

Alli AI uses machine learning to streamline SEO procedures via an all-in-one program that is customized for each customer and consolidated in a user-friendly interface.

Planning your SEO strategy, obtaining backlinks, obtaining code, and content optimizations are all part of the process. 

Moreover, the tool continuously monitors your traffic progress so you can assess how well things are going.


This AI SEO software automates the process of link development and relationship building. 

It uses AI to locate websites on the internet that are suitable candidates for you to contact and communicate with.

Linkhunter is the tool you’ve been looking for if you dread link building.

You can design a campaign that specifies what you want to accomplish, such as link building, marketing, and guest posting. 

You’ll need to type in the title of the article or website you wish to work on, as well as the focus keyword. 

Linkhunter scours the internet for additional websites that you might want to contact and reach out to.

Other valuable aspects of the AI SEO tool include templated emails, automated follow-up emails, and campaign tracking.

It’s pretty impressive how Linkhunter simplifies some of the most time-consuming aspects of SEO.


Morphio is a digital marketer’s AI SEO platform that allows them to scale their data analysis operations. 

Morphio also automatically tracks your competitor’s rank changes so you can capitalize.

Users may immediately correlate data with their respective ROI thanks to the ability to use countless data sets in their marketing activities.

You will receive real-life action items as a result of hands-on data analytics automation, which helps you boost your rankings quickly. 

Users get constant information from a proprietary algorithm that can help them improve their bottom line.

As a result, they can easily aggregate their marketing results and concentrate on the most critical indicators.

You can also merge social media marketing, display, and search data on a single platform with Morphio AI. 

The data visualization tool makes it simple to track both paid and organic results. 

Defining traffic, conversion, and ROI goals, as well as being warned about campaign data irregularities, are just a few of the other capabilities.

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MarketMuse is a piece of AI SEO software that helps you boost your content creation process.

It’s an AI-powered assistant that shows you precisely which terms you should target in order to compete in specific topic categories. 

It will also emphasize themes that you should focus on if you wish to dominate certain subjects. 

MarketMuse uses AI to speed up content development, revolutionizing the way marketers enhance organic search ranks. 

It uses automation to function as an expert in your niche, allowing you to focus on growing your business.


Outranking is a cutting-edge AI SEO software that allows you to construct and study high-quality content in a fraction of the time.

This tool is ideal for businesses, agencies, and solopreneurs alike.

Outranking employs artificial intelligence to develop content that your audience will enjoy.

It creates titles, summaries, and descriptions that are SEO-friendly, as well as featured snippets. Paragraphs and section completions are also auto-generated.

Outranking allows you to rank content based on all relevant on-page variables.

It gives you a grade based on how well you use questions, meta tags, and topic coverage. 

You’ll also get comments on how you use relevant keywords, the depth of your material, and your content production efforts.

WordPress, Google Docs, and Grammarly are just a few of the tools that Outranking interacts with to help authors and SEO agencies develop and publish content. 

So, if you’re seeking an SEO solution that assures more interaction, Outranking is the way to go.

Page Optimizer Pro 

Page Optimizer Pro (POP) is a sophisticated on-page content creation AI SEO software that allows you to curate search engine-optimized sites. 

It employs artificial intelligence to advise you which element on your page needs to be optimized for higher ranking and organic traffic.

Writers, digital marketers, and SEO firms will love POP.

It’s also appropriate for anyone who wants their material to rank higher in search engines.

The following is a diagram of how Page Optimizer Pro works.

The first step is to open the POP Extension and load your target page. 

Then, to perform your on-page analysis, select your project and page.

Finally, from the top down, incorporate the ideas on your page.

It’s pretty neat how POP removes a lot of the guesswork from improved content writing.


WordLift is a fantastic semantic search engine optimization tool.

It automates structured data markup using linked data publication and natural language processing.

WordLift examines the content and converts it into search engine-friendly text.

Its purpose is to boost organic traffic while also increasing audience interaction.

WordLift is the AI content creation solution you’ve been looking for to help you grow your audience. 

It’s ideal for publishers, businesses, and agencies who want to make the most of their content.

It’s perfect for content marketers, journalists, and bloggers as well.

This AI SEO tool is straightforward to use.

Before posting your information, it organizes it, decorates it with data visualizations and photos, and then provides relevant recommendations.

What is AI SEO Software?

AI SEO is a relatively recent method of content optimization that employs machine learning.

The procedure isn’t totally automated and instead relies on the assistance of a human SEO specialist. 

Although AI SEO is still in its infancy, the technology is rapidly developing and expanding. 

How does AI affect SEO strategies? 

Artificial intelligence has a favorable impact on SEO.

Companies can use AI to improve the accuracy, efficiency, and performance of SEO efforts, including the material created for SEO.

What’s the best AI SEO Software?

That’s a challenging question to answer because this software category encompasses an extensive range of tools, some of which are developed for very different objectives than others. 

It’s all about trial and error when it comes to finding the ideal content optimization software for your website. 

How does AI work in SEO? 

The Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 is used in some artificial intelligence SEO products, but not all. 

This advanced language model, also known as GPT-3, was developed by Elon Musk’s OpenAI and employs machine learning to produce text that is strikingly close to that written by humans. 

GPT-3 is a relatively new model that hasn’t yet been embraced by all AI SEO tools, but it does fuel a number of the finest.

Can SEO be fully automated? 

It’s difficult to say for sure, but it appears that SEO will not be totally automated in the foreseeable future. Or, for that matter, ever. 

Although AI SEO technologies can help to automate the process to some extent, many of the adjustments must still be made manually.

Will AI be a part of SEO’s future?

For sure. AI is becoming more accessible for businesses to adopt as technology advances.

The potential of AI to do dozens of tasks and evaluate billions of data points makes it an excellent addition to any SEO plan.

As a result, early users of AI for SEO will often reap the greatest rewards.

You can get a leg up on your competition.

Should you use AI SEO software?

I recommend that you do, especially if you’re ready to scale your websites.

SEO can take up a lot of resources of a business, and these tools can help you allocate those resources elsewhere.

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Final Thoughts 

If you want to increase your SEO and outrank your competitors, you’ll need to employ every trick in the book.

If you’re going to take things to the next level, AI SEO software is going to be your new best buddy.

Studying SEO and devising a practical approach is not impossible, but it takes time.

Fortunately, we have the SEO software tools we need to save time and focus on other aspects of our online business.

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