what documents do i need for a title loan

A car title loan can help you cover unexpected expenses. Customers can use the car’s title to secure a loan by taking out a car title loan. Additional cash can make you feel more relaxed and give you peace of mind.4

The loan amount we can offer you for a car title loan will depend on where you live. This money can be used for emergencies such as:

  • Rent
  • Supporting your family member
  • Renovation of a House
  • Car maintenance and repairs
  • Buying a Home
  • Refinance your car loan
  • …and many other unexpected emergencies!

Loans can be an effective form of financial aid when you have a large debt. A quick loan can be used to pay for an emergency visit or orthodontic treatment.

Needs Documentation to be eligible for a title loan

You will need your car as collateral to get an auto loan. Also, you will need financial documents to prove your income. Even if you’re not employed, you can still qualify for the loan.

These are the documents you’ll need to obtain a loan quickly.

Car Title

A cash loan will be secured by your car’s title. The document must be signed by you. If the car is not yours, you will need to transfer it to your local DMV. A title loan agent can assist you with this process.

Photos of the Car

Online cash loans can be requested and you don’t need to go through a vehicle inspection. Only take clear photos of your car with your smartphone. Photographs from all angles are required. You should also show the VIN or odometer readings. You can find the VIN on the exterior windshield of the driver or inside the driver’s door.

Income evidence

Your ability to repay a cash advance is one of the key factors that will determine your eligibility. To prove your consistent income, you can submit bank statements and pay stubs. Retirees may also be able to provide statements regarding their pension, SSA, or retirement accounts. Self-employed people can also provide financial records and tax records. Those with disabilities can also provide proof of income through a social security document.

Documentation proving residence

To be eligible for a cash advance in your home state, you must prove your residence. You can also provide proof of residency by providing a recent utility or rental agreement, credit statement, tax bill, tax bill, or real-estate tax bill.


Referrals are required for cash loans. Recommendations are required for cash loans.

How can I get a title mortgage without ID documents?

You will need a photo ID from the government to be eligible for any cash loan. Title loans can be approved with any type of identification. If your original form of identification is stolen or lost, you may be able to use another type. If you don’t have the right form of identification, there are many alternatives.

These forms of identification are acceptable for auto title loans.

  • Driver’s license
  • State ID
  • Consular Matriculate
  • Plus!
  • Government-issued ID

If you don’t already have one, don’t be discouraged. To speak with a title loan representative, call today (855) 277-4847 to discuss your options. To be eligible for a loan, you may need additional identification. Each person is different, so we can discuss your situation.

Can I use my passport to obtain a title loan?

Yes. Yes. A passport is acceptable to get a car title loan. To get a title loan, you will need to submit a few documents. One of the documents that you will need to provide is government-issued photo identification. This requirement can be satisfied with a driver’s license, a state-issued ID, and/or passport. To get a passport, you will need to take a photo of yourself that the government issues. It can be used for document submissions.

What are the best ways to get a title loan without any social documents?

Car title loans have flexible qualification requirements. Even if you don’t have a social media account, you may still be eligible to receive a fast loan. You may still be eligible for a title loan if you do not have a social media account but have an email address. Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN)You might be eligible for funding if you are referred by a title loan agent.1

Is my car eligible for a title loan?

You may not be able to get a loan for your car title, but you must have enough equity in your vehicle to qualify.

To calculate the current equity, subtract the amount you owe from your car’s current market value. When the vehicle’s current market value exceeds its principal amount, it has positive equity. Negative equity is when the vehicle’s current resale value is less than the principal amount.

To be eligible for a quick, secure loan, your car must have equity. This tool can help you determine if your vehicle qualifies for emergency funding using an online appraisal calculator.

To use the online appraise calculator, you will need to provide information such as year, make, model, current mileage, and style. These details will be used to determine the vehicle’s total value. A fast loan estimate may be possible if the vehicle is sufficiently valued.

What can I do about the Title Loan I have received?

You can get a cash loan for many financial emergency situations. You can get a cash loan to help you through any financial emergency.

Borrowers might need help with rent, hospitalization bills, and car maintenance. If you don’t have enough money to pay a bill, a cash loan may be an option.

If you require emergency cash fast, vehicle title loans can be a great option. Title loans are approved within 24 hours.

This is a great option for title loans

Customers can use the vehicle as collateral to get an auto title loan. You can pay your title loan in monthly installments. If your auto title loan is paid in full by the due date, prepayment penalties are not applicable. Once you have been approved for the title loan, we will attach a lien to your vehicle. The monthly payments will be made but the borrower is still allowed to drive the vehicle and make regular payments. The title is returned to the owner after the title loan is fully repaid.

Start Now with our Simple Title Loan Applications

Title loans offer many benefits, including flexible qualifications and affordable terms. You can borrow money without having to pay high-interest rates by using your car’s vehicle as collateral. To quickly obtain emergency cash, contact a loan agent.

Are you ready to submit a job application? It’s great! To get a cash loan, contact us.

  • Send an email to [email protected]
  • Toll-free at this number (855) 277-4847
  • Use the streamlined title loan calculator

A title loan agent will need basic information about you and your vehicle. If your vehicle has been preapproved, you can submit your documents. Once all documents are verified and collected, you can be approved for a cash loan.

Your agent will send you a contract for a title loan and discuss your repayment options with you. It is important to be clear about your monthly payment obligations, the amounts due each month, the rates, and when your last payment will be due. Once you’ve answered all questions and are confident about your financial decision, sign the agreement for a title loan.

Title loans are serviced by BFN. We provide unparalleled speed and quality service. Start your inquiry today to get cash in 24 hours.


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