For its users, TurboTax offers the Turbo Debit Card. When you file your return using the software, you must designate a method for getting government benefits, credits, payroll, refunds, etc. This is the purpose of the Turbo Debit Card.

The solution makes it easier to receive credits and reimbursements. Not only that but working with Turbotax makes the process go more quickly and smoothly. Like all of your bank’s debit cards, the Turbo debit card functions similarly. The additional tax benefits, various platforms, media payments, etc., make a difference. Additionally, obtaining a card to use your money is a terrific approach.

The Turbo Card Customer Service?

To receive assistance with your Turbo Debit account, you have numerous alternatives. The extensive online FAQ that Turbo Debit keeps answers many frequently asked topics. For more individualized or sophisticated assistance, you can also dial 888-285-4169.

What time does the Turbo Debit card deposit?

At 1 p.m. EST, Turbo Debit applies debits and bill payments to your account. By this time every day, you should confirm sufficient funds in your account to cover your payments. Direct deposit payments may differ depending on the financial system of the paying entity.

How do I activate my TurboTax debit card?

You can activate your card online or by phone as soon as you receive it. Go to TurboPrepaidCard.com to begin the online activation process. To activate your card, go to the home screen, click the blue “Activate Card” button in the top right corner, and enter your card information.

How To Track My Turbo Debit Card?

There is no way to track your card. Your card may arrive in the mail in as little as ten business days, excluding weekends and holidays. You can check the address they have for you, amend your address, or request a new card be issued if it has been more than ten working days by going to TurboDebitCard.com or calling the toll-free number (888) 285-4169.

How do I check my Turbo Card balance?

Get your most recent balance and transactions using one of the numerous handy methods available:

  • Sending a text message will also give you access to your balance and transaction history. Carrier message and data rates apply.
  • You may view your balance and transaction history on the Turbo Card mobile app. To get started, download the app for free from Google Play or App Store®.
  • You can check your balance or transaction history online on this website if you have an online user ID.

What bank is the Turbo Debit card with?

The TurboSM Prepaid Visa® Card is provided by Green Dot Corporation and is issued by Green Dot Bank according to a license from Visa U.S.A Inc. Green Dot Corporation is a member service provider for Green Dot Bank, Member FDIC. 

How can I access my money if I don’t have my Turbo Visa debit card?

If you don’t have your TurboDebit Card, you can still access your funds through other means. If you are enrolled in direct deposit, you can access your money through your employer’s direct deposit system. You can access your money via ACH transfer if you are not enrolled in direct deposit. 

How do I transfer money to my family and friends?

You can utilize our Send Money tool to send money to friends and family members in the United States in addition to the two options mentioned above (Online Bill Pay and Teller Cash Withdrawal). 

Simply provide THEM with the recipient’s name, email address, or mobile number in addition to the desired amount. Money can be transferred to a Green Dot Bank-issued card by the recipient. The recipient can obtain a Green Dot card online and deposit the funds you gave to their temporary card number, even if they don’t already have one.

Can I rent a car with my card?

Rental vehicle firms “authorize” (have money held) for significantly more money than the actual cost of the rental automobile when you use your Turbo Card to pay for one. The reason is that until you return the vehicle, the rental car company won’t know whether they need to charge you for additional costs like gas, vehicle damage, or other things. 

You won’t be able to use these allowed funds until the last transaction has been completed and recorded to your statement. This implies that it could be up to 90 days before you can access this cash. Our recommendation is first to phone the rental car business and inquire about their rules regarding the use of debit cards to avoid issues when you rent.

Every week or month, a vendor keeps billing my card. Why?

These can be routine purchases that your card is routinely debited for. Businesses that use recurring transactions rent videos give internet access, operate health clubs, sell insurance, or offer cable TV, among other things. If you want to stop using these services, get in touch with the vendor or service provider at once.

How can I stop receiving direct deposits?

You must contact your employer or the benefits payor if you want to stop receiving direct deposits. They’ll explain to you how to end the service. Please give the request for cancellation of direct deposit for up to two pay periods to be handled. Stopping direct deposit will not affect your ability to use your Turbo Card.

What occurs when I return goods?

The merchant will credit your card. Different retailers may have other return policies. The authorization hold on your card may remain for up to 10 days if a retailer cancels a transaction before it posts. You won’t have access to these funds at this time. The company will suspend your card from usage if you receive a credit on it but did not use it to make the initial purchase. To reinstate the card, we will need more proof of your identity.

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