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What you should know?

BFN has branches in many places throughout Georgia. Our goal is to provide the best Atlanta title loans. Our automobile title pawn loans are easy to apply. Title loans let you borrow money against your car’s value.

How do Atlanta title loans work?

Title loans are short-term cash loans that are typically repaid in full at the time of the next pay period. Title loans are also referred to as car title loans. But you can also issue other types of property including boats, motorcycles, or even homes.

The amount to borrow depends on the value of whatever collateral one offers. The borrower must have a clear title to the evaluation of the vehicle and cannot have any liens against their name in order to qualify for a title loan.

Title Loans & High-Interest Rates

There may not be any credit checks required by auto title lenders. But these companies offer high-interest rates which can quickly add up if not paid back on time. Borrowers should therefore ensure they can afford to pay back the lump sum within a short period of time. Customers that return and have a strong payment history may be eligible for larger loan amounts.

What are the title loan terms in Atlanta?

The total cost of an auto title loan is paid repaid in full in about 30 days. If not paid within that time, financial institutions may repossess your vehicle. You could incur additional fees or interest rates as well.

Lenders report the status of payments made on time. So borrowers who have issues making repayments should settle any outstanding balances before problems arise with their credit.

If you want to know more about credit checks, contact BFN

Traditional pawns require that you temporarily surrender ownership of your car.  But you can still keep your car. The transaction occurs in less than 30 minutes.

How to apply for title loans in Atlanta?

The entire process takes less than 30 seconds. Visit one of our Atlanta offices, and we will walk you through the process step-by-step to help you get the money you need through a vehicle title Pawn.

Why GreenDayOnline?

An appliance may break, or a family member may require urgent medical attention. No matter how serious the problem is, you need to respond quickly. A title loan can be a great option in these situations.

Our Atlanta title loans can be a great option in these instances. You will need to have valid identification and a clear title. Visit one of our websites for more information. Atlanta residents may get approval in as little as 24 hours.

What is the application process?

We all know how tiresome the loan process is when dealing with banks, and how much paperwork there is constantly.

Complete the loan application form

Fill out the online application to get one of Atlanta’s Title Penns.

Submit the required documents

You will need to bring your lien-free vehicle title and ID along with your car to one of our local shops.

Vehicle evaluation

We will need to inspect your vehicle.

Get the funds

The amount you can receive from title loans on a car, truck, or motorbike, depends on its value. We will also examine your credit rating. If you apply for auto title loans through our Atlanta car title pawns, it is likely that you will qualify. You only need to provide a telephone number among other requirements.


How much is the interest?

Atlanta residents may get outrageous interest rates on title loans. BFN will continue to offer reasonable rates even though Atlanta loan providers have high-interest rates.

What are the payment options?

You can choose from a range of payment options tailored to meet your needs. A vehicle title pawn is available in Atlanta ga for anyone with good credit. This is a great option for those who have to pay unexpected expenses. With evidence of income, all credit types are accepted.

7 best reasons to use BFN

  1. Most borrowers can afford to pay our interest rate. We not only advertise our loans for marketing purposes. But we deliver what we promise to our customers
  2. You only need to meet a few eligibility requirements for account approval. The main ones include a driver’s license, a phone number, email address, income documentation, and bank account details. You also must be a resident of South Carolina
  3. We have excellent customer service. Our telephone dialing system is also effective
  4. We offer a decent loan amount.  The max loan amount can help solve all your financial needs.
  5. Show me now how to get an affordable title loan
  6. Our loan process only takes a few minutes. We start with motor vehicle appraisal. We will start by confirming your motor vehicle registration.
  7. The credit services organizations will also need you to provide proof of income.  Our store associate will guide you through the entire process.  We will provide the funds based on your ability to repay.

Need title loans in the Atlanta area? You can get approved for as much cash as possible. Get started today for instant loan approval.

We accept payment options:

  • cash
  • check
  • debit card
  • Western Union

What about customer support?

Online and in-person assistance is available to help you apply for Atlanta title loans. Loan offices in Atlanta accept online applications. For a vehicle assessment, visit your local BFN shop.

You can speak to one of our helpful customer service representatives online or in person if you have any questions. There are also questions you should ask before applying for an Atlanta auto title loan.

Serving Georgia’s borrowers for more than a decade, BFN is known to be reputable and reliable. We are here to help you get started!


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