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Direct payday loans are available from many companies. GreenDayOnline lists the best online payday lenders available in every state.

Blue Trust Loans

Blue Trust Loans is a recent addition to our list. They offer payday loans in all 50 US states, ranging from $150 to $2,000.

The repayment terms and conditions vary by state. Applicants must have a valid checking account and a minimum monthly income of $800.

They can provide loans in all 50 US states. Except for Connecticut and Georgia. All across the United States, you can get online installments or online payday loans. You can get up to $1500 in online loans.

Applicants must have a valid checking or savings account. You can apply online for a payday loan to get a next-day cash transfer or cash.

Check Into Cash

Check Into Cash; a more significant direct payday lender that offers payday loans online and in-person at locations all over the United States. In less than five minutes, they approve all applications.

You can get payday loans in amounts from $1500. You can also earn cash at any of their stores.

My Cash Advance

They are the largest direct payday lender in the country that doesn’t conduct credit checks. Typically, applicants receive a response within four minutes of submitting their application. Applicants will need an active checking account (no savings, savings, or savings accounts).


Opploans may offer low-credit borrowers personal loans up to $500 or $4,000. In less than 15 minutes, your application will be approved. Your credit score will not be affected by your application for a loan. You can obtain direct loans for up to three years.


MaxLend, a national lender, offers personal loans up to $2,500. Lenders can provide personal loans with flexible terms and fast payback. No prepayment is required, and you don’t need to send any papers. Maxlend says that even if your credit score isn’t perfect, it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to get an installment loan. People with poor credit may qualify for loans under certain conditions. They may provide financing within 24 hours in all 50 US States. All states of the United States, except California, Arkansas, and Connecticut, are included.

Quick Cash Loans

They have the largest network of direct installment and payday lenders in the United States. Their network is open to anyone, regardless of credit history or Chexsystems status.

After receiving your permission, they will transfer the funds to your account within one working day. Online loans up to $4,000 are available in most states.


Leap Credit offers a web-based service for installment loans. It is easy to use. It’s easy and quick to apply for a loan. The annual percentage rate and length of your loan will vary depending on where you live.

The payment term ranges from 6-12 months, and the amount owed can vary between $250 and $3500. You will need to have a bank account and a social security number to be eligible. Alabama residents can apply for loans via LeapCredit.

Loans By Phone

Loan by Phone, a new company that offers payday loans through direct lenders across the United States, is now open. The application takes less than five minutes.

Customer care is available 24 hours to provide additional information and expedite the process. LBP is a loan-granting agency that offers loans in different states.


MoneyKey has served over 100,000 clients since its founding in 2011. Online applications for payday loans from direct lenders are possible. Online application is the potential for payday loans from direct lenders.

Within one business day, they transfer the money to your bank account. MoneyKey provides online installment loans, payday loans, and credit lines that you can customize to meet your needs.

Cash Store

Cash Store is a financial institution that offers cash advances and installment loans.

You can apply online and receive cash within minutes at any one of hundreds of locations across seven states. Online loans are available with approval rates up to $3,000 and high interest. Cash Store is an online lender that allows Idahoans to apply for loans. New Mexico is in the United States. Two states share a border: Michigan, Utah, and Wisconsin.

24/7 Loans

247Loans can provide a payday loan to residents of over 40 states. Online applications are easy to fill out and don’t require bank verification. Borrowers may get cash as soon as a payday loan is available. These loans are

known to most applicants in all 50 states.

Do you need more cash than a payday loan? Do you worry about a hard credit score by a lender? Cash advances might be an option. You can also get personal loans or cash advances from over

200 third-party lenders. There are no credit checks, and loans from $250 to $2,000 are available.

This is the best cash advance company in America. They offer direct installment loans for those with poor credit. You can check your online approval to determine if you are eligible for a loan.

You will also be assessed on your credit history and ability to repay the loan under the terms. Cash Central offers online payday loans in Alabama, Utah, and Texas.

Payoff provides personal loans for those with good credit. Individuals with excellent credit may be eligible for personal loans from Payoff. These personal loans can be as low as $2,000 to as high as $40,000.

With good credit, you can get low-interest rates (about 15%) and payback terms of two to five

years for personal loans. You can use the money to pay off high-interest credit cards and school loans. To be eligible, you must have a credit score of at least 675. Your FICO score will not be affected by pre-qualification or checking the rate. Online installment loans are available in over 40 states.

Check City offers installment loans, online payday loans, and vehicle title loans all over the country. Online applications are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

They will get back to you within five minutes. Check City has stopped providing direct loans for payday loans to

Western countries since 2021. For more information, visit their website.

They are the largest direct lender and have provided no-credit-check payday loans for over a decade. Online applications can be submitted for as little as $255 and reviewed within minutes.

Online loans are available for 30 days. The loans are available if you apply for an emergency loan before 3:00 PST. They will then execute your cash advance that same day. Use promo code 200 to get a cash advance for free.

Cashnet is a leading direct lender of payday loans that have assisted over 4,000,000 people with bad credit. Cabinet offers both online and installment loans. Use the promo code M15CASH to save 15% on your September

applications For more information on their terms and conditions, please refer to them.

Cashnet offers same-day payday loans in Florida and Alaska. Louisiana and Kansas share a border. Michigan. Minnesota.Missouri Mississippi. Nevada. South Carolina. Oregon Tennessee. Utah Virginia.

The Loan Companies Directory can help you find the best Direct Payday Loan, Lenders.

Let me first explain what payday loans are before I begin comparing lenders.

Direct lenders can provide cash advances. These loans can be used to pay unexpected expenses while you wait for your next paycheck. The interest and borrowing amount will be returned in a few weeks.

The interest rates on these small loans are so high that it is difficult to repay the entire amount. Companies that offer underwriting services to payday loan lenders may provide loans.

You may be eligible to borrow different amounts depending on where you live. Each state has its regulations regarding payday lending.

 How was this list compiled?

We are not a lender or broker of payday loans. Clients have two options when applying for a loan. Any state-licensed payday lender can provide a loan to a client. A broker or third-party provider can help customers apply for payday loans.

The lender will review your application, and borrower information will determine your options. Direct lenders can protect your financial and personal information.

You may be able to get better terms and rates from a third party who is not associated with online payday loan lenders.

How to get a direct payday loan in the United States

Applying for a payday loan is easy if you have all the information required. You need to verify your income or employment, your social security number, and your bank account information.

Apply Online, in person, or by phone. Many businesses have customer service departments that can help you with any questions or problems that may arise. After you submit your information, you can get cash the same day.

What are the advantages of using a lender comparison website rather than a direct lender?

We add new companies to our directory that offer online installment loans or direct lender payday loans each week. Due to state and federal financial laws, we had to close many online lenders that offered loans over the years. Many financial institutions have stopped financing payday lenders.

This is partly due to the government’s regulation of online payday loan businesses. In the coming year, many large direct lenders will lend again.

We expect to see more licensed businesses as we move closer to 2021. Already, we have seen loan applicants, installment lenders, and credit unions.


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