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Credit Cards for Fair credit aren’t as detrimental as bad credit, but it’s still not at the standard of credit that the majority of credit issuers require to allow you to use their most competitive cards. A few basic cards may not provide rewards. The aim is to use these cards responsibly to build credit over time so that you can get higher-quality cards.

The best way for students to earn Cashback

Discover it Cash Back for Students

The Reasons We Decided to Pick It

This is an excellent opportunity for students with low or average credit scores to gain experience managing credit. There is no annual fee, and there’s no penalty APR, and the possibility of cashback up to 5 percent in various categories(up until a quarter-yearly maximum when you enroll, and 1% cash back on other purchases).


  • Cashback 5% on categories of bonus that are rotating
  • First-year Cashback match


  • The bonus cash back rate of 5% is restricted to $1,500 per quarter of spending.
  • Bonus categories must be activated each quarter
  • Base low at a 1% rewards rate

Card Details

  • Intro Offer Unlimited Cashback Match only available from Discover. Discover will match the cash back you’ve earned at the close of the first year! This means you can turn the $50 in cash into $100. Or turn $100 into $200. There’s no minimum or maximum reward. It’s just a dollar-for-dollar match.
  • Earn cashback of 5% on your everyday purchases at various locations every quarter, such as supermarkets and restaurants, gas stations, and more. Pay with PayPal and up to the maximum amount for each quarter when you sign up for. Additionally, earn unlimited 1.5 cash back on all other purchases in real-time.
  • Earn cash back rewards while you build the credit score that will assist you in the years following graduation. Get your Credit Scorecard for free. It contains information about your FICO(r) credit score and crucial information that makes your score.
  • There is no annual fee. No late fees on your first payment late. There is no APR change for late payment.
  • Refer-a-Friend: When you are the Discover it(r) student cardholder, you’ll get a statement credit every time you recommend a person, and you’re approved. More than one-half million college students have Discover Cards by referring to friend’s suggestions.
  • Freeze It(r) off/on switch for your account, which blocks the making of new transactions, advances in cash, and balance transfers in a matter of seconds.
  • Be alerted if we locate the Social Security number on any among thousands of Dark Web sites. * Activate your account for no cost.
  • Discover is accepted in the United States by most establishments that accept credit cards.
  • Zero intros APR on purchases for six months and then the variable purchase ongoing APR standard of 12.99% and 21.99% is in effect.
  • Select “Apply Today” to view the reward details, FICO(r) Credit Score conditions and Cashback Match(TM) information, and other details.

Best for Students Earning Money by Providing Excellent Customer Service

Discover it Student chrome

The Reasons We Decided to Pick It

If you’re a college student trying to build credit with this Discover it(r) Chrome for students is a great place to start your credit journey. You’ll be able to access an acceptable rewards program as well as reasonable APRs, and there are no annual fees.


  • No annual cost
  • Earn rewards while you build credit
  • Cashback earned will be automatically matched after an account holder for the first year.


  • Introduction APR offer
  • The reward earning limit is set to $1,000 worth of purchases per quarter in the top category.
  • In contrast to other student cards.

Card Details

  • Intro Offer Unlimited 1.5 cash back Match only with Discover. Discover will match the cash back you’ve earned by the end of the first year! This means you can turn your cash into $100. Or turn $100 into $200. There’s no minimum expenditure or maximum reward. It’s just a dollar-for-dollar match.
  • Earn 2% cashback in Gas Stations and Restaurants on up to $1,000 worth of combined purchases every quarter. Additionally, earn unlimited percent cash back on all other purchases instantly.
  • Earn rewards while you build the credit score that will assist you in the years following graduation. Also, download your credit score card for free that contains the details of your FICO(r) credit score and other important information that makes your score.
  • No annual fees. No late fees on the initial late payments. There is no APR change for late payments.
  • Refer-a-Friend: Once you’re an official Discover it(r) student card member, you’ll be able to get a statement credit every when that you recommend a person to whom you’re approved. More than half a million people received Discover Cards by referring friend’s referrals.
  • Freeze It off/on switch on your account that stops any new transactions, advances in cash, and a balance transfer in a matter of seconds.
  • Be alerted if we locate your Social Security number on any of the thousands of Dark Web sites. * You can activate your account at no cost.
  • Discover is accepted across the country by the 99percent of locations that accept credit cards.
  • APR intro 0% for purchases up to six months, after which the standard variable APR of 12.99% and 21.99 percent is applicable.
  • Select “Apply now” to view the reward details, FICO(r) Credit Score conditions, as well as Cashback Match(TM) information and other details.

The best way to earn cashback With a Fair Credit Score

Capital One QuicksilverOne Cash Rewards Credit Card

The Reasons We Decided to Pick It

An excellent option for people with less-than-perfect credit scores, this card provides an opportunity to build better credit and earn a decent unlimited 1.5 cashback rate. Additionally, you can get an increased credit line within six months after account opening.


  • Unlimited 1.5 Cashback rewards of 1%
  • Credit scores of average applicants will be considered/li>
  • No foreign transaction fee
  • Rewards don’t expire


  • High APR
  • There are no bonus categories for spending to increase rewards
  • No Welcome Offer
  • No intro APR offer

Card Details

  • Earn an unlimited 1.5 percent cash back on all purchases, every single day
  • Earn cash rewards without joining a rotating category
  • Get automatically assessed for a better credit line as short as six months
  • Check your credit score through the CreditWise(r) application, which is accessible to everyone
  • No fraud liability for you if your card gets stolen or lost
  • There is no limit on the amount of cash back you earn. Money-back isn’t rescinded for the duration of your account.
  • Make sure your credit is secure for the future by ensuring responsible card use.
  • Receive personalized alerts and control your account using this app. Capital One mobile app

The best card for a simple transaction with a fair credit score

Capital One Platinum Credit Card

Why We Decided It

If you have a good credit score, The Capital One Platinum Credit Card gives you a straightforward way to be back on the right track. Because there’s no annual cost and no annual fee, it’s an economical option when you pay punctually and don’t have the burden of an account balance. Due to the astronomically high-interest rate, it’s best to use the credit card for regular expenses and pay the total amount.


  • No foreign transaction fees
  • Fair or average credit applicants could be considered
  • Account for credit line increases could be possible within less than six months


  • Very high-variable APR
  • No rewards program
  • No welcome bonus or introduction APR deal
  • A cash advance fee of 3% (min $10)

Card Details

  • Pay no annual fee
  • You will automatically be evaluated for a more extensive credit line as short as six months.
  • Insurance against fraud if your card is lost
  • Make use of online banking to access your account via your phone, thanks to our mobile application
  • You can check out swiftly and securely with a contactless credit card without needing to touch a terminal, and give your card to the cashier. Simply hover your card in front of an electronic reader, then wait for confirmation, and you’re good to go.
  • Pay with a check online or in the branch in your area and pay no cost, and you can choose the month’s due date which is the most suitable for your needs.
  • You can access your account at any time of the day, seven days a week.
  • Build credit by the responsible use of a credit card such as this

What is an acceptable credit score?

As determined by Experian, fair credit is usually described as having a FICO score between 580 and 669. Appropriate credit could be because you’ve got only a few details in your credit file or because you’ve experienced financial issues previously. This can make it challenging to cash back on eligible for most credit cards. However, it is possible to get credit card options available, particularly for students.


To identify the top credit cards for those with fair credit scores, we looked over various credit cards offered by all the major issuers of credit. However, the trick to choosing the top cards was to narrow it down to those most likely to accept applicants with difficulties with recognition before their current situation.

Most credit card companies declare which products are designed to be used by people with fair credit. It’s then an issue of comparing the card’s terms, conditions, and benefits. The majority of these are basic cards because they offer rewards and benefits usually sacrificed to make them accessible to those with credit problems or weak credit history.

Here are the top credit cards for those who have good credit

Discover It student cash Refunded.

Students will likely have a short record of credit, should they have even. This credit card from Discover it Credit Card for Students is a great choice to assist students with credit and manage an account on credit. The card comes with a 5% cash-back reward rate on bonus categories which change every quarter.

The bonus categories worth 5% change each calendar quarter and include popular categories like restaurants, gas stations, supermarkets, and You are eligible to earn a 5% bonus up to $1,500 worth of quarterly purchases once activated. The maximum amount you can make in a year in the bonus categories that earn 5% is 300. You can earn cashback of 1% on any other purchase.

So the category that is a 5% bonus could make you a massive 600 within your first year if taking the full benefit of this promotion.

Discover it Student chrome

Another excellent option for students is the Discover it Chrome for Students includes the most popular features of Discover’s cash and student cash back cards. Discover it chromes for students comes with the ability to earn 2% back at gas stations and restaurants for up to $1,000 for quarterly purchases. It also offers unlimited 1% back anywhere else.

The card comes with a cashback reward at the end of the first year. If you can earn the maximum cashback from gas stations and restaurant purchases in the first year, the cash-back of $80 will be doubled by another $80. Apart from the rewards, Discover is known for excellent customer service, with Customer Service representatives within the United States.

Capital One QuicksilverOne Cash Rewards Credit Card

It could be challenging to accept the top cashback rewards credit cards if you have decent credit scores. However, you could qualify for the CapitalOne FastsilverOne cash rewards credit card with fair credit, and it offers an unlimitable 1.5 percent cash back for every purchase. The card provides eligible customers with appropriate credit the chance to earn high cash rewards with every purchase without rotating categories or complicated reward programs to be concerned about.

The card does not charge fees for foreign transactions. It means you can use it anywhere in Canada, Mexico, or any other country accepted without any additional cost for currency conversion, which can be as low as 3 percent on the other cards.

With 1.5 percent cash back for spending $500 per month with the card, you will receive $90 in rewards. If you’re paying 00 per month with the card, you’ll earn $180 over the year. Although the card comes with an annual cost of $39 and a spending limit of $2,600 per year will earn enough cash back to make a profit. It just takes around $217 each month to earn enough rewards to cover the $39 annual cost. Any additional cash you earn is profit that you can put back into your pocket, as long you pay the invoice in full each month.

Capital One Platinum Credit Card

If you’re a creditor with a fair score and are looking for a card that is easy to use and comprehend, The Capital One Platinum Credit Card could be the right choice for you. The card is for those who are working on building their credit.

This credit card is easy to use and comprehend. Similar to many credit cards catering to those with low credit scores, this one doesn’t offer an option for cash back or a travel reward plan. The card’s primary focus is on helping you control your money in the best way for your financial requirements. Automatic credit line increases offer rewards for timely payments and could improve your credit score over the long run.

Anyone who has experienced issues with missed or late payments in the past may be looking to improve their credit. This card can be a fantastic instrument to help you reach your target. If you’re able to repay the card altogether each month and make sure to pay in time, you’ll notice your credit score slowly increase. This card can help control your cash flow and prevent fraud with each purchase. It comes with a zero annual fee and no foreign transaction fees.

Compare rates from these lenders without affecting your credit score. 100% free!

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Bottom line

It’s not easy to get approval for a reward credit card even if your credit score is decent; however, it might not be as difficult as you believe. A suitable credit card could provide you with a fantastic way to pay and a wealth of advantages while also providing the opportunity for you to improve your credit. Hence, you will be able to get a more lucrative card shortly.

What is fair credit?

The definition of an acceptable credit score differs depending on the lender. Generally, you aren’t aware of a lender’s cutoff threshold for determining the difference between a good and a bad credit score. FICO, the most frequently used credit scoring system, does, however, give some useful information to assist you in establishing your score. FICO scores vary from 300 to 800, which is the most widely useful range. Typically, you can consider 580 to 669 a fair credit score.

Are there credit card options for excellent or moderate credit that offer immediate approval?

Credit cards provide instant approval for people with average or fair credit.

Many issuers, like American Express, Bank of America, Capital One, Chase, Citibank, Deserve, and Discover, will allow you to verify whether you’re qualified for any card.

Remember that instant approval doesn’t mean you’ll be able to utilize the card immediately. This could take anything between 5 and seven days.

Which is the best credit card to get if I have fair credit?

If your credit score is fair, you’re in the position to get several good credit cards, including ones featured on BFN’s list of top Credit cards with Fair credit. There’s not a single credit card that’s the most straightforward to obtain with fair credit, as the decision to approve a card is contingent on many aspects, including the credit score as just one of the most important. Also, there’s no ideal card as what is right for you might not be the right option for another person.

The credit score you have that could allow you to qualify for the most favorable terms from one particular card issuer may not be enough to be eligible for the same benefits at a different bank. A prospective lender may also consider your income and the monthly expenses you list in the application.

The best option for those with an average or fair credit rating is to get an account that is suitable for people who have a poor credit score. While it’s not a 100% confirmation of approval, many issuers, such as American Express, Bank of America, Capital One, Chase, Citibank, Deserve, and Discover, can let you know to see if you’re eligible for their cards.

What is the time frame to build a fair credit history?

Whether you’re just starting from scratch or trying to raise your score, Fair Credit building is a process that takes time. You can take steps to build your credit over some time of a few months, such as making your payments in time, reducing the amount of credit you use, or making use of tools such as Experian Boost or American Express Score Goals which can provide actionable information on how you can improve your score.

In general, anyone seeking credit on their first attempt could expect an improvement in their FICO score within six months following opening an account and making timely payments. It can take several months to a few years to prove that you have improved your responsible behavior in paying. There’s no precise number for the ideal length of time until late or missed payments appear on your radar.

The length of the credit history is another fact that you cannot change. In the end, there isn’t an exact time frame it takes to obtain good credit. However, a fair score is achievable when you have a consistent, good payment record and good credit scores.

How to Apply for a Credit Card With Fair Credit

With a fair credit history, applicants can avail a variety of cards approved for. There won’t be a credit card with a hefty reward or a substantial welcome bonus, or any other lucrative benefits you may have heard about; however, you can get the most out of the credit card you’re using to improve your credit score.

It’s also more likely to be able, though it’s not a guarantee to accept an account that you approve. Numerous issuers like American Express, Bank of America, Capital One, Chase, Citibank, Deserve, and Discover will allow you to determine whether you’re eligible for one of their cards without impacting your credit score through an inquiry.


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