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Best for Rewards: Discover it(r), Secured Credit Card

Here’s the reason: You get rewards for every purchase that you make after you apply for this credit card with bad credit

The Discover it(r Secured Credit Card) offers 2% cash back at gas stations and restaurants for purchases up to $1,000 each quarter. After that, 1% will be applied once the quarterly limit has been met. You’ll also get 1% back for all purchases. The Cashback Match feature at Discover will match any cash back earned during the first year of cardholders.

The card requires a $200 security deposit. Discover will refund the deposit if the card is used for less than eight months.

There is a $0 annual charge and foreign transaction fees. However, Discover is not accepted everywhere, so it is a good idea for a backup payment method in case you need it.

Ideal for college students

Here’s the reason: The Deserve(r), EDU Mastercard does not require a credit history or a Social Security number if you are an international student.

You’ll receive a year of Amazon Prime Student for every $500 you spend in your first three billing cycles. Plus, you will get 1% cashback on all purchases. You’ll also get $600 coverage for your phone if it is stolen or damaged if you pay your cellphone bill using the card.

All this is included with a $0 annual cost. It also doesn’t charge a foreign transaction fee making it an excellent choice for students who plan to travel abroad or return home from overseas.

College students looking for credit cards should read to learn more about the Deserve(r), EDU Mastercard.

Prequalification is best with Credit One Bank (r) Platinum Visa(r) for Rebuilding Credit.

Here are some reasons: The Credit One Bank(r), Platinum Visa(r), for Rebuilding Credit might be the right fit for you if you want an unsecured card but are unsure if you can qualify.

Credit One Bank’s website makes it easy for you to check if you are prequalified. The prequalification process does not affect your credit. You could avoid an unnecessary ding from a Hard inquiry on credit scores by knowing whether you are prequalified before you apply.

The card comes with regular credit limit reviews that could help build credit by decreasing the amount you use if you are eligible for a higher credit line and keeping your spending constant.

You’ll also earn 1% cash back rewards on eligible purchases. This is applied automatically as a statement credit.

Be aware that the annual fee for this card is $75 for the first year and $99 after that.

For those with limited credit, the Platinum Mastercard (r) by Capital One(r).

Here’s the reason: The Gold Mastercard(r) from Capital One(r) can help you build a favorable credit record. All this with an annual $0 fee.

There are no sign-up bonuses or rewards programs, so the card isn’t full of frills. If building credit is your priority, you may be able to look forward later to more rewarding rewards.

After six months, the card will offer you the possibility of a higher credit limit. A higher credit limit is good for building credit. It can also help your credit utilization (your credit limit divided by your balance). The better the utilization rate is, the more advantageous it is.

There is no foreign transaction fee. It’s also a Mastercard, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding merchants who accept it abroad.

Read our editorial review to decide if the Platinum Mastercard(r) from Capital One(r) is suitable for you.

Best for those with no credit: Petal(r), 2 Visa(r), Credit Card

Here’s why: The PETAL(r) 2 Visa (r) Credit Card eliminates credit Catch-22: You need a credit record to be approved for credit, but you cannot establish credit without credit.

The card issuer will consider your financial responsibility if you have never used credit before. This makes it an excellent first credit card.

The Petal(r), 2 Visa(r), and Credit Card allow you to connect your bank accounts to see how much you earn and how you spend it. You will be approved if the issuer considers you a good match based on your financial management.

Once you are approved, you may be eligible for credit limits of $500-10,000. The card comes with no fees.

You can access your account via the Petal(r), 2 Visa(r), and Credit Card apps. It also displays how much interest you will pay on purchases if your balance is not paid in full each month. This app can help you manage your finances and even build your credit.

You can earn cash back rewards while working on your credit score with the Petal(r), and 2 Visa(r). Credit Card. You can get 1% cashback on all purchases from the moment your account is opened. After 12 timely payments, you could also earn as much as 1.5% cashback.

To learn more, read the editorial review of Petal(r), 2 Visa(r), and Credit Card.

These cards: How did we pick them?

While many credit cards are easier to approve, some charge prohibitive fees and limit the amount you can use them. We focused our efforts on credit cards to help you build your credit without draining your bank account.

We focused on cards that have low annual fees or none, reward you with no restrictions, and allow you to build your credit history.

How to get the most out of credit cards that are easier to approve

Although these credit cards are easy to obtain, they should not be kept for too long. You can use your card to build your credit history once you have it. To avoid interest, make sure you pay your bills on time each month.

To maintain a high credit utilization rate, you should keep your balance low. This can be done by not using your card as often as possible or making multiple monthly payments.

An unsecured card can be applied for if you have good credit and high credit scores.


security deposit required

restaurants on up to 1,000

gas stations and restaurants

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