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VR Prescription Lenses

VR Prescription Lenses

VR prescription lenses are specifically designed to be installed in a user’s VR headset.

Many VR users report that wearing glasses while using a VR headset can make the experience very uncomfortable.

Others have complained that their glasses scratch the headset’s lenses (or vice versa.)

VR prescription lenses solve both of these issues because they fit directly inside a user’s VR headset, eliminating the need to wear glasses.

Another popular use for these lenses is blue light protection. Many VR lens providers allow users to add a layer of coating to reduce blue light exposure.

What’s next:
VR prescription lenses are part of the VR Accessories meta trend.

The number of people using VR is increasing. In fact, over 14 million units of VR headsets were to be shipped in 2023 alone.

And as VR adoption continues to accelerate, so does the demand for accessories that enhance the VR experience.

Examples of trending VR accessories include:

VR gloves are embedded with haptic technology that enables users to feel what they touch in VR.

VR trackers make it possible to track any real-world object inside a VR environment.

VR mats are usually made up of anti-fatigue foam, and provide positional support.

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