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Trying to find the right hot tub can be confusing and difficult, especially with all of the different types of hot tubs out there.

To help you, we decided to make a guide detailing the various types of hot tubs available on the market so that you can find the one that works best for your needs.

While there are many factors to consider when it comes to finding the right hot tub, the first thing that you need to do is consider the different hot tub choices that you have.

Come with us as we explore the different types of hot tubs available on the market today.

One choice that we recommend to consumers on a budget is the inflatable or portable hot tub.

Inflatable hot tubs come in a wide variety of colors, styles, and sizes.

You can choose all of the top features that best represent your preferences for a top-of-the-line soaking experience.

Portable hot tubs are great because they are very inexpensive compared to their hard shell cousins.

Even with the inflatable design, they are wildly durable. When wooden hot tubs first went out of style, these were developed as a new hot tub alternative.

Beyond the fact that they are inexpensive, they are easy to install thanks to their inflatable design. You can easily deflate them and move them from one location to the next with ease. Other hot tubs can be heavy and awkward to transport. Plus, newer inflatable hot tubs are very energy-efficient, helping to save users money in the long run.

If you’re looking to enhance your life with hot water hydrotherapy for less money, there are plenty of great portable spas to choose from.

One of the best budget-friendly options for those seeking out hydrotherapy is a rotomolded hot tub.

High-end hot tubs can be very expensive and out of reach for many from a financial standpoint.

They might not be as transport-friendly as inflatable models, though when it comes to durability and functionality, they take the cake.

One of the best things about rotomolded hot tubs is that they come with configured seating options so that users can find the best seating positions for a comfortable soaking experience. 

You’ll be able to find the most comfortable position for total relaxation.

It should be noted that these hot tubs are not the best when it comes to energy-efficiency. Also, with a plastic design, they are not as aesthetically pleasing as some high-end hot tub models. Of course, if looks don’t concern you, then these might be a wonderful choice.

Thanks to the fact that they are molded with a single piece of plastic material, they are far less prone to wear and tear.

Wooden Hot Tub

Wooden hot tubs have been around for the longest.

Looking back to ancient times, these models were made with vats or barrels.

Many people used these for personal meditation or relaxation.

Nowadays, they have become the inspiration for a variety of spa manufacturers.

Because manufacturers have gone through improvements in terms of shape and features, they are far more comfortable than they used to be. 

It should be noted that wooden hot tubs come in a few different heating configurations, each of which can change the soaking experience quite a bit.

Some models use electric heaters, some use woodfire heaters, some use gas-powered heaters, and some use a combination of heating sources.

When it comes to wood bathtubs, people love how aesthetically pleasing they are, which is why most people take them on. They have a rustic charm that you can’t get anywhere else. Plus, many models are made with cedar and redwood, providing users with unique aromatherapy benefits as well.

It should be noted that these hot tubs can be quite expensive and incredibly heavy. Typically, a wooden hot tub does not come with the same high-end features as new-age spas, and you’ll need some help assembling them. Plus, there are limitations to the shapes and design choices that you have with wooden hot tubs.

Swim spas are great for those who are looking to invest a bit more in both fitness and relaxation.

These unique models provide users with plenty of room to kick back and soak in hydrotherapy jets or practice full-on swimming exercise routines.

Of course, because of the sizes of these units, you will need a fair amount of surface area compared to a traditional hot tub.

You will also need a solid foundation to support these models even though they are self-contained.

These types of tubs are perfect for those who are looking to float, relax, swim, or exercise. There are plenty of benefits to working out in the water. You can tone your muscles before letting the jets bring them back to a healing state.

While there are many benefits to swim spas besides the ones above, including the fact that you can use them year-round and they are wonderful for large groups or families, the operating costs are quite high, and you will likely need to adjust your backyard landscape to accommodate one.

You’ve likely seen an in-ground hot tub paired with a swimming pool.

The in-ground versions typically require a construction permit and are custom-made to fit with the swimming pool.

Compared to a company-made, store-bought hot tub, you will pay quite a bit to hire a construction company and build out your space.

Of course, these models offer comfort and customization like no other. 

Now, you could say that plug and play hot tubs and portable spas are one and the same, as they overlap depending on the hot tub model.

However, we want to categorize plug-n-play spas in their own category, as we believe their power requirements heavily differentiate them.

Unlike traditional spas, plug-n-play spas utilize 110v power, meaning you can simply plug them into any home outlet and enjoy them right away.

These types of hot tubs are built so that consumers do not have to have any special wiring in their yard..

No matter what style, design, or feature-set you have in your head, you can make it happen with an in-ground model.

One of the beautiful things about in-ground hot tubs compared to portable spas or any of the other spas on this list is that this type of hot tub can blend seamlessly into the landscape of your backyard. If you have your heart set of design and aesthetics, there is no better choice. Plus, an in-ground hot tub can add to the overall value of your home if you ever decide to sell it, as it is a long-term investment.

You won’t have to hire an electrician, yet you’ll still get the same benefits as you’d get with 220v portable spas, including hot tub massaging jets, hot water hydrotherapy, and other unique hot tub options

It should be noted that most plug-n-play hot tubs are soft-sided, meaning you’ll get a very similar experience to an inflatable spa or hot tub.

Other Alternatives

There are other, lesser known, options as well:

Final Thoughts – Finding the Right Type of Hot Tub For Your Needs

As you can see, there are plenty of spa or hot tub options on the market to choose from.

Finding the right type can seem difficult if you don’t understand the features of each.

Start by considering your needs before your budget, and you’ll be able to narrow down your choices much easier.

Once you’ve done that, finding the right type of hot tub or spa will be a piece of cake. 

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