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Whether you’re alone, with that special someone, or enjoying time with friends, nothing is quite as relaxing as a long soak in a hot tub. The soothing jets and warm water ease stress away from both your body and your mind. You have a variety of hot tub manufacturers to choose from, but Sundance is one of the most popular thanks to stellar customer service, quality products, and a variety of models and styles available to match any budget or décor.

Sundance hot tubs come with a variety of features that make them easy to use and care for, including a programmable thermostat, digital controls, and jets spaced throughout the tub – even at the feet. The company categorizes its hot tubs into entry, mid, premium, and luxury levels, and prices them accordingly.

Sundance Spa’s Hot Tub Models

Sundance Spas offers four main hot tub lines, with multiple models in each line.

The 680 series of portable spas range between two- and six-person designs. Since they’re portable, these tubs only need a 120V outlet; no electrical hardwiring required. This series divides its models into Entry Level (Denali, Prado, and Tacoma) and Mid Level (Edison, McKinley, Peyton, and Ramona,).

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Sundance’s 780 series is the manufacturer’s mid-level offering that incorporates classic design with modern technology. These tubs feature a low profile and multiple seating options. The 780 series includes two Mid Level models (Dover and Montclair) and four Premium Level models (Bristol, Hamilton, Hanover, and Chelsee).

Next up is the 880 series, which features adjustable headrests, rotational PowerPro Jets, and a high-back design. Decorative features include a backlit waterfall and premium lighting. The five Premium Level models are the Altamar, Cameo, Capri, Marin, and Optima. There are two offerings in the Luxury Level, Aspen and Maxxus.

Sundance Spa’s luxury line is the 990 series. These hot tubs offer all of the luxury features of previous models paired with stunning design, including exterior cabinetry and decorative lighting that highlights the classic lines of these models. The two models available in the 990 series are the Claremont and the Kingston.

There is one more Sundance line, the Select Series. These hot tubs were designed for the eco-conscious consumer. The two Select Series models – the Constance and the Victoria – offer energy efficiency without reducing jet power. These Premium Level tubs seat between five and six adults.

How Much Does a Sundance Spa Cost?

Sundance Spas offers pricing based on its four main categories. Buyers may choose either immediate purchase or monthly financing.

  • Entry Level: Pricing ranges from around $4,000 to around $7,999. Financing is available starting at $50 per month.
  • Mid Level: Pricing ranges from around $8,000 to around $11,999. Financing starts at around $100 per month.
  • Premium Level: Pricing ranges from around $12,000 to around $15,000. Financing is available from around $150 per month.
  • Luxury Level: Pricing starts at around $16,000 with financing available from $200 per month.

Pricing depends on features, but you also tend to find that the more expensive models are easier to care for, thanks to self-cleaning mechanisms. Expect to pay more for more seats, more jets, and more comfort in general.

  • The 680 Denali starts at around $5,000. It has a classic round shape, seats four, and has 20 jets.
  • The 880 Capri averages around $13,000. It includes decorative lighting, illuminated controls, cabinetry finish, seats two to three people, and has 31 jets.

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