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While you might know a thing or two about hot tubs, you’ve probably never explored the world of stainless steel hot tub models until now. Most hot tubs are made of wood, acrylic, or other hybrid materials.

It wasn’t until Diamond Spas hit the market that the idea to craft a hot tub with stainless steel came into fruition. 

Continue reading as we explore the pros and cons of stainless steel hot tubs so that you can make a more informed buying decision.

Who Is Diamond Spas?

Diamon Spas is the leading manufacturer of high-end spa and swim spa models. However, the company is best known for producing and manufacturing high-performance stainless steel pools and spas.

Benefits of a Stainless Steel Hot Tub

If you ask the team over at Diamond Spas, they’ll tell you that they believe stainless steel is one of the best materials for spa building.

Why is that, you ask?

For starters, stainless steel has unmatched durability that you won’t find on other spas.

 It will never fade or crack regardless of your environment. Beyond that, stainless steel spas are TIG welded, keeping them free from leaks.

Another great thing about stainless steel is that it is ultra-resistant to bacteria, making it one of the most sanitary options around. Those who prioritize design above all else will love the fact that stainless steel blends in seamlessly with most landscaping. The combination of warm tones you get with natural foliage and stone set back from a gorgeous stainless steel hot tub is quite appealing.

The last main thing to consider is that these stainless steel spas are eco-friendly in design. Unlike spas made of plastics or wood, a stainless steel spa is 100% recyclable. You can make a considerable return on your investment when you’re done using your custom stainless steel spa, all while keeping it from taking up room in the landfill.

Speaking of sustainability…

Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Design

Diamond Spas is the top manufacturer when it comes to stainless steel pools and spas. Every stainless steel spa and swimming pool in the lineup chlorine-free, reducing the amount of chlorine that gets discharged into the environment.

Every custom stainless steel spa in the Diamon Spas lineup is made using recycled sheet metal, meaning the shells from these spas can be recycled when done. You won’t find this level of sustainability from any other manufacturer out there, which is a key selling point.

Flexible Design

We all like to be the masters of our own space. When working with stainless steel, you can be. Diamond Spas stainless steel spas can be manipulated to fit perfectly in your backyard environment. No matter what you are looking for in terms of water features, and no matter the size or shape of your property, Diamond Spas can craft a luxury stainless steel spa or copper hot tub to fit your needs.

Great For Residential, Even Better for Commercial

Sure, stainless steel spas are great for residential properties, though they are even better for commercial properties. This is all thanks to their durable, hygienic, and lightweight properties. A stainless steel spa can handle all of the abuse that comes from commercial use, making it perfect for hotels, resorts, and recreational facilities.

No matter the design of your commercial property, you can create a unique, high-performance spa with all of the best features.

Thanks to the durability of stainless steel spas, they do not require the same amount of maintenance as traditional spas. Low maintenance costs mean that you’ll save a good deal of money in the long run, offsetting the initial cost of a stainless steel spa.

Plus, Diamond Spas can customize any stainless steel spa design to make it fit perfectly within the space. This stainless steel spa manufacturer works with plenty of different clients, including custom home builders, architects, interior designers, and homeowners. They pride themselves on not putting limitations on the design process, allowing users to choose the features that they want to include, whether building a spa, swim spa, swimming pool, or bathtub.

Building a Custom Stainless Steel Spa

When it comes to stainless steel spa customization, we can’t think of a company that does it better than Diamond Spas.

Whether you’re looking into luxury stainless steel pools, stainless steel swim spas, or regular stainless steel spas, they’ve got you covered.

No matter the size of the property, they have the ability to design the unit to fit perfectly within the dimensions of the space.

There are plenty of water features you can add to your custom stainless steel spa as well, including water jets and LED lighting. You can choose where you want to place the jets as well, delivering the perfect, customized hydrotherapy experience.

Beyond manufacturing spas with stainless steel, Diamond Spas also manufactures spas made with copper.

A copper spa is a great alternative to a stainless steel spa with many of the same characteristics, though uniquely earthier features.

If you know anything about this unique metal, you probably know that it has been an integral part of the plumbing trade for many decades.

There is a good reason for that.

Just as copper plumbing can seemingly last a lifetime, so can copper spas and swim spas. A copper spa blends in beautifully with just about any outdoor space thanks to its earthy and dark brown colors.

Plus, very similar to a stainless steel spa, a copper spa has a clean hygienic makeup, great for those who don’t want to deal with additional spa maintenance.

Copper, like stainless steel, is a very malleable metal, meaning you’ll retain the ability to design a high-performance spa that fits with your spatial needs.

Final Thoughts – Should You Buy a Stainless Steel Spa?

If you’re looking for durability, performance, and design above all else, we highly recommend looking into getting your own custom stainless steel spa or swimming pool installed in your backyard.

You won’t find the kind of durability that stainless steel can offer anywhere else. Plus, compared to other spa models made with acrylic or wood, the lack of necessary maintenance will give you the luxury to enjoy your spa without having to think about having to clean it or care for it every five minutes.

Beyond all of that, you can’t beat the natural and seamless blending relationship that stainless steel pools have with just about any setting. Whether you live on a rooftop in Manhattan or a log cabin in Lake Tahoe, your spa will feel like it was meant to be there.

When all is said and done, the hype is justified. Stainless steel is an excellent choice for bringing an element of luxury into just about any property.

To see all your options, take a look at our types of hot tubs page. 

If you’re thinking about buying your own stainless steel spa, fill out the form below with your preferences. We provide local quotes so that you can get the best deal out there.

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