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While some people think of hot tubs as outdoor party equipment, others enjoy the serene and peaceful characteristics that hot tubs have to offer. For those people, we recommend one-person hot tubs. The beauty of a hot tub that can only fit one person is that its made for quiet and relaxation by design.

Whether you’re looking to take advantage of the massage benefits that only hydrotherapy can provide or just enjoy some time to yourself after a busy day at the office, come with us as we explore some of the best one-person hot tubs on the market today.

Those looking for true comfort and power in a one-person hot tub might want to check out the Hudson bay 1-Person Hot Tub.

This convenient and portable hot tub gives consumers all of the best components of a standard hot tub with the slim installation costs of a plug and play spa.

The hot tub has been cleverly engineered with the jets sitting in the proper locations to provides users with the best spa experience they could ask for. 

The hot tub combines the jet system with powerful, warm-water streams to target the right areas on the neck, back, and shoulders.

This smaller model comes with a beautiful backlit waterfall as well, which helps to add a bit of ambiance to the backyard space. The Hudson Bay 1-Person Hot Tub is a top choice for anyone who wants a traditional hot tub experience for one person.

Aleko Natural Pine Hot Tub

The Aleko Natural Pine Hot Tub is the perfect choice for a more organic outdoor setting with its beautiful, multi-functional design.

It can transform just about any backyard setting into an relaxing oasis. The natural pine finish allows it to blend into any natural setting seamlessly.

The Aleko Natural Pine Hot Tub is quite unique in that it is charcoal-heated. 

With a unique, indigenous design, the charcoal heating system assures that users do not waste any energy. Users can even use the charcoal stove attached to the side to prepare a meal while the tub heats up.

Overall, the spa takes about two to three hours to heat up completely, which is pretty impressive compared to other spas on the market, which can easily take up to 24 hours to heat up to full temperature.

At 132 gallons, this one-person hot tub stays true to a portable size. While it might not have all of the fancy features of a traditional hot tub, it makes up for it with a serene design.

Those looking to get in tune with their natural, rustic aesthetic might enjoy this lightweight and affordable spa.

Nordic Hot Tubs Bella MS

Nordic Hot Tubs is best known for crafting high-quality hot tubs and spas that can withstand harsh weather environments.

The Bella MS is the smallest model in the brand’s lineup. While it is technically a two-person hot tub, at only 34.5″ wide, it makes for the perfect one-person model.

It comes complete with Nordic’s Dual Therapy System, which combines targeted direct pressure massage jets with high-volume whirlpool flow. 

Users can get the best massage experience they could ask for. For high-power water flow at low speeds, it utilizes a 110v/220v convertible pump.

Those looking to make an investment upgrade might consider adding the Northern Lighting Package option, which provides unique LED sconce lighting, an LED backlit Nordic Cascade waterfall, LED-lit rotational jets, and more. The LED lights help add to the overall ambiance of the backyard setting.

Of course, the Ozonator cleaning system is well worth mentioning too. This water care system helps to destroy bacteria and biodegradable materials, keeping water clear, clean, and pure at all times.

Those looking for a true one-person hot tub might want to look into the 1-Person Whirlpool Massage Spa. 

With a similar look to a bathtub, it is the perfect choice for indoor installation.

This particular model comes with 11 bubble jets, three back jets, and five adjustable massage jets.

For heating, this one-person hot tub uses an inline water heater.

Users can control the hot tub with the upgrade Bluetooth control panel.

The control panel can adjust the water temperature, water jets, underwater LED lights, and more.

 For a bit of added comfort, the brand decided to add a soft, padded, and waterproof pillow. It is the perfect one-person hot tub for those looking to create an indoor getaway.

MURO Portable Tub

Traditional hot tubs can be quite expensive. Sometimes, the features and options just seem to pile on endlessly, making a fair amount of these hot tubs impractical for the average buyer.

MURO decided to do something different with its portable inflatable hot tub.

This simple inflatable hot tub has comfortable setting for one person and inflates in a matter of minutes.

It can be used both indoors and outdoors thanks to the three-layer material, which helps retain water heat better than most inflatable hot tubs out there.

To drain, users can attach a hose to the 1M outlet. For added durability, there are six rods built into this inflatable hot tub. People who don’t have a bathtub at home, yet have been dreaming of a way to enjoy a personal soak, might enjoy this inexpensive inflatable hot tub.

Finding the Best 1-Person Hot Tub

1-Person hot tubs can be surprisingly hard to find, as most of the major brands build smaller spas that fit up to two people.

However, a smaller size might be necessary depending on the available space.

This is where finding a hot tub for 1 person can help.

There are plenty of considerations to make when looking for the perfect hot tub. Some people might be looking for a tub with the most water jets while other people might be looking for the tub that is inflatable and portable. 

The prices between these two types of tubs can change pretty drastically, so it is important to compare features and decide what is most important to prioritize.

Consider the hot tubs on this list, as they are some of the highest-quality tubs on the market for the specific needs of most consumers. Or check out our small hot tubs page to see 2, 3 and 4 person hot tubs.

When you’re ready to buy, don’t waste any time trawling through hot tub pricing information. Rather, click on the button below to access our free questionnaire and get multiple quotes based on your ideal hot tub setup!

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