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A guide to Master Spas top models and pricing

A winner of the Hot Tub Industry’s “Inspire Award” and a main player in the industry for more than nine decades, Master Spas, insist their knowledge and expertise in the ‘home resort’ industry is unrivalled. Their hot tubs appeal to high-end luxury home and hotel market as well as families looking for boisterous backyard fun.

Professional customer service

An international company, serving America and Europe, Master Spas is proud of their positive customer service reputation and offerings. This includes a lengthy guarantee with every hot tub purchased and a friendly non-automated advice line. This irons out any installation and on-going maintenance difficulties, whether purchased directly or from a dealer franchise.

Master Spa hot tub models

The diverse Master Spas range is aimed at those who aren’t averse to treating themselves to a little luxury now and then. In fact, the Indiana-based outfit’s hot tub and master spa offerings all fall into the “upmarket” category.

The Twilight Series of hot tubs and accessories in particular are designed to create the ‘wow’ factor – and that’s just on looks alone. The first class hydrotherapy jets, Orion lighting and deluxe sound system – not to mention quality master craftsmanship – are all guaranteed to make a home spa purchase feel like your best idea ever.

Clarity Spas provide an ergonomic option in terms of seating. There are also up to 55 adjustable massage jets for the ultimate underwater massage therapy.

Healthy Living hot tubs unique offering includes the benefits of bio-magnetic therapy. This soothes painful conditions such as arthritis and back problems; no surprise it appeals particularly to elderly individuals or those looking to take the concept of relaxation into a whole other sphere.

Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spas are great for either fitness or family fun. The unique shape of the spa makes the tub ideal to swim in while the rowing kit and resistance bands provide further exercise opportunity. Kids will love the waterfalls created by the manufacturer’s clever Wave Propulsion Technology.

The Michael Phelps Legend Series is for the modern home owner who wants his/her outdoors to look as contemporary and stylish as the interior of the property. The spa’s customized seating and powerful Master Blaster jets are perfect for reflexology therapy while the Orbit Jets provide a lovely all-over body massage.

The H2X Jetted Swim & Fitness Spa range allows homeowners the indulgence of their own backyard underwater gym. For instance, there is the option to add a stainless steel bike and treadmill to your workout session as well as other accessories such as pulleys for arm toning.

Before you decide which hot tub or portable spa is likely to meet you and your family’s needs, take a look at recent Master Spas pricing received by our users:

“I purchased a TS 240 (3 person, 26 jets), from Master Spas, for $5,500.” – Steve, from Cedar, Michigan

“Bought a Twilight 8.3 Series from Master Spas (6 person, 50 jets), and paid $9,500.” – Chris, from Huntington Station, New York

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