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On May 13, 2015

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Leisure Bay Spas

Leisure Bay Spas has been building hot tubs for over thirty years and has a range of hot tubs built on quality and new innovations in the hot tub market. In the Elite series Leisure Bay Spas boasts 4 different models the Niagara, Hatteras, Cordova, and Harbor Cove. The Celebrity series has the following five models to choose from the Tonga, Santo, Hilo, Adirondack, and Galaxy.

The Cover Guy custom makes replacement Leisure Bay Spas hot tub covers for all of the above .

Leisure Bay Hot Tub Error Codes

These are the error codes and display messages that a Leisure Bay Spa may display, along with what they mean and the action required:

Click here for the Leisure_Bay_Spas_owners_Manual

Message Meaning Action Required
Means there is no message to display. The power was shut off to the hot tub. GFCI breaker is still on, however, control panel displays  blank. Fuse(s) to system is/are blown. The hot tub control panel is automatically disabled until return of power, but the system will function to reset the time of day of each time of power-up. Hot tub settings will be preserved.  Contact your store for the unit to be serviced.
      ——- Stands for Temperature unknown. This happens when you initially start your hot tub. After the pump and system has been operating approximately 2 minutes, you will see the temperature displayed.
         HH “Overheat” – The spa hot tub shuts down. The sensors have detected 118°F  or greater in the heater. DO NOT ENTER THE WATER. Remove the spa hot tub cover and let the water cool down. After the heater has cooled down, you must reset by pushing any of the topside buttons. If your spa hot tub does not reset, shut the power off on the spa and call a dealer or service person.
         OH “Overheat” – The leisure bay spas shuts down for this error. Also, the sensors will detect that the hot tub water is 110°F or greater. DO NOT ENTER THE WATER. Remove the spa hot tub hard cover and allow water to cool off. Once the spa cools down to 107°F, the tub should reset on its own. If the hot tub does not reset, turn off the power to the spa and call your dealer or service company.
         IC “Ice” – This is a Potential freeze condition detected No action is required at this time. The pump and blower will activate regardless of spa status during this error.
         SA The Spa is shut down or the sensor that is plugged into the Sensor “A” jack is not operational. If the problem does not go away, contact your dealer or service company. (This error may show temporarily in an overheat error and stop when the heater cools down.)
         SY The Spa is shut down. Also, the sensor that is plugged into the Sensor “B” jack is not operational. If the problem does not go away, contact your dealer or service company. (May appear temporarily in an overheat error and stop when the heater cools down.)
         Sn Sensors are out of balance or not working properly. If alternating with spa temperature display, it may just be temporary. Also, if flashing by on its own, the spa will shut down. If the error continues, contact your dealer or service company.
          HL A difference between temperature and the sensors is detected. This could be a flow problem. Check the water levels in tub. Top up if needed. If the water level is okay, check to see if the pumps are primed. If the error persists, contact your dealer or service company.
          LF Continuous low flow. (Displays on the fifth occurrence of “HL” error within a 24 hour cycle.) Heater is shut down, but other spa functions may continue to run normally. Follow steps required for “HL” message. Heating capability of the spa will not reset automatically; you may press any button on the topside to reset the tub.
          dr Possible low water levels, poor flow, or air bubbles are detected in the heater. Also, the Spa hot tub will shut down for 15 minutes. Check water level in hot tub. Top up if necessary. If water level is okay, check to see if the pumps are primed. Press any button on the topside control to reset, or the message will automatically reset within 15 minutes. If problem still remains, contact your dealer or service company.
          dy Inadequate water detected in heater. (Displays on third occurrence of “dr” message.) leisure bay spas is shut down. Follow action required for “dr” error. Spa will not automatically reset. Press any button to reset.
 Spa Mode ST Your spa is preset to this mode. This mode operates the heater whenever needed to maintain the programmed spa water temperature. (See Temperature Adjustment).
 Spa Mode EC This mode operates the heater only during programmed Heating Cycles (See “Setting Heating Cycles” below). Also, this mode is ideal for areas that charge a premium for electricity during peak hours. This mode will maintain the thermostat setting. If it does not reach the thermostat setting, you may have to allow for more heating time by increasing the Heating Cycles.
 Spa Mode SL This mode works in the same manner as the Economy Mode except the thermostat setting is automatically lowered by 20 degrees. This mode is best suited for extended leaves from home and also when it is not important to maintain constant water temperature, such as vacations or business trips.

Click here for the Leisure_Bay_Spas_owners_Manual

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