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You probably don’t spend a ton of time thinking about your hot tub filters, and we don’t blame you! Because they’re not in direct sight, it’s easy to forget that they’re there!

However, it’s crucial to clean hot tub filters if you want to keep your hot tub clean! By keeping your filters clean, you keep your hot tub clean, which allows for a far more relaxing soak in the long run!

Come dive in with us as we explore how to clean your hot tub filters quickly and easily!

How To Clean A Hot Tub Filter

Using Hot Tub Filter Cleaning Solution

Before you dive in, you’ll want to check your spa manual, especially if this is your first time cleaning the hot tub filters. Your manual should give you the location of your hot tub filters, as well as directions so that you can safely remove them.

Start by preparing your spa filter cleaning solution. Get your solution ready so that you can quickly dunk your filter in it once you remove it from your hot tub. 

It’s essential that you use a bucket of solution that is large enough for your filter to be completely submerged. There are many types of spa cleaning solutions out there, so it’s important to do your research to determine which one is right for your hot tub size, materials, and chemicals.

Turn your hot tub off before you start! Your hot tub mustn’t be running when you don’t have a filter in it, as you could clog the pumps and create problems with your water.

Once you’re ready, you can remove the filter and check for any damage. Discoloration or rips and tears mean that it might be time to replace your hot tub filter altogether. If it’s not damaged, just dirty, you can begin the cleaning process.

Give your filter a rinse with your garden hose to remove any noticeable dirt and grime buildup.

PRO TIP: Never use a high-pressure washer to clean your filter, as it could damage the pleats. Instead, use a faucet or garden hose with a gentle stream of water.

Open up each of the pleats and look for debris that you can remove by hand, including leaves, sticks, or hair.

Once you’ve removed any larger debris, you can soak your filter in your hot tub filter cleaner. However, to truly get your filter clean, we recommend allowing it to soak overnight.

After the filter is done soaking, take it out of the filter cleaner and spray it down with water to remove any cleaning solution residue. If the filter is clean, allow it to dry before putting it back in the hot tub.

PRO TIP: Before replacing, wear rubber gloves to protect your hands from harmful cleaning solutions.

Cleaning A Hot Tub Filter With Bleach

The good news is you don’t need a specialized chemical solution. Instead, you can simply clean your filter with household bleach!

To get clean hot tub filters using bleach, cover your filters with five gallons of hot water mixed with 1/4 cup f bleach. Allow your filters to soak for a few hours.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Never let your filters soak for longer than two hours in bleach, as it could ruin them.

How To Clean A Hot Tub Filter In The Dishwasher

Hot tub owners often think they can get a more thorough cleaning by using a dishwasher to wash their filters. However, dishwashers are often far too harsh for the material found on filters. Plus, since dishwashers can’t get between the pleats, they wouldn’t be able to deliver a proper clean anyway.

Dishwashers blast out hot water at very high speeds, which can damage the pleats in your filter, forcing you to buy a new one. 

Trying to clean a filter in your dishwasher can also leave behind the chemical residue from your hot tub water all over your dishes inside.

The same thing goes for trying to clean your filter in a washing machine. Washing machines roll and tumble clothing, which is great for fabrics, as rolling and tumbling can clean fibers by airing them out. However, you can damage the soft materials on your filter by throwing them in your washing machine.

How Long Do Hot Tub Filters Last?

Hot tub filters generally last for one year if you use your hot tub regularly and don’t clean them. On the other hand, if you’re consistent when cleaning your spa filter and don’t use your hot tub very frequently, it could last up to two years.

The overall lifespan of a spa filter depends on a few variables, including:

  • How often you remove and clean it
  • How frequently you maintain chemical balance
  • The quality of the hot tub filter

There are so many different filters for hot tubs out there, which is why you must read reviews to determine whether or not they work and are made with quality materials.

How Often Should I Clean My Hot Tub Filter?

Generally speaking, it’s a good idea to give your filter a rinse with a garden hose about every three weeks or so. On top of that, you’ll want to give it a good chemical soak every three months, which will keep your hot tub water clean and extend the lifespan of your filter.

What Solution Is Best For Soaking My Hot Tub Filter?

If you want to do the best chemical soak possible for your hot tub filters to keep them nice and clean, you should use a specifically designed solution for filters. These solutions are good enough to remove unwanted bacteria without stripping the materials from your filter.

It’s best to use warm water with your solution, as it makes the process much faster. However, if you opt for cold water, it’s important to let your filter soak for at least 24 hours before replacing it.

The Do’s & Don’ts Of Replacing Hot Tub Filters

After years of working with hot tubs, we can tell you some important do’s and don’ts that we’ve learned along the way:


  • Allow your filter to dry before you replace it
  • Replace your filter if it has rips, tears, or other damage
  • Keep your hot tub filter clean to extend its lifespan
  • Wear rubber gloves when handling cleaning solutions


  • Wash your hot tub filters in the washing machine or dishwasher
  • Leave your hot tub running without a filter
  • Leave your hot tub filter cartridge soaking in bleach for more than two hours
  • Use a high-pressure washer to clean your hot tub’s filters.

Should I Use A Hot Tub Cleaning Wand?

Hot tub cleaning wands are unique hand-operated vacuums that make it much easier to clean out unwanted dirt and debris from your filter screen.

We highly recommend getting a hot tub cleaning wand if you’re planning on buying a new hot tub!

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