how long should you stay in a hot tub

It is important to understand that, like with anything, hot tubs have their limits.

The last thing you want to do is risk having a health issue because you overstayed your welcome in the hot tub.

Come dive in as we take you through all of the considerations that you should have when deciding how long you should stay in the hot tub.


Stay In A Hot Tub Too Long And You May Face These Health Risks

Like we said before, there are many benefits when it comes to spending time in the hot tub, though staying in for too long can actually have negative effects on your health. The reason is that the water temperature inside a hot tub is much higher than your average body temperature. 

Due to the fact that your core temperature is so much lower, keeping your body in the hot tub for too long can increase the risk of experiencing negative symptoms, such as dizziness, light-headedness, nausea, and more. This is especially true for those with high blood pressure or other heart-related issues.

Keeping Track Of Your Time In The Tub

On average, health experts recommend limiting your hot tub usage to 30 minutes regularly, though anywhere from 15-30 minutes can provide you with the relaxation and hydrotherapy benefits your body might be looking for. 

Of course, the time is dependent on a few factors, one of which is the water temperature. If you keep your water temperature fairly low in your hot tub, you may be able to extend the length of your soak session. It is much better to shorten your sessions and do multiple per day instead of trying to push through one long soak session. 

Thing To Consider When Deciding On The Length Of Your Session


Water temperatures in hot tubs typically average around 100 degrees to 102 degrees Fahrenheit, though some tubs can go as high as 104 degrees. The hot tub temperature that your tub is set to completely depends on your temperature preference. 

If you are someone who likes to soak at very high water temperatures, we highly recommend shortening your hot tub sessions. 

Temperature Outside

Beyond water temperature, not many are aware that the temperature outside can greatly impact their ability to stay in the hot tub for longer. If the weather is fairly cold outside, the cold acts as a balancing mechanism for the hot water to help your body cool while it is in the hot tub. On the other hand, it may not be safe (or comfortable) to soak in hot water when temperatures are fairly hot.


On average, the majority of adults will be able to stay in the hot tub anywhere from 15-45 minutes depending on the temperature factors listed above. However, it is very important that adults make sure their children aren’t soaking for too long. 

The people over at the APSP recommend that children who are old enough to be in the hot tub should only stay in the hot tub for five minutes at a time. The time using a hot tub should never exceed more than 20 minutes.


If you have health problems that could interfere with your ability to safely use the hot tub, such as a heart condition, high blood pressure, etc., we highly recommend speaking to a health professional before following any of our advice on hot tubs. The last thing you want is to heighten your risk of health problems due to a negative hot tub experience. 

It is also important to be aware of your body at all times when you are in the hot tub. If you are ever beginning to feel dizzy or nauseous, then it is time to exit the hot tub. 

Thing To Avoid When In The Hot Tub

There are certain things that we often see people doing when in the hot tub that we highly recommend against due to safety hazards. Here are a few things that you should never do while spending time in the hot tub:

  • Use electronic devices such as phones or laptops
  • Consume alcohol
  • Take medication that causes drowsiness
  • Enter the hot tub if you have burns or open wounds on your body

Are Hot Tubs Safe?

Hot tubs can be safe if they are used properly. Hot tubs can provide a wide variety of benefits from health to entertainment. Of course, you want to make sure that you follow our above recommendations, as well as the manufacturer recommendations that come with your hot tub manual.

So, How Long Should You Be In The Hot Tub?

For most situations, we recommend limiting your hot tub sessions to 30 minutes at a time. While you may not necessarily feel the negative effects of soaking in the hot tub for too long, it is much better to play it safe than to risk these adverse effects.

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