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There are numerous seating options available in today’s hot tubs. This guide breaks down the options.

One clever way to customize your hot tub and make the most out of your investment is in your selection of hot tub seats to offer guests even more comfort with each soak. Yes, even the most basic hot tubs come with countless seating options and accessories that can improve both style and support.

What types of hot tub seats are available?

Before making a final decision in a hot tub, take it for a test drive in the show room. While a retailer won’t likely allow you to soak in a model hot tub in your bathing suit, you can still sit back and relax in an empty spa to determine if the seats are a good fit.

Some popular styles of spa seats on the market include:

  • Bench. A standard hot tub may come equipped with a bench seat to support your back while your feet sit comfortably on the spa floor. Bench seats are often preferred since they may come with built-in hot tub jets for added relaxation in use.
  • Booster. Most spa seats are designed for the average height and body type; if you’re on the shorter side, you can use an additional booster seat to compensate. Weighted spa boosters are recommended to help you keep your head above water.
  • Pivot. Believe it or not, hot tub seats can be specially designed to allow you to pivot comfortably in the water. A pivoting seat will help you to change position to better access hydrotherapy jets or reach for a drink on the side of the tub.
  • Lounger. A luxurious model of hot tub seat is the spa lounger that will allow you to soak in a reclined position. Does it get any better than that? Dual lounger models will offer two seats that recline side by side for you and a guest.
  • Head Rest: Many spa models today include built-in pillows for added comfort; bolted pillows are recommended to keep them in place and prevent floating when jets are on.
  • Therapy. Some hot tub models are built with specialized comprehensive therapy seats designed to allow jets to hit certain parts of the body for massage. Before purchasing, check that the size and placement of jets in a therapy seat are to your liking to get the most out of your soak.
  • Cool Down: At the end of a long, luxurious hot tub session, a lifted cool down seat can be used to elevate your body above the spa water line to help you acclimate before exiting the tub.

When you think about the fact that your hot tub is the place that you’re going to spend a large amount of R&R time in the evenings and on weekends, your seat choice can help to support your comfort in each soak. Taking the time to test out spa seats before making a purchase will allow you to select the right seat model for you and your guests.

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