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Why Is My Hot Tub Broken & What Will It Cost to Fix It?

Just like everything else around the house, hot tubs break down or require repair from time to time. Parts wear out with use and age, requiring service or replacement. Even the best quality hot tubs require occasional maintenance.

Hot tub repair prices vary widely depending on the nature of the repair. Service calls start at about $200 and range upwards of $2,000. Read on to learn more about the cost of specific repairs.

About Hot Tub Repair

Not sure what’s wrong with your hot tub? Here are some common problems and their telltale symptoms and/or causes:

  • Faulty pump or seals – If your spa is making a whining or humming noise, the pump is likely the problem. Sometimes the pump can be rebuilt; other times it needs to be replaced. If there are leaks around the pump, chances are the seals need to be replaced.
  • Spa won’t turn on – This is often an electrical problem relating to your wiring, heating source, fuses or thermostat. The problem could be minor, but you’ll likely need to hire an electrician.
  • Too little or too much heat – This is also typically an electrical problem.
  • Erratic/broken/faulty jets – If you have hard water, that’s more than likely the cause of the problem. If not, the filter or pump could be to blame.
  • Erratic blower speed – Once again, this is likely an electrical problem. Chances are, the problem is related to your motor or pump.
Hot Tub Repair

Cost of Hot Tub Repair

Most repairmen won’t come out for less than $200, even if the repair is small. On the high end, you could spend $1,000 or more if you have complex electrical problems or several problems that need to be addressed.

  • A new thermostat costs $40-$50, not including labor, which usually runs $80-$120 per hour.
  • A new high-limit switch costs $20-$30 plus labor.
  • Replacement jets are about $75 each plus labor.
  • Heating system repairs often run $100-$300.
  • Pump repair or replacement costs $200-$500.
  • Control system repairs can cost anywhere from $300-$1,000.
  • Electrical work tends to cost $300-$1,000 as well.
  • Ozonator service (repairing the ozone purification system) costs about $100-$200 and is typically necessary every three years.
  • Vessel (shell) leaks often cost $250-$1,000 to repair. However, if you have a fully-foamed cabinet, the price can be much higher because it is more difficult to get to the shell. In that case, repair is typically not cost effective.
  • Spa cover replacement usually costs $250-$500.

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