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Installing a hot tub may be more complex than you imagine. Find out exactly what to expect.

Although there are a number of videos online covering DIY hot tub installation, industry experts and manufacturers recommend that you don’t go it alone. The primary reason is because hot tub installation can pose a potential danger when lifting heavy equipment and dealing with electrical configurations.

Unless you have such experience or the help of a friend that happens to be an electrician, it’s best to pay for installation upon purchase or hire a contractor to do the job for you.

What does basic hot tub installation entail?

Standard hot tub installation requires:

  • Electrical circuit
  • Gas line
  • Hot tub pad

In order for a hot tub to sit on a solid foundation, it must be assembled on a concrete pad with a supporting hot tub pad layered on top. This type of foundation is critical because uneven settling under a hot tub can cause leakage and damage to the spa over time.

Depending on the model, a hot tub will also require connection to a 20 amp/240 V circuit with a green insulated ground wire and white neutral wire to meet code requirements. National electric codes dictate that hot tub wiring is encased in a metal conduit with a disconnection switch a visible distance from the hot tub pump.

A hot tub will connect to a gas line with a 100 K BTU heater; if a larger heater is used to heat a bigger spa, a larger gas line will be required. A gas line always calls for professional sizing and installation.

What makes up hot tub installation cost?

Clearly, hot tub installation is an expert task that shouldn’t be left in the hands of amateurs for safety purposes.

If you aren’t skilled in hot tub installation,

it’s best to pay for a professional installation package from a

manufacturer or contractor that may include:

  • Cost of tub – A standard two-person hot tub could cost

    as little as $4000, up to $8000 or more for a six person tub.
  • Cost of labor/delivery – Most dealers quote hot tub

    installation labor and delivery prices at 5% to 10% of the total

    hot tub cost.
  • Cost of foundation – Building a level foundation on a

    concrete pad for a hot tub could cost from $1000-$3000.
  • Electrical outlet installation – An electric outlet that

    needs to be hardwired at the site of a hot tub could cost from


And the fun doesn’t stop there – hot tub owners estimate

that it can cost $20-$40 a month for basic electricity, plus up

to $300 a year in annual cleaning, maintenance, and chemical

treatments. Before making a major purchase decision in a new spa

for entertainment and relaxation, take the time to calculate how

much it will cost to install and operate year after year.

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