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Finding that perfect gift for a friend or loved one is not easy, but if they have a hot tub—problem solved. This guide contains some of my favorite finds for funny gifts for spa owners.

From personalized signs to floating wine glasses, these carefully picked gift ideas will make your friends love their hot tubs even more (and of course, you too!), so browse through the list and pick a gift that’s as personal as it is thoughtful.

1. Floating Solar Lights

These colorful solar lights are beautiful to look at and add another dimension to a hot tub space. They are fully solar-powered, so they do not use any electricity or batteries; instead, they soak up the sun’s rays through the day—and at night they turn into a show of color for you to enjoy.

Watching the colorful orbs while submerged in warm water is blissfully relaxing and just what you need after a long day at work. But kids will love these even more!

These floating lights are convenient and safe. They won’t blow out of the tub during strong wind due to their weighted bottom. Each light orb can be set either to a solid color or have the lights cycle through a range of color changes, depending on your mood.

2. Spa-themed signs and wall plaques

Wall plaques are fun, unique, and a great addition to hang near a hot tub. They can add a little humor or set the mood for the hot tub area. They also offer just the right amount of personalization to show you’re a considerate friend.

The funny phrases on these plaques will bring a smile to your friend’s face every time they use their hot tub. We’ve chosen three that we love, but there are others out there, so you can choose the one that you know will appeal to your friend—or make them laugh the loudest.

Welcome To Our Hot Tub

This is such a cute sign, and you can personalize it with your friend’s name. Adding a recipient’s name to a gift shows that you really care about that person! There’s no better way to present a unique gift to an old friend. The signs are quality, handcrafted, and available in several colors to match the hot tub decor.

Clothing Optional

For those with a wicked sense of humor, this sign will be a great gift. It will brighten up your hot tub space with its wit and humor. This sign is bold, bright, easy to hang, and printed with long-lasting ultra-durable ink. It’s suitable to be hung indoors or outdoors, so this plaque is sure to be durable and versatile.

We Don’t Skinny Dip We Chunky Dunk

Everyone laughs at this meme, and it’s so appropriate for a hot tub owner—so gift it already! This sign will work perfectly for both male and female friends, and it can become a hilarious icebreaker or conversation starter at parties. Putting it up next to your friend’s hot tub will ensure fun and laughter when you all hang out together.

3. Hot Tub Themed T-Shirt

If you know your friend well, why not venture into buying them a T-shirt with a message to let them express their love for their hot tub?

“You can’t buy happiness, but you CAN buy a hot tub and that’s pretty much the same thing!” is a relatable feeling for all kinds hot tub owners, new and old alike. It’s a fun and practical gift in one.

Of course, if you’re not sure what size your friend wears, you may want to stay clear of this one—there’s nothing that will end a friendship faster than receiving a T-shirt that is too tight!

4. Waterproof Playing Cards

Hot tubs are not only for relaxing—they can also be a great place for fun and games. There’s no better way to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon in the hot tub with the family, then playing your favorite card games.

These Hoyle playing cards are totally waterproof and float on top of the water, so there’s no danger of ending up with a soggy mess before the hand is won.

The cards are printed on premium clear plastic card stock. They’re flexible and easy to shuffle too. So whether you’re into Rummy or playing Hearts, this deck will make a great gift that the whole family can enjoy.

5. Floating Wine Glasses

This is the ultimate gift for a girlfriend—or a couple who enjoy regular date nights in the hot tub. A set of two unbreakable wine glasses that float on top of the water will elevate your hot tub experience to absolute bliss.

The glasses are made of plastic, making them unbreakable. No danger of cutting yourself on broken glass in the tub. The long stems give that feel of a “real” wineglass, and their ability to float prevents any hot tub water from mixing in with the wine.

Ahhh, a relaxing glass of wine in the hot tub… an absolute pleasure!

6. Poop Emoji Chemical Floater

A floating chemical dispenser for a spa may not seem like the most imaginative idea for a gift, but the poop emoji design adds a sense of cuteness and fun, and is sure to get a giggle from a lot of hot tub owners.

This is a perfect gift for a friend who enjoys practical gifts, yet at the same time, it’s whimsical and playful.

This unique dispenser will take care of the sanitizing needs of the tub and can be used for years to come. It even has an adjustable flow to ensure the perfect amount of chlorine or bromine is released at all times. Your friend will love it!

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