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When it comes to maintaining a clean hot tub, one of the easiest things you can do is stay up to date with your hot tub filter.

Your hot tub filter may be the most neglected and underappreciated aspect of your spa. A hot tub filter is designed to run constantly with every use to remove bacteria and debris. It will keep the water sanitary and clear of dead skin, body oils, hair, bugs, and much more.

What does a hot tub filter do?

A hot tub filter is a piece of equipment that will maintain water cleanliness in your spa. Most filters work in a simple process of drawing water to the center of the filtration system and pushing it back out through the filter.

Within the cycle, a hot tub filter will collect debris, bacteria, and other particles and flush out clean water as a byproduct. A larger filter with more surface area can collect an even greater amount of bacteria and debris to reduce impurity levels in hot tub water.

When shopping for a hot tub, it’s important to find out specific information about a spa’s filter size and if it’s equipped with more than one filter. In lieu of one larger filter, several hot tub filters can contribute to a larger filter area to ensure that water remains clean and fresh with each use.

How significant is hot tub filtration?

When it comes to a hot tub filter system, more is definitely more. As discussed above, a larger filter surface area will allow more water to pass through the heart of the filter with each cycle before reentering the spa once again.

As you soak in a hot tub with family and friends, perfume, makeup, body oils, hair products, bacteria, and so much more can build up in the water within just a few minutes. Efficient filtration is the only way to keep hot tub water clean and clear when soaking for hours at a time.

If a filter isn’t changed regularly, it can become worn down, clogged, and dirty. It will no longer be able to live up to the task of trapping contaminants in the water and could start to strain a hot tub pump system.

For the best results, manufacturers recommend cleaning filters with every hot tub water change and replacing them completely each year.

What are the options in a hot tub filtration system?

Hot tub filters and technologies will vary by manufacturer and may include selections like:

  • Standard filter. This is the most common type of hot tub filter made from light polyester with pleats that run vertically from top to bottom. With proper care and maintenance, a filter can last up to a year before it is replaced.
  • Hot Spring Tri-X filter. According to the manufacturer, this brand of filter can last up to five years with the proper care and maintenance. The filter is conveniently dishwasher safe and is advertised to filter twice as much water per minute compared to a standard filter.
  • MicroClean filter. This spa filter is manufactured by Sundance Spas, constructed with triple-layer pleating to trap larger particles in the water. Some models of the filter are disposable and should be replaced every 3 to 4 months.

It’s true – hot tub filtration is more important than most spa owners realize. In fact, old or dirty filters are often the top reason for spa service calls. If you want to save money on expensive repairs and extend the life of your spa, think twice about your filtration system and don’t neglect regular filter cleaning and maintenance.

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