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There is no doubt that the lounger is the best seat in the hot tub. If you’re planning on buying a hot tub for two or more people, we highly recommend opting for a double lounger.

A double lounger offers double the comfort, double the hydrotherapy, and double the relaxation.

If you’re interested in finding a double lounger spa for your needs, come with us as we explore some of the best double lounger hot tubs on the market today.

Our top picks for double lounger hot tubs

Our Top Pick

Artesian Spas Barbados

  • Best for relaxation and hydrotherapy
  • 5-person capacity
  • Advanced digital control system
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Bullfrog Spas Model A8D

  • Best for customization
  • 5-person capacity
  • JetPak Therapy System
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Caldera Spas Provence

  • Best for a small patio
  • 4-person capacity
  • Freshwater Salt System
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Dimension One Spas Diplomat

  • Best for high-performance hydrotherapy
  • 4-person capacity
  • Flex Therapy Pillows
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Hot Springs Spas Triumph

  • Best for budget buyers
  • 4-person capacity
  • Full-body MotoMassage Jets
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The Artesian Spas Barbados Island Spa is one of the most relaxing double lounger hot tubs on the market.

It comes complete with multiple jets arranged across the hot tub in unique forms.

Of course, beyond the open barrier seating, which is perfect for hosting more than two people, the Barbados hot tub also has a dual-lounger design.

The Artesian Spas Barbados Double Lounger also comes with an advanced digital control system, complete with a WiFi-ready module and a color LCD panel.

Some of the other high-quality features on the Artesian Spas Barbados model include the Full foam insulation with ABS bottom, the WhisperPure Circulation System with a Microfilter, and a 4″ tapered ASTM cover.

If you’re in the market for a high-quality hot tub with tons of upgradable features and customization options, the Artesian Spas Barbados hot tub is a wonderful choice.

Bullfrog Spas Model A8D

The Bullfrog Spas Model A8D hot tub has a five-person capacity and has a unique hydrotherapy JetPak system, perfect for the ultimate hydrotherapy experience.

Beyond that, this versatile hot tub comes with a double lounger, perfect for those who enjoy deep soaking together.

The layout on the Bullfrog Spas A8D is so incredibly popular with buyers that it has been the best-selling hot tub for almost ten years.

The Bullfrog Spas Model A8D comes with a premium bent-knee lounger, and you have the ability to customize it with your preferred JetPak systems.

For a complete relaxation experience, you can outfit your Bullfrog Spas hot tub with jets for your hips, calves, wrists, and feet.

The A8D model also comes with Premium Touch Controls. This intuitive digital system, which is found in all Bullfrog Spas models, can control the temperature, jets, lighting, and much more. The Enduraframe construction is 100% wood-free, helping to extend the longevity of your hot tub.

As you might expect with a high-end hot tub like this one, you get high-density insulation for a completely energy-efficient hot tub experience. Bullfrog Spas is one of the most innovative hot tub manufacturers on the market, and the Bullfrog Spas A8D double lounger is one of the best in the lineup. This brand is also sold at Costco. 

Caldera Spas Provence

The Caldera Spas Provence Double Lounger tub is a great choice for buyers seeking out a smaller, patio-sized double lounger tub.

It comes with his or her lounges and more than enough room for up to four people.

Thanks to the small size, the Caldera Spas Provence Double Lounger is an even better choice for couples who want luxury and high-performance in a smaller space.

You can fit this 2-lounger Caldera Spas hot tub through the majority of exterior doorways, helping make installation as convenient as possible.

Those looking for full-body hydrotherapy will enj0y the various lounge features, including the Caldera Spas UltraMassage Lounge, the Atlas Neck Massage, the Ectaseat, the Sole Soothers, and the Euphoria Jets.

As with all Caldera Spas hot tubs, you get the unique FreshWater Salt System, which generates chlorine using salt. This unique salt system helps keep the water clean for more than three times longer than the average spa system.

Even with the cool Caldera Spas jet spa features, this hot tub doesn’t skimp out on durability. The all-climate cabinetry is both beautiful and multi-dimensional. This double lounger tub will be able to withstand just about any climate you put it in, great for those who live in more extreme environments. Plus, it is perfect for those looking for lounger hot tubs that can fit in a smaller space.

Dimension One Spas Diplomat

Dimension One Spas is a luxury hot tub manufacturer, and the Dimension One Spas Double Lounger Diplomat is one of the best in the lineup.

This 45-jet spa provides high-performance with a his-and-her double-lounger design.

No more will you have to fight with your significant other to sits in the best seat in the hot tub. The Dimension One Spas Diplomat Double Lounger comes with enough room for six people.

There are also three patented Flex Therapy Pillows on the Dimension One Spas Diplomat Double Lounger, perfect for total relaxation.

Beyond the comfortable seating, there are tons of cool elements to talk about.

The Dimension One Spas Ozone hot tub system generates ozone, helping to optimize the cleanliness of your hot tub. Pair that with the included Vision Cartridge, which provides an effective and natural way to reduce the number of chemicals used in your system, and you get water that is crystal clear at all times.

This Dimension One Spas SpaIQ app allows you to control your double lounger tub from wherever you are in the home. You can adjust the temperature, turn the jets on and off, adjust the pumps, and more.

Of course, you can’t forget about the Terracina, which provides realistic wood beauty that you won’t find in any other double lounger spas out there. If you’re looking for a high-quality double lounger model, the Dimension One Spas Diplomat is an excellent choice.

Hot Springs Spas Triumph

The Hot Springs Spas Triumph is another double lounger model with four seats and plenty of great space.

The Hot Springs Spas hot tub was beautifully-designed with a double lounger and provides tons of great lounge massage options.

Beyond the hydrotherapy jets for your back, shoulders, calves, and feet, you also get to enjoy the full-body Moto-Massage DX jets.

For those who want some versatility beyond the loungers, there is spacious bench seating that doubles as a unique cooldown space, perfect for when you need to take a break from the hot water.

The Hot Springs Spas Triumph offers some of the best energy-efficiency buyers can find in a double lounger. The hot tub is completely insulated with multiple foam layers to trap heat inside. The Hot Springs Spas SilentFlo 5000 circulation pump is pretty unique too, as compared to a 40-watt light bulb, it uses less energy.

Buyers will love the wireless touchscreen control that this double lounger tub offers. It is one of the most unique hot tub control systems on the market today with intuitive menus and a full c0lor screen to help you navigate your hot tub feature set.

Final Thoughts – Why Get a Hot Tub With a Double Lounger?

We think the double lounger design is a great small hot tub option. 

Lounge seating is extremely beneficial for hydrotherapy and relaxation. Of course, if you only have one lounger in your hot tub, there will no doubt be constant competition for who gets to use it.

Luckily, there are plenty of double lounger spas on the market today, even beyond these top choices on our list. We hope that this list of hot tubs with double lounger designs has narrowed down your hot tub choices to make your buying process easier.

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