diy oil absorbing sponge for hot tub

DIY Oil Absorbing Sponge For Hot Tub

DIY Oil Absorbing Sponge For Hot Tub

A DIY oil absorbing sponge for hot tub units or pools is necessary to absorb oil particles that accumulate in the standing water of the hot tub or even on the surface of the hot tub.

The best approach for a DIY oil-absorbing sponge for hot tubs is to utilize a tennis ball or make use of oil-absorbing pads of the sort that are typically reserved for use on the surfaces of garages. You just need to cut a rectangle out of the pad, and then you can hang it in the hot tub in the same manner as you would do with any sponge.

Nevertheless, the proposed makeshift sponge is not so effective in water, and we recommend since our October 2022 update to use sponges like the Scumbag (see it on Amazon), or an absorber ball known as the Scumball (link to Amazon) like this one.

As a hot tub owner myself, I consider that with the appearance of very cheap reusable sponges, like the Scumbag or the ball, it is not a good idea to have a DIY sponge as they are less effective because their surface does not absorb well the oleaginous substances present in the water as commercial sponges do, and their price is very low.

In general, the formation of oily film in a hot tub may be influenced by a wide variety of circumstances; nevertheless, the majority of the time, it is caused by dirt, oil, cosmetics, suntan lotion, hair care products, and detergent remnants that are left on bathers after they have used the hot tub.

If there is any kind of algae at all, it probably means your water needs to be tested. If there is green slime, it could mean you have a problem with your pipes. If there is blue-green slime, it could mean your filters need cleaning. If there is black scum, it could mean you need an extra filter. If there is white or clear slime, it could mean there is something wrong with your pump.

The presence of even a little amount of oil or scum is sufficient to render a hot tub useless, transforming an otherwise spotless spa into an unsanitary sludge pit.

There are a number of different things that might have caused it to be there, such as remnants of sunburn cream or dismissed skin cells that are not visible to our eyes.

DIY Oil Absorbing Sponge For Hot Tub
A tennis ball inside the hot tub is an insufficient solution as its power to absorb oleaginous substances is much lower than a commercial sponge.

It is not just revolting to consider, but it also has the potential to clog your filter, which may result in a variety of issues, such as trouble maintaining the proper water level or lingering scents in the bathtub.

If the scum on the surface of the water appears brown, this may indicate that the pH levels are very high. If your water is green, it may include metals; thus, you should either consider adding metal free from Natural Chemistry (link to Amazon) or attach a pre-filter to your hose (link to Amazon) before the next time that the hot tub is refilled. The scum that is blue-green in color indicates that the filter may be blocked and needs to be cleaned.

When individuals enter the water, they carry with them a variety of contaminants, including dirt and oils. That, taken along with other factors, is sufficient to cause the filters to get clogged over time.

In order to prevent the oil accumulation from occurring once again, it is a good idea to make it a routine to request that everyone take a shower before the utilization of the hot tub.

When dealing with this kind of greasy muck, the first thing you should do is replace your filter with a new one and then thoroughly clean the one you were using before.

Once you have located the oil, there seem to be a few various approaches you may take to remove it.

Tennis Ball In Hot Tub

As a potential substitute for a sponge, a tennis ball is often used by a lot of individuals to absorb and retain oil.

These are less expensive and float better than similar products, but there is a risk that they may get lodged close to the filter or disrupt the flow of water in that area. In addition, tennis balls are not nearly as absorbent as sponges are, which means that you will have to cleanse these significantly more frequently.

Tennis balls may be helpful, but it is important to keep in mind that they will not be as efficient as some of the other possibilities. Your best strategy is going to be to get something that is made to absorb more oil, and you should also encourage your visitors to take a shower.

Do Hot Tub Sponges Work?

Yes, hot tub oil-absorbing sponges are quite successful in removing residue and maintaining the absence of oleaginousness substances in hot tubs. If sponges are kept clean and changed when required, it should be noticed a dramatic decrease in the number of oil substances in the hot tub as a result of their utilization.

However, you do need to exercise caution since the sponges, as they age and get heavier, have a greater risk of being trapped in the filter wells, or moreover, being absorbed into the pipes.

Attaching your sponge to a length of thread will prevent it from going anyplace it should not which will keep it from disappearing entirely or its absorption within the pipework.

Best Hot Tub Oil Sponge

We have a comprehensive study of the best oil-absorbing sponges in this article.

There are two models that I have used. There are many more, but these two already work so I am fine recommending them. Today the best DIY oil absorbing sponge for hot tub solution is to buy a cheap pack.

Each sponge lasts about a couple of months in a hot tub before it should be changed as it has absorbed enough oleaginous substances from the water of the hot tub.

One is the Scumbug Oil Absorbing Sponge, which comes in a pack of four sponges that resemble a bug. This is the link to the Amazon product.

The ScumBug devours scum, slime, and grime from pools and spas. It can absorb 40 times its weight in body oils and suntan.

All you have to do is put the ScumBug into the skimmer basket or let it free float in your spa.

The other one is the Horizon HV-SB2PK Scumball Pool and Spa Scum Eliminating Ball (2 Packs of 2 balls)

Two packs of any of these are enough for the whole summer, so do not buy more than what you need.

Cleaning The Hot Tub Sponge

Even if a DIY oil-absorbing sponge for hot tub is very cheap, you can just clean it and there is no need to buy another one.

Detergent and hot water are all that is required to clean the majority of spa sponges. Retrieve the sponge from the hot tub in a cautious manner, taking care not to squeeze it while you do so. They will otherwise discharge any oleaginous substance retrieved if you push on them while they are still immersed in water.

When you finally get it outside the tub, be sure to drain out as much of the oils as you can before giving the sponge a good cleaning through the utilization of this simple methodology:

  • Submerge it in a small vessel of filter cleaner during the night
  • Place it in the washing machine (spin cycle only, and do not leave it to dry in the machine)
  • Scrub with a smidgen of dishwashing liquid and rinse.

It is crucial to use detergent to eliminate any oil residue since water alone will not get rid of the oil; nevertheless, it is of the utmost importance to rinse it completely thereafter, or else you will end up with a foamy hot tub.

After being washed, the sponge must be dried thoroughly before it can be used again.

Magic Eraser In Hot Tub

you can use a sponge from Mr Clean known as Magic Eraser, which is a non-chemical sponge, originally envisaged for the kitchen, that you can use to get any scuff marks off the outside and the inside of your hot tub.

The Scumbug, instead, is an oil-absorbing sponge that was created exclusively for use in hot tubs in mind. It has the appearance of an insect and is designed to float on the water’s surface in your bathtub. It can absorb up to forty times its own weight in oil and soap scum.

A cleaning solution known as the “Magic Eraser” may be used to remove soap scum, oil, and grime from either the inside or outside of a hot tub. It is not intended to be used when submerged in water.

Once the abrasive foam is activated with water, it will easily cut through grease, dirt, and built-up soap scum. You cannot use the sponge called Magic Eraser inside a hot tub filled with water, so if the stain is below the water line, you must drain the hot tub before scrubbing.

I have used it in the kitchen with excellent results but not in a hot tub. Looks like an interesting option to replace a DIY oil-absorbing sponge for hot tub.

Hot Tub Sponge Turned Orange

If the hot tub sponge turned orange is because of the presence of metals in the water. It is not a problem of the hot tub, but of the water utilized to fill the hot tub, and is a natural phenomenon, according to the government.

After the dissolved iron hydroxide molecules flow to the surface, a different group of bacteria uses oxygen to oxidize the iron and create an insoluble form of iron called ferrihydrite (the orange component) as a byproduct. It is a natural phenomenon, according to the government.

The simple solution, apart from the sponge, is a small bottle that removes the heavy metals from water (link to Amazon)

A sequestering agent helps remove calcium and heavy metals from your water. The presence of metals or minerals can cause your hot tub water to turn an unsightly orange, as we explained earlier.

When to add a sequestering agent: Use a sequestering agent if your hot tub water is brown, red, orange, or green. It is also important to add a sequestering agent when adding water to your tub.

Alternative Approaches To A DIY Oil Absorbing Sponge For Hot Tub

The DIY Oil Absorbing Sponge For Hot Tub

You should clean or change the filter

As was previously said, cleaning or changing the filter with a new one that is, at the very least temporarily, more efficient should be able to resolve the issue. On the other hand, this probably is not going to be enough on its own to get rid of all the oil that is already in the tub.

Use a spa skimmer

It is possible to eliminate oil by using a spa skimmer; however, this method is most effective when used in conjunction with foam that is present on the surface of the spa. This is due to the fact that the skimmer can only collect particles that are a certain size or larger.

Make use of a sponge that is able to absorb oil

The use of oil-absorbing sponges is an efficient, low-cost method for preventing oil-related issues. These are specialized hydrophobic sponges, meaning means they are able to soak up oil but not liquid. They will remain in the hot tub and pull any oil inwards.  You will typically put them or knot them in the skimmer device, at which point they will be mostly hidden from view.

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