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Have you been looking for a deep hot tub or swim spa to fulfill all of your full-body exercise and hydrotherapy needs? With so many models on the market, finding the right one can be quite difficult.

Luckily, we’ve done a lot of the research for you. With more depth, you can have access to deeper workouts, better massages, and more room to entertain larger groups of people.

Come dive in as we explore some of the top hot tub and swim spa models known for their depth.

Best Deep Hot Tub Models

Cedar Tubs – Aqua Therapy Tub

If you are looking for the deepest hot tub on the market today, look no further than the Aqua Therapy Tub from Cedar Tubs.

This unique hot tub stands five feet tall and seven feet wide. Cedar designed this unique spa specifically for hydrotherapy.

Those seeking out muscle rejuvenation and recovery benefits will enjoy this Cedar tub no doubt.

The extra depth in this Cedar tub allows for exercise too, which up until now, was not possible in a hot tub. T

he spa comes with a unique seating arrangement design to allow for a full range of motion in the hot tub.

If you choose, you can float in the water for total relaxation. If you’d like, you can even perform simple swimming routines, like treading.

The center of this tub has a 360-degree full-body massage jet system, perfect for providing head-to-toe hydrotherapy. Thanks to the fact that you stand in place when you use this wood tub, you get to enjoy a body massage with the jets along the entire length of your body.

Of course, you can’t go without mentioning the Cedar wood, which truly separates this hot tub from any other on the market. Cedar wood only smells and looks fantastic, but it is also one of the most decay-resistant wood options on the market. Cedar Hot Tubs sends you all of the necessary parts, including the wall planks, jets, steps, and seats, which can be put together in a weekend.

For a traditional form of therapy, you can’t go wrong with this Cedar Aqua Therapy Hot Tub.

Canadian Spa Company 5-Person Hot Tub

For those looking for a hot tub that isn’t made of wood, we recommend the Canadian Spa Compan 5-Person hot tub.

This hot tub is quite unique as it is one of the deepest portable hot tubs out there at 29″ in height.

People can completely submerge their neck and shoulders in the water for total relaxation.

With a unique design, this hot tub is wildly easy to assemble, perfect for those who live in a smaller places. 

you’ll get to take advantage of the 125 water massage jets, which will help you relax while providing all of the top benefits of hydrotherapy.

Thanks to the portable design, the hot tub uses a standard 110v outlet, meaning you won’t have to hire an electrician to come rig everything up.

Deep and portable are two characteristics that you wouldn’t expect to find in a single hot tub, which is one thing that makes this five-person portable hot tub such a unique purchase.

Best Deep Swim Spa Models

Catalina 21′ In-Ground Pool

For those looking to enjoy height and exercise benefits, we recommend checking out the Catalina 21′ In-Ground Swim Spa.

Within this high-quality model, which is 62″ in height, you will find 20 stainless steel hydrotherapy jets, perfect for a relaxing massage after your exercise.

Of course, the true selling point is the length, which provides users with more than 21 feet of room to swim and exercise in. There isn’t a better swim spa in the world for a total range of movement. This particular model is an in-ground model, meaning it will act as a more permanent part of your home. If you’re looking for something that you can take with you as you move from house to house, there are better options out there.

Some of the best features found in this model include cabinet accent wall lights, LED-backlit water features, the ozone water filtration system, stainless steel jets, Zika water mist system, and exercise equipment. With such a large body, you can fit up to ten or more people in this thing. There are not any seats built into it like other similar models, so that is one thing to note.

The Catalina 21′ In-Ground Pool is one of the best options out there for those who want to enjoy full-body exercise, movement, and relaxation.

American Whirlpool MX6

The American Whirlpool MX6 is one of the deepest swim spa models in the industry at 61″ in height, perfect for those who want to take advantage of a full-body workout.

There are more than enough seats to fit up to four people and room beyond that for people who want to exercise.

In all, you get two coach seats, two massage, seats, and an upright lounge that has foot jets and calf jets.

The shell is filled with Northern Exposure Insulation to complement the heater and keep the water warm at all times. The steel sub-structure is another one of the top features, which adds to the strength of the spa’s body. Steel is much more durable than wood, and unlike wood, it will not rot or warp over time when in contact with water.

There are a few other high-quality features to note with the American Whirlpool MX6, including the Bluetooth Stereo system, the CleanZone water filtration system, and the pillow jets. If you want to take advantage of some additional exercise options and features, you can check out the Super Tether or the Low Impact Exercise Band Kit.

Let’s Get Deep

There are so many hot tub and swim spa options out there today, though there are only a few with the kind of length and depth needed for optimal therapy and fitness benefits.

Beyond that, these models are made to fit greater numbers of people, perfect for those who like to host and have parties.

Beyond the dimensions, it is important to compare features so that you can find the right model to fit your needs.

Water care systems, jets, and heater systems are just a few features that can completely change a hot tub experience.

We hope that this little list of our favorite deep swim spas and hot tubs helped narrow down your buying decision. Good luck and happy soaking! 

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