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If you’re looking for a small hot tub you can use outdoors all-year-round, even in the coldest of winters, then you might want to think about the Canadian Spa Rio Grande.

It’s a superior portable hot tub that is especially designed to survive freezing temperatures. It’s made of multi-layers of thick polyester and PVC, and it’s packed with insulated features. This also makes it one of the most heat-efficient deluxe inflatable hot tubs you can buy.

Along with other Canadian Spa portable hot tubs, the Rio Grande is 29″ deep. That’s up to 3″ deeper than many other inflatable hot tubs, and it means it’s deep enough for you to submerge your shoulders in the water when you relax back in the spa. This is a super feature when you’re looking out over a snowy scene!

I have checked out what other owners say about the Rio Grande, and they agree it is a great spa to use in sub-zero temperatures.  If you want to check out their reviews and the current prices, then clicking on this link will take you over to Amazon for the latest deal.

Canadian Spa Rio Grande – What You Get In The Box

 Canadian Spa Rio Grande 4-Person Inflatable Spa

 88 massage jet system

 Reinforced vinyl liner

 Padded thermal base

 6″ thick inflatable round hot tub lid

 Floating thermal blanket

 Locking inflatable leather-style cover

 External all-in-one pump, heater, and massage system

 2 filters

Buying an inflatable hot tub of this standard is an important decision. Therefore we have put together a table to help you see everything you get with the hot tub in detail, as well as comparing it to similar-sized and quality hot tubs.

Canadian Spa Rio Grande Features & Comparisons

Background Info

The Rio Grande is made by the Canadian Spa Company. They make a wide range of high-quality leisure products, including rigid hot tubs, saunas, and swim spas. Their portable spas feature a high-quality build and design which puts them at the luxury-end of the market.

The Rio Grande is a round hot tub, and at 70 inches diameter and 29 inches deep, it’s ideal for 2 people. You might see it advertised as a 4-person hot tub, but this is how many people can sit in the tub, close together. If you aim on laying back and stretching out in the bubbling hot waters, for a relaxing all-over massage, then 2 people is more realistic.

Although 70 inches is a few inches smaller than some other inflatable hot tubs in this class, the extra depth makes it suitable for you to relax in comfort without feeling cramped. This also makes it a good choice if you want a super-sturdy hot tub but you have limited space.

The hot tub’s walls have a ring design, with three separate compartments that inflate one at a time. Along with its internal-Beam construction, this makes the hot tub very strong and adds to its insulating qualities.

Add in the padded thermal base, a reinforced vinyl liner, a floating thermal blanket, and a 6-inch thick inflatable cover, and you can see why the Rio Grande is suitable for use all-year round. It will even work in sub-freezing temperatures.

If this is something you are interested in, you will find our article on 4 season inflatable hot tubs very useful. You can read it here: inflatable hot tubs for winter.

The sturdy construction this model enjoys also means it will last for years, even with regular use in all seasons.

Talking of lasting for years, one feature we really like about the Rio Grande, is that because of its thick insulation properties, it has some of the lowest running costs of any inflatable hot tub. So although you have to pay more to buy this hot tub in the first place, you can make those extra dollars back over the years of your ownership.

How To Set Up Your Canadian Spa Rio Grande Portable Spa

Like other inflatable hot tubs, the Rio Grande is a plug and play hot tub. This means it plugs directly into a plug socket and does not need any special wiring or technical knowledge.

It has a portable control unit located outside the spa. This houses the inflator and massage pump, water heater, and the water filtration system. This means there is no water filter sitting on the inside wall of the hot tub, getting in the way – something we really like. It also means you can change the water filter without having to drain the inflatable hot tub.

To inflate the hot tub, link up the inflator hose, turn it on, and it will take around 10-15 minutes to inflate.

When fully inflated, the Rio Grange weighs only 65lbs. This means you can lay it out anywhere you want, inflate it, and then easily pick it up and move it into position, as long as there are two of you to lift it. Remember to leave some space all around the hot tub, though, for ease of cleaning and access.

Once in place, fill the portable spa with water, which should take up to thirty minutes. Then turn on the water heater. The water will heat up at the normal rate of 2-3 degrees Farenheit an hour, so plan on it taking around 20 hours for the water to reach the top temperature of 104F.

To give it a boost and cut down on waiting time, you might want to a add some hot water at the start, straight from your faucet.

TOP TIP: Make sure you tightly close the filter valve before filling the hot tub with water. If you don’t do this, you might find water flowing out.

Enjoying Your Canadian Spa Rio Grande Portable Spa

Once the Rio Grande is ready, take off the cover and slip into the water. The portable control unit is within easy reach, so you don’t need to get out of the hot tub to turn on the massage system or if you want to give the water temperature a quick boost.

Even though it is a high-end model, the Rio Grande does not have any extras, such as drinks tray or head rests. This is an area we think is slightly lacking in such a high-priced model.  Therefore you might decide to purchase a few add-ons to improve your spa experience. Check out a different range of options, as you do not have to purchase only Canadian Spa company accessories.

Once you have finished in the hot tub, remember to place the floating thermal blanket on top of the water, pop on the inflatable lid, and then pull the cover over. This will keep the water hot and means you will not have to heat the water up the next time you use the spa.

Who Should Buy the Canadian Spa Rio Grande?

  • People looking to invest in a top quality portable spa
  • People who want a hot tub you can use all-year round
  • People who want an extra-deep 2-person hot tub
  • People who have limited space
  • People who want a well-insulated hot tub that helps cut down on running costs
  • People who want a plug and play hot tub that is easy to set up

Don’t Buy It

  • If you want a larger inflatable hot tub for more than 2 adults
  • If you want a deluxe inflatable hot tub with more massage jets
  • If you want a range of accessories included in the price

Where To Buy It

We recommend checking out the reviews and the prices on It’s a very safe site, so buying costly items is always secure and backed with a guarantee. They also have deals which include free shipping, which is a nice freebie to have on such a heavy and bulky item.  To check out the best deals, you can click on this link which will take you directly to Amazon.

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