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People looking to buy hot tubs often ask us the difference between Caldera and Hot Springs

This is because these are two very popular hot tub brands with top-notch features and high-end qualities. If you don’t have an understanding of the differences, then there is no way you could truly compare these two brands and decide which one is right for you.

Before you go into your local dealer for a true wet test, let’s sink in and check out all the features of these two wonderful brands in our Caldera vs. Hot Springs comparison!


Caldera Spas has been around for quite a long time. Since their introduction in 1976, they have become one of the leading producers of high-end, premium spas in the world. The company’s main goal in hot tub production is to produce hot tubs that combine performance, comfort, and design. They are most well-known for using sculpted seats, which help to provide both comfortable and therapeutic soaking experiences, especially when compared to many hot tub brands in the same range. 

The company is not known for having a wide variety of hot tub choices, but instead, they have a wide variety of high-tech entertainment features and design options to complement the few tubs in their lineup. All Caldera Spas tubs are both elegant in design and inspiring in aesthetics.

When it comes down to price, the range is quite wide. You can get a Caldera Spas tub for as low as $2,999 and for as much as $20,000.

Hot Spring Spas came around the same time as Caldera Spas in 1977. Hot Springs sits under the Watkins Company tree, which is actually the same company that Caldera Spas lies under. Their hot tubs utilize directional water jets and hydro-massage capabilities. Compared to Caldera Spas, Hot Springs manufacturers very traditional-style spas. 

They are known for their ACE salt water system, which keeps the tubs clean by automatically generating chlorine, as well as other alternative cleaners. Their innovative water care systems are in place to make sure that your tub stays clean at all times so that you don’t have to deal with the constant burden of maintenance. 

When it comes down to price, the range starts a little bit higher than Caldera, though ends a bit lower. You can expect to find Hot Springs spas anywhere from $6,000 on the low end to as much as $14,000.

Caldera vs. Hot Springs – A Comparison

Now that you have a better grasp on the history of these two major hot tub brands, let’s dig in a little deeper so that we can see some of the best features that each of them offers. Of course, it is almost impossible to compare the inner workings of these two brands from up top, so let’s compare two of their top collections instead.

Caldera Utopia Series and Hot Springs Highlife NXT Collection

Let’s dive in for a wet test and get to know these two hot tub collections with a brief comparison.

The Caldera Utopia Seris makes use of a combination of powerful hydrotherapy and high-performance details. Even with a visually-stunning design and a focus on personal care, the Utopia Series aims to keep operating costs very low. 

Each of the models in the Utopia Series lineup uses an intuitive FreshWater Salt System, providing users with natural, longer-lasting water. 

The Hot Spring Highlife Collection is another collection of visually-stunning hot tubs that were designed in partnership with DesignWorks, a sub-division of the BMW Group company. These spas are modern and luxurious, helping to enhance just about any environment that they are placed in. Hot Springs focuses on ease of use and durable materials, as well as energy-efficiency. 

Getting to know these two brands is one of the best ways that you and your family can find the best possible hot tub to fit all of your needs. 

It is also important to note that each of these hot tub collections has a variety of different models with different seating options, jet configurations, dimensions, and more. See the chart below to find out more. 




Caldera Utopia Series

























Hot Springs Highlife Collection NXT

Grandee NXT




Vanguard NXT




Envoy NXT




Aria NXT




Jetsetter NXT




One thing that is very important to make a note of is that you should never decide on one hot over another simply because of the number of jets. Instead, we like to focus on quality over quantity. The more jets a hot tub has, the weaker those jets are likely to be compared to other relatively similar tubs. 

You also need to consider the size that fits with your situation. A large tub might be best for someone who is looking for a hot tub for the whole family or to throw parties and events at the house, though that same hot tub might not be best for a couple who are looking for something a bit more intimate. 

Now that you have a deeper understanding of how these two collections appear from above, let’s dig in just a little bit deeper and explore two of the top quality hot tub options within each. The Caldera Utopia Series Cantabria and the Hot Spring Grandee NXT are two of the best spa choices in their collections.

Caldera Utopia Series Cantabria

Hot Springs Grandee NXT




# of Seats



Water Capacity

615 gallons

500 gallons


The Caldera Utopia Series Cantabria comes with a whopping 74 jets, including a single Atlas Neck Massage jet, 56 Euro jets, four AdaptaSsage jets, seven VersaSage jets, four Euro-Pulse jets, one Euphoria jet, and two OrbiSsage jets. All of these jets work to provide a full-body hydrotherapy experience from the feet to the neck.

The Hot Springs Grandee NXT comes with a Moto-Massage DX feature that utilizes moving jets with split streams that sweep from the bottom of your back to the top for a unique, therapeutic experience. Aside from the Moto-Massage jets, the Grandee uses precision clusters, rotary jets, Hydrostream jets, and more, providing a distinct, full-body massage experience.


The Utopia Series comes with Avante Cabinetry. It is not only extremely durable and weather-proof but easy on the eyes with a multi-dimensional design. Colors include Slate, Sand, and Brownstone.

The Grandee NXT comes with a durable cabinet design featuring colors including Monterey Gray, Teak, and Mocha.

Water Management

Caldera Spas utilizes a FreshWater Salt System that helps to generate chlorine from salt. This keeps the water fresher and cleaner up to three times longer than the standard system.

The Grandee NXT also makes use of the FreshWater Salt System to help keep the water clean and sanitized for up to a year!

Control Panel

The Cantabria uses an Advent Touchscreen Control system that gives users complete control over the jet system, water temperature, and ambient lighting.

The Grandee NXT uses an advanced, full-color control panel with large icons and intuitive menus to help make adjustments to your spa functions. This wireless system allows you to adjust music, lighting, temperature, and more!


The Cantabria comes with SpaGlo zone lighting that has now been enhanced with a multi-color LED Points-of-Light system for the best ambient impact.

The Grandee NXT utilizes a four-zone lighting system that they call their Luminescence system. It is a completely customizable and easy-to-use multi-color system with lights throughout the interior and exterior.


The Cantabria comes with Bluetooth speaker grilles on each side of the contoured pillows to help set the mood after a long day.

The Grandee NXT has an optional wireless sound system that can be controlled via the control panel.


The Cantabria comes with Avante Steps that are two-tiered and made to match the chosen cabinetry.

The Grandee uses larger two-tiered steps that are designed to match the spa cabinetry.

Deciding Which Brand Is Best

Deciding which hot tub brand is best is a decision that is near impossible, especially without a wet test, as each of these brands has unique qualities that make them great in their own right. Different features will better suit different owners, so the answer to the Hot Springs vs Caldera debate truly depends on what you are looking for when you decide to purchase a hot tub. 

If you’re in the market for a hot tub that has a top-of-the-line water care system to help cut down on maintenance costs, we highly recommend going with a Hot Spring tub.

 On the other hand, if you are looking for a hot tub that screams pure luxury, or you have a bit of extra cash on hand, Caldera might be the way to go. 

Of course, these aren’t the only hot tub manufacturers in the world. There are plenty of wonderful hot tub brands out on the market that produce everything from simple, traditional tubs to full-fledged, high-tech spas.  

Don’t put off your dream of acquiring a great spa any longer!

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