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Read how Cal Spas hot tubs provide the ultimate home resort experience.

Cal Spas have been manufacturing hot tubs and portable spas from their Californian base for more than 35 years. The award-winning company (recent accolades include Consumer’s Digest, Best Buy and Hearth & Home Magazine) started out manufacturing full-size swimming pools. For the past two decades, however, Cal Spas have specialized in the higher-end luxury market for home swim spas and hot tubs.

Today, they offer customers a range of more than 250 spas to choose from, alongside the ability to customize to their precise needs. Innovation and uniqueness is an important part Cal Spas’ story, as the company already has 48 design patents under their belt.


Cal Spas are keen to provide homeowners with what they refer to as “the total home resort experience.” As a result, you’ll find they also sell barbecues, fire pits, gazebos and saunas.

When it comes to the hot tubs and swim spas here’s a selection of what they offer:

  • Genesis Spas. The company’s standard molded hot tub with 30 jets for hydrotherapy use. It’s so simple to install that it’s frequently referred to as the firm’s ‘Plug and Play’ model.
  • The GEN-II Collection. An upgrade on the Genesis models, these spas use a patented seven layer laminate system called Fibersteel. This is aimed at providing improved insulation, efficiency and super-efficient filtration methods.
  • Dually™ Spas. This model’s efficient Dually Pump claims to use half the energy other spa models but with the same water levels. This in turn leads to lower utility bills.
  • Platinum™ Spas. These hot tubs focus on the hydrotherapy experience itself. The combination of heated water and massage jets are aimed at relieving the body of routine aches and pains.
  • Connect™ Spas. These full-size luxury hot tubs can seat up to six individuals at once and are perfect for entertaining guests in. Multi-colored LED lighting, up to 50 water jets and a waterfall all combine to add entertainment alongside relaxation.
  • Patio™ Spa. Just looking for something small and easy to install for your patio area? Then the hot tub selection here is ideal. A selection of shapes means your spa will fit neatly in the corner or against a wall.
Cal Spa covers

Every Cal Spas hot tub is delivered with the Hydro-Armor tapered cover. A deluxe version, with safety child lock and high-density foam is also available. Cal Spas’ cover design retains heat better and, as a result, reduces energy costs. The tapered height also prevents water ‘pooling’ in the rain.

The lining of the cover is polyester-reinforced PVC with Mylar coating. Other thermal qualities include a dense foam core and padded flaps around the edging of the cover. The sun doesn’t pose too much of a problem either because UV protection on these Cal Spas covers lasts for up to 1500 hours, meaning they shouldn’t crack or fade.

Another plus is that the covers are light enough to be lifted by just one individual and can neatly fold away to prevent them becoming a pool-side eyesore.

Cal Spas have been a long-time player in the hot tubs and spas industry, available in America, Canada and a handful of European destinations such as the UK, France and Belgium. They focus on the higher end of the market with top quality spa and hot tub covers as well as other goods for the ‘home resort’ experience.

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