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Hot tub shoppers have options available in every price range. Here is a roundup of brands and features for each.

Shopping for a hot tub is something that can be done on any budget. While luxury accessories and special massage functions won’t come standard on the lowest priced models, buyers still can get a taste of the sweet life by upgrading any spa and outfitting it with premium water-cleaning systems. Here is a look at hot tub prices in every product category, and what features buyers can expect.

The lower end of hot tubs

There are many attractive options in the lower range of hot tubs, which are priced between $3,000 and $6,000. The Solana TX is an example of an attractive spa priced among the lowest of the best brands. The TX comes with moto-massage jets, a cover, and a full supply of cleaning chemicals. Pricing is just over $4,000 for this model.

The Caldera Aventine Spa is another winning buy in the lower range of hot tub prices. Featuring underwater lighting, low-maintenance cleaning, and automatic heating and filtration, this model’s price of $3,500 sounds reasonable when a cover and delivery/setup are included. Caldera’s cleaning materials are also counted in the entry-level price in most locations.

The middle range of hot tubs and spas

Tubs costing between $6,000 and $9,000 would qualify as the middle range of hot tubs, and the higher end of that range can land buyers some amazing products, some of which accommodate up to five or six people. ThermoSpa tubs are toward the higher end of the middle range, delivering on quality that is guaranteed. For example, the ThermoSpa Park Avenue 400 can be had for $7,700. That includes dual therapy seats, textured pillows, serving trays, safety steps, and much more.

The Dynasty Liberty II is another luxurious option in the middle range. Buyers picked up one for $7,400 on Long Island, New York. Delivery setup, sculpted stairs, and water cleaning materials for six months were included, as were several more options that made buyers consider the purchase well worth the price.

The high end of hot tubs

High-end hot tub prices go from $9,000 to over $15,000. A perfect example of a deluxe hot tub is the Sundance Optima. This gorgeous tub includes a JBL stereo, a drink tray, CD Ozone, and smart steps for safety. Special water treatments and cleaning products are included, as are delivery and setup in some markets. Pricing is just below $13,000 in some markets.

The Dimension One Chairman II spa is as privileged as its name. D1 spas are known for extensive options in massage features and hydrotherapy. The water pressure and flow direction are all at your command. Delivery, setup, and special treatments are all included in most markets at $10,300, the price listed for New Hampshire.

There are countless ways to enjoy a hot tub in your home. Thankfully, a survey of available options reveals there are spas for every budget under the sun.

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