Best Oil Absorbing Sponge For Hot Tub

Best Oil Absorbing Sponge For Hot Tub

We analyze here which is the best oil absorbing sponge for a hot tub.

The best oil absorbing sponge for a hot tub requires a high level of absorption of oleaginous substances present in the standing water, cheap, and reusable several times. The latter means that it has to be washable at least a couple of times until the material starts to degrade naturally.

One is the Scumbug Oil Absorbing Sponge, which comes in a pack of four sponges that resemble a bug. This is the link to the Amazon product.

The ScumBug devours scum, slime, and grime from pools and spas. It can absorb 40 times its weight in body oils and suntan. All you have to do is put the ScumBug into the skimmer basket or let it free float in your spa.

The other one is the Horizon HV-SB2PK Scumball Pool and Spa Scum Eliminating Ball (2 Packs of 2 balls)

were already very severe in our critics against the DIY oil absorbing sponges for hot tubs

best oil absorbing sponge for a hot tub
The scumbug is cheap, reusable, and absorbs very well the oily substances that naturally accumulate in a hot tub.

DIY Oil Absorbing Sponge For Hot Tub

The best approach for a DIY oil-absorbing sponge for hot tubs is to utilize a tennis ball or make use of oil-absorbing pads of the sort that are typically reserved for use on surfaces of garages. You just need to cut a rectangle out of the pad, and then you can hang it in the hot tub in the same manner as it is done with any sponge.

Nevertheless, the proposed makeshift sponge is not so effective in water and we recommend since our October 2022 update to use sponges like the Scumbag (see it in Amazon), or an absorber ball known as Scumball (link to Amazon) like this one.

As a hot tub owner myself, I consider that with the appearance of very cheap reusable sponges, like the Scumbag or the Scumball, it is not a good idea to have a DIY sponge as they are less effective because their surface does not absorb well oleaginous substances present in the water as commercial sponges do and their price is very low.

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