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Examine your hot tub jet options when you plan your hot tub configuration, and don’t forget to take note of the price of replacement jets.

Jet configurations

Jet configurations are a key feature you must consider when you buy your spa or hot tub. You can also switch individual hot tub jets out for other models or new versions, but you need to choose the general configuration beforehand. How many jets you want — and how many are air jets rather than pure, water jets — will determine your future hot tub maintenance. Prices vary widely based on the customized configuration you choose. Here are three of the most popular configuration options, offered by a variety of suppliers.

Cluster Jets. Cluster jets, the most common arrangement, use rows and star-like patterns of individual jets to provide concentrated sections of jet action that can be used for massage. If you want to keep it simple, use basic lines of jets or sections or only two or three jet nozzles. If you want a more complex option, choose larger designs.

Oscillators. Oscillators are unique configurations designed to propel water in a constantly shifting pattern that helps muscles relax and delivers a more interesting spa experience. They also tend to be more expensive than traditional arrangements.

Spinal Jets. Spinal jets skip the star patterns and clusters and stick to a simple line of nozzles, all in a row. Yes, you can use this arrangement to massage your spine, but in practice it works well as a general configuration suitable for any hot tub.

Jet replacements and alternatives

If you want to replace individual nozzles or switch out traditional jets with more interesting options, you need to spot-buy the right type of jet attachment. Each jet can be bought as a separate nozzle piece, but most come in assemblies that include the necessary inner workings as well. Size and brand are very important, and you should always double-check that you are buying the right brand and size for your hot tub.

Basic Cluster and Poly Jets. Cluster and poly (several small jets in one) nozzles are some of the most popular. They tend to be interchangeable and cost between $5 and $12 on average. Choose the right brand for the best results.

Hydroair Jets. Hydroair jets mix in air with water, in varying percentages. These jets usually cost between $20 and $40, depending on size and brand. They are also more complicated to install, since they need access to both air and water streams, and may not be suitable for every individual jet base.

Air Jets. Air jet or air injectors offer an easy way to inject air into your hot tub. Replacement parts for these jets are typically inexpensive, rarely rising above $10 to $12 for a new nozzle. Of course, you cannot switch between air and water on the same jet base without some significant internal adjust as well.

Specialty Jets. These hot tub jets perform some type of special function, such as special massage functions, four-way adjustable nozzles, or unique high-power streams. The luxury comes with a price, since these jet parts can cost up to $90.

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