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While you’ve likely heard of the top hot tub players in the game, including Jacuzzi and Cal Spas, there are plenty of smaller hot tub manufacturers out there for those seeking out budget-friendly options.

Belize Spas is one of the best underdog spa companies around, perfect for those who want all of the high-quality features found in some of the best spas on the market without paying top dollar.

You can find the brand on a wide variety of websites, including Amazon and Spa Depot.

Today, we want to take you through a few of the best spas in the Belize lineup so that you can decide if any of them are right for you.

The UVC-900L is one of the most spacious spans in the lineup, giving you just about every feature you could need for the best spa experience possible.

It comes with seven seats to fit the whole family, including three captain’s chairs and an ergonomic non-float lounger.

You’ll get to bask in all of the benefits of an immersive hydro-massage, as there are jets placed from the neck to the toes.

The spa comes in a few different colors, including the standard White Acrylic, though you can upgrade to a gorgeous marble UltraRay Elite color for a bit of added pop.

The exterior panels are incredibly sturdy and come available in a few different styles, including Outerbanks Gray and Sonoma Redwood. 

Plus, each spa in the lineup comes complete with a matching cover.

With the UVC 900L, you get a groundbreaking design that is ever-so modern. The tub is stocked with high-end features, giving you a luxurious experience while saving you a bit of money. One of the key innovative features of the UVC-900L includes the UV+ Ozone Purification System, which helps keep the water clean and clear at all times. You will spend less money on chemicals and spend far less time performing maintenance.

The UltraRay 900L might just be the ultimate hydrotherapy tub around, coming in at an incredible price.

Belize UltraRay UVC-900DL: 5-Person Lounger Spa

Though this particular model is a bit smaller than the one above, it still packs a ton of power within its hydrotherapy system and shares many of the same luxurious features.

With room for five people, you get to enjoy two full-sized loungers and two elegant, contoured captain’s chairs.

All of the seats sink deep within the interior, providing you with a deep, balanced, and rejuvenating massage experience.

There are 67 stainless steel jets on board, all of which are completely adjustable.

Your stress and tension will literally melt away when in this hot tub. As with the UltraRay UVC-900L, the UltraRayu UVC 900DL comes standard in a White Acrylic, though you can upgrade to one of the fantastic marbled UltraRay Elite colors if you please.

The cabinet panels are very easy to take care of and come in a few different colors, including Outerbanks Gray and Sonoma Redwood. To help protect the UltraRay UVC 900DL from debris or heat loss, it also comes with a high-quality matching cover.

With the UVC-900DL, you get a next-generation, modern design that is packed to the brim with high-end features, perfect for just about any backyard setting. As with the model above, the UltraRay UVC-900DL has a complete UV+ Ozone Purification System, which helps to keep the water clean at all times. You won’t have to deal with chemistry troubleshooting or trying to figure out how to perform the ideal amount of maintenance each month.

If you’re looking for a high-end hot tub for a fraction of the price of what you would find at your local dealer, the UltraRay UVC-900DL 5-Person Lounger Spa is a wonderful choice.

If you’re looking for efficiency at a low cost, the Belize e480L Lounger is an excellent choice.

It comes at a lower price than the two models above and a much lower price compared to many of its competitors.

One of the neat things about this particular model is that it comes with a cut corner entry, allowing users to tuck it away into just about any space they please.

The e480L Lounder, at 230 gallons, was engineered to be as energy-efficient as possible. For couples, smaller households, or those who like to have a few people over every once in a while, this particular model is a great choice. 

Four people can sit comfortably in the interior, and each seat comes with a comfortable headrest, allowing you to soak in and enjoy your massage without having to worry about neck pain. Add the therapeutic lounger on top and you have a Belize hot tub experience like no other.

There are 38 jets present within this model, delivering a high-end hydrotherapy massage. Plus, there is a soothing waterfall built-in to add to the overall ambiance of your outdoor space.

Similar to the other models above, the e480L Lounger has an insulated hardcover and beautiful, durable cabinetry for an almost maintenance-free experience. while it doesn’t have the same UVC Ozone Purification system as the other two, it still retains a high-quality filtration system, which keeps everything looking clean and clear at all times.

It is important to note that there are two choices when it comes to voltage, including the plug-n-play model, which only requires 120v and a 15A outlet, and the other standard model, which requires hardwiring thanks to its 240V design.

While the 240V version is capable of heating much faster thanks to its 4kW design, it costs a bit more than the plug-n-play version and will require a bit of additional electrical work during installation.

Bottom Line – Should You Get a Spa From Belize Spas?

Belize is one of those underdog manufacturers that you rarely hear about, though when you finally sink into one of their high-quality, yet affordable models, you know why people love them so much.

The newer generation even comes with Green Technology, which allows these models to achieve the best energy-efficiency possible.

Those who are living in harsh climates with cold temperatures in the winter often boast about how well these models heat up and retain heat when it is cold outside.

The best thing about these models is that they are 100% affordable. You get all of the features that you might expect from a top-of-the-line hot tub model when you purchase from Belize, including comfortable seating, a hydrotherapy jet system, and durable cabinetry that you don’t have to worry about performing maintenance on all the time.

Overall, we think Belize Spas are a great investment for just about anyone looking to dip their toes in the hot tub game. 

Read our best hot tub brands page to see all manufacturers. 

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