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If you’re a hot tub owner with little ones, safety should be your number one priority. While you might think having a hot tub is fun for everyone, it’s not a good idea to allow babies or toddlers to go for a soak.

Come dive in with us as we explore why allowing your baby in the hot tub is dangerous.

Are Hot Tubs Safe For Kids?

Babies and toddlers should never be permitted in hot tubs. They do not sweat as much as adults, and therefore are not able to cool themselves down.

This puts them at a much higher risk of overheating as compared to adults. 

With thin skin and the inability to communicate that they are too hot, babies and young children are prone to heat stroke and even death as the result of hot water exposure.

Beyond that, babies do not have very much control over their bodily functions. So a dunk inside the hot tub is a surefire way to create an “accident,” which can make your hot tub unsanitary and ruin your hot tub experience.

Safe Hot Tub Temperature For Baby

There is no safe hot tub temperature for babies, as babies should never use a hot tub. In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics says that children from ages 0-5 should never use hot tubs. In addition, if your child cannot reach the bottom of the hot tub while keeping their head above the water, then they should not use it either.

On the other hand, if your young child is over five years old, they can use hot tubs, as they are less prone to overheating. It’s a good idea to adjust the water temperature between 98°F and 102°F when young children are present. With this spa temperature, young children should only soak for 15 minutes at a time.

Hot Tub Safety

Here’s a short list of spa safety tips to keep you and your children from getting hurt:

  • Always maintain constant visual contact when your children are in the spa. Responsible adult supervision can help prevent unnecessary accidents.
  • Ensure your spa has the proper drain covers required by modern safety standards.
  • Pregnant women should never soak in a spa for more than ten minutes at a time or soak at high temperatures.

  • Make sure your children know where the pump cut-off switch is in case they need to turn the spa off during an emergency.
  • To prevent dehydration, drink fresh water while soaking.
  • When your spa is not in use, always keep a locked cover on it.

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