are inflatable hot tubs worth it

These are the 9 things you need to know before you buy your inflatable hot tub. If you’re new to the world of inflatable hot tubs, about to buy your first ever hot tub, then this beginner’s guide will help you make the right decision. Our advice and tips will arm you with all the information you need so you don’t make an expensive mistake.

First off, let us just clarify that inflatable hot tubs also go by other names. They are also known as inflatable spas, blow up hot tubs, portable jacuzzis, inflatable jacuzzis, portable hot tubs, and portable spas. So if you see an inflatable hot tub you like, but it’s called a portable jacuzzi, don’t let that put you off. It’s just a different name for the same thing!

We mostly use the term inflatable hot tub on our site, but occasionally we’ll throw in some of the other names, just to help you know that they are all one and the same. At least in name! That’s because. . .

1. Brand Does Matter

When you decide to buy a new inflatable hot tub, the company who makes your hot tub really does matter.

The world of inflatable hot tubs has taken off hugely in the past few years, and as the demand has grown, so has the number of companies manufacturing inflatable hot tubs.

This has meant an overall improvement in the design, quality, and value of the hot tubs for the most part. However, it has also meant that a few companies have started producing inflatable hot tubs cheaply and quickly, just to cash in on the market. These hot tubs are, to be completely honest, inferior models and a waste of money.

So even though you might see an inflatable hot tub for sale that costs less than a branded one, it could end up causing you a lot of headaches and regrets.

Therefore, as a rule of thumb, when you’re looking for your new hot tub, go with the trusted brands.

These are the companies that invest a lot of time and money in developing great inflatable spas that will last you for years. Remember that their reputation as a long-term business depends on customer satisfaction which comes from building trusted products.

The companies we recommend you consider are:

  • Coleman
  • SaluSpa (who used to be known as Lay-Z Spa)
  • MSpa
  • Intex
  • Canadian Spa
  • Spa-N-A-Box

You might see there is a new company that has started to sell a few inflatable hot tubs on sites like and Walmart. This is the GoPlus company. They produce cheap-and-cheerful basic portable hot tubs. However, after some early glowing 5-star reviews, some owners are starting to find some issues with their purchases – while, to be fair, others are delighted with their hot tub.

Our advice is that if you’re looking for a great, affordable inflatable hot tub, buy a model such as the Coleman Lay-Z Spa, the SaluSpa Miami or SaluSpa Paris. These have a long-standing reputation as great budget hot tubs, backed up by companies with years of experience and reliable customer service.

2. Inflatable Hot Tub Dimensions and People Capacity

Don’t be misled by the number of people it says on the box can fit into an inflatable hot tub. That’s because the number given refers to how many adults can sit in the hot tub, side by side, all close together.

If you want your hot tub as a place to stretch out and enjoy a long hot massage, however, then the capacity is smaller than you’ll see advertised..

If you read any of our reviews, you’ll notice that we give the capacity for how many adults can lie back in the hot tub, with their legs stretched out. That’s because we feel this is how most hot tub owners use their hot tub, and we believe it’s much more useful to give what we think is the real capacity.

This capacity depends on a few factors:

Outer Dimensions

If you’re in a hurry, then as a very quick guide we recommend the following sizes if you want your hot tub to be a place where you can stretch out:

  • 2 person hot tub: 71″-75″ across
  • 3-4 person hot tub: 75″-77″ across
  • 4+ person hot tub: 77″-85″ across

Please bear in mind these measurements are a general guide for round hot tubs. You’ll find there are an increasing number of different-shaped models, including square inflatable hot tubs such as the SaluSpa Hawaii, and even octagonal ones like the Spa-N-A-Box.

These different-shaped models can be a little smaller than round hot tubs, as their shape provides more internal floor space, allowing hot tub users to stretch out more.

Inner Dimensions

Although the outer dimensions are important, it’s the inner dimensions of the hot tub you really need to consider.

The walls of most inflatable hot tubs are between 8 and 10 inches thick. This means an inflatable hot tub that measures around 6½ feet across externally has an internal floor space which is a little under 5 feet.

Bear in mind that the depth of the inflatable hot tub can also have an effect on how many people can comfortably use a hot tub. Generally, the deeper the hot tub, the slightly smaller floor space the hot tub can have. That’s because in a deep hot tub you don’t need to stretch out as far in order to have the water cover your shoulders.

3. Price

Inflatable hot tubs cost from around $300 up to top-of-the-range models that come in at well over $1,000. For your convenience, we divide the hot tubs we review into three categories: budget models which cost under $500, mid-range, and luxury for those hot tubs that cost over $1,000.

Buying a cheap blow up hot tub doesn’t mean you are buying an inferior model, however. The budget models we review are all built to a very high standard with a good massage system, and they will last you for years, as long as you look after them.

The mid-range and luxury models, on the other hand, tend to have more specialist features, such as internal seats, leather-style skins, more powerful massage systems, and more accessories.

So if you want an inflatable hot tub to put up in your backyard for the summer, have fun in it with your family and friends, and then take it down and pack away come the Fall, then a budget hot tub will suit your needs perfectly.

However, if you’re looking for your hot tub to be more permanent, more elegant-looking, even a feature of an indoor room or with its own outdoor enclosure, then you’d be better off with a mid-range or luxury model.

4. Running Costs

As well as how much it costs to buy your inflatable hot tub, you need to think about how much it’s going to cost to run.

There are three areas you need to think about: water costs, energy costs, and the cost of the chemicals you need to buy to keep your hot tub water clean and hygienic.

Water Costs

An inflatable hot tub holds a lot of water! Even the smallest model, the MSpa Elite Jet Reve holds 184 gallons, while the largest models hold almost 300 gallons.

Therefore you need to think about how much it’s going to cost to fill your inflatable hot tub. You’ll occasionally need to drain your hot tub as well, to clean it, which means you’ll need to re-fill it. So take that extra cost into account as well.

We have several articles and tips on ways of saving money with your inflatable hot tub. But one easy way to cut down on your water bill is to fill your inflatable hot tub only to the minimum-fill line, which you can see on the inside of your hot tub wall.

Also, check with your water provider about your water tariffs and find out if they have a programme which allows you to fill your inflatable hot tub at a reduced cost.

Energy Costs

With your inflatable hot tub full of water, you then need to heat it to your desired water temperature, up to a maximum of 104F. This can take up to 24 hours, depending on how much water your hot tub holds. Once the water is heated, you then need to run the massage system when you want a massage, and run the motor unit to re-heat the water as it cools down.

All of these take energy and cost money.

On average, if you use your inflatable hot tub 4-6 times a week, for about thirty minutes a time, it will cost around $20-$30 a week in energy bills. (Please bear in mind this is general guidance – there are many factors which can change this cost.)

Buying Chemicals

You will also need to buy some chemicals to treat the water in your inflatable hot tub, to keep it clean and safe for your hot tub users.

Using chemicals is a whole separate area of owning an inflatable hot tub, and understandably something that a lot of new owners worry about. However, we have a lot of easy-to-read articles which give you everything you need to know about using chemicals for different reasons. A good place to start is with our article Your Guide To Inflatable Hot Tub Chemicals (opens in a new tab).

Buying the chemicals you need involves a small outlay and is something you can’t really avoid, as untreated hot tub water can cause problems to the hot tub and to the people who use the spa.

One way of reducing the cost of the chemicals you need for your inflatable hot tub is to buy a bundle of them from sites such as Amazon.

If you’re concerned about being swamped with excessive bills from owning an inflatable hot tub, then you might find our article on money-saving advice useful to read: Money Saving Tips For Inflatable Hot Tub Owners (also opens in a new tab).

5. Massage System

The massage system in most inflatable hot tubs consists of a circle of holes at the bottom of the walls inside the hot tub. When you turn on the massage system, it blows air through these holes, creating a powerful all-over massage. This is why the massage system is referred to as a bubble jet massage system or an air jet bubble massage system.

The strength of the massage system in inflatable hot tubs often surprises many new owners, as it really does give a good, deep muscle massage.

It’s easy to think that if a massage system has more bubble jet holes in it, then it will be better than one with fewer holes. But that’s not necessarily the case. It also depends on how strong the massage motor unit is – there has to be enough power to blow the air through the holes.

So always check the strength of the motor unit with the number of air jet bubble holes.

One main difference between an inflatable hot tub and a more traditional rigid hot tub is that the massage system is not directional – you can’t focus it on certain areas of your body for an intense massage.

The only exceptions to this, however, are the MSpa Elite Jet Reve and the MSpa Luxury Exotic 6 Person Spa. These are top-of-the-range luxury inflatable hot tubs, which both have adjustable hydro-massage jets, just like the ones you get in traditional hot tubs and jacuzzis.

6. Electricity and Safety

Every inflatable hot tub for sale in the USA runs off 110-120V, and are known as plug-and-play hot tubs. This means you plug them into a normal household socket to set them up and run them – they don’t require any specialist wiring, any special tools, or any specialist knowledge.

We strongly recommend that you set your inflatable hot tub at least 12 feet away from the socket. This is to avoid the socket being splashed, which could cause a short circuit or even electrocution.

Also, you must never use an extension cable with your inflatable hot tub. Most models come with a lead that is at least 20 feet long, which should be suitable for most users.

If you have a site in mind and the nearest socket is more than this distance away, call in an electrician to instal a socket nearby to use with your inflatable hot tub. Resist the temptation to ever use an extension cable. It really is not worth the risk.

7. Setting Up Time

It’s very easy to set up an inflatable hot tub. You definitely don’t need any expert knowledge or special tools.

You lay out your hot tub, attach the motor unit, plug the motor unit into your household socket and inflate the hot tub. From there, you make sure the hot tub is in the exact position you want it, and then you fill it with water using a garden hose.

In total, it takes about an hour from taking the hot tub out of the box until it’s filled with water and ready for you to put on the cover and turn on the water heater.

The very first time you do it, however, it will probably take longer than that, as you’ll occasionally need to refer to the owner’s manual or dvd to check which part goes where. We strongly recommend that you read through the manual or watch the dvd before you attempt to set up your inflatable hot tub for the first time, as this will save you a lot of time and mistakes.

The only exceptions to this plug-and-play approach are the Spa-N-A-Box and the Canadian Spa Swift Current hot tubs. That’s because these are high-end hot tubs designed for all-year use, even in the coldest of winters with sub-zero temperatures. Consequently., they have insulated foam walls which take a little more set up. From there, however, they are the same as any other portable hot tub.

If you are interested in using your hot tub year-round, then we have a guide which you will find very useful: 4 Season Inflatable Hot Tubs, which opens in a new tab.

8. Weight

When your inflatable hot tub is filled with water, it is incredibly heavy. As we saw earlier, the smallest inflatable hot tub holds 184 gallons. When you work out that a gallon of water weighs over 8lbs, then this means the weight of the water in the hot tub is more than 1,500lbs. Add on the weight of the inflatable hot tub itself, the motor unit, plus the people in the hot tub, and you’re looking at a combined weight of well over 2,000lbs! And that’s for the smallest hot tub! Some larger models have a combined weight of over 3,000lbs.

What this means is that once you have filled your hot tub, you’re not going to be able to move it unless you drain it. Therefore, always leave a little space all around your hot tub so that you can get around it if you need to.

The filled weight of any inflatable hot tub also means you need to think carefully if you want to site your hot tub indoors or on a deck. Check first that the floor or deck can take this kind of weight. There’s a great article we always point our readers towards over on the decksgo website which deals with the load-bearing capacity of decks (opens in a new tab).

9. Accessories and Features

Every inflatable hot tub we review and recommend, from budget-priced tubs right through to the most expensive luxury models, comes with a range of quality features and accessories included in the price.

In general terms, these include as a bare minimum a digital control panel, an insulated ground mat, an insulated hot tub cover, a chemical float, a spare filter cartridge, and a repair kit.

There are other features and extras you might see that are included with some hot tubs, such as an underwater lighting display, a drinks tray, headrests, internal seats, digital locks, a floating thermal blanket, and so on.

What all this means is that – apart from some key inflatable hot tub chemicals which you’ll need to purchase – your inflatable hot tub comes with everything you need to enjoy it right out of the box. Great or what?


So there we have them: the 9 important facts that every beginner should know about buying an inflatable hot tub.

There are others you need to think about, and you can read them through our Featured Articles Menu Tab at the top of our website. The more knowledge and understanding you have, the more informed you are to make the right choice.

We hope you have learned a lot with this guide, and that you feel better prepared to buy the inflatable hot tub that is right for you, your pocket, and your needs. Thanks for reading!

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I’ve loved and owned several hot tubs. But back when my budget was smaller, I use to wonder are inflatable hot tubs worth it?

Here’s what I learned:

Yes, with an average price of under $600, inflatable hot tubs are worth it for people who want a hot tub and are on a tight budget. But in colder climates, know that the further below 50° F the outside air temperature is, the harder it is for inflatable hot tubs to maintain a water temperature of 104° F.

But there’s a lot more to know about inflatable hot tubs and whether they are worth purchasing or if you should save up for a more permanent one.

When it comes to hot tubs, there are so many different options out there.

You can have a hot tub built into the ground. Or you can buy a portable hot tub, which is the most common. But inflatables are very budget-friendly and can be a great option too.

That’s why, today, we’ll show you everything you need to know about inflatable hot tubs.

Is a hot tub is on your wishlist? But maybe you’re unsure whether or not you want to commit thousands of dollars towards one? You’re definitely in the right place.

Let’s get started!

Inflatable Hot Tub Time!

— Derek Sasman (@DizDerek) November 10, 2020

Are the inflatable hot tubs any good?

Inflatable hot tubs are a great entry-level hot tub for those on a low budget, or when the need to move the hot tub easily is a priority. While issues include shorter lifespan, being more prone to puncture, and inconsistent heating cold weather, for many, the lower cost offsets the limitations.

Now it’s true that they won’t last as long, and could be more prone to leaks. But you’re also paying hundreds of dollars instead of thousands. So inflatable hot tubs are a good value.

In many ways, inflatable hot tubs can work just as well as their solid counterparts. Let’s review the different aspects:

The price

Inflatable hot tubs are good for many things, but the price is definitely one of them.

As opposed to spending thousands on a hot tub, you can skip all of the hassles, and pay between $200-$1500 depending on the tub.

After all, a (so-called) portable hot tub with delivery, installation and electrician cost could easily cost you at least $3,000 to $5,000, or more.

By comparison, inflatable hot tubs are generally well under $500 and don’t typically have an expensive installation or high electrical costs.

But while the price may be good on an inflatable hot tub, there are a few things to consider.

First, it would be wise to purchase one of these hot tubs new. This is because the smallest amount of wear can easily cause an inflatable hot tub to spring leaks.

So if you are looking for a really cheap option, make sure you check the hot tub out before you buy it. Otherwise, when you buy a new inflatable hot tub, they’re usually made with quality vinyl.


Inflatable hot tubs are not only cost-effective, but they’re also extremely convenient.

This is because they’re easier to pack up, and storage is extremely easy. If you have a garage or shed, chances are you have enough room to store an inflatable hot tub along with its components.

So while they may have the glamor of a more permanent hot tub, when it comes to convenience, you really can’t beat inflatable.

Hey just wanted everyone to know my buddy bought an inflatable hot tub and it looks pretty dope honestly

— David Ruff (@dcarterruff) November 11, 2019

But do they actually work well?

Compared to a standard hot tub, there are definitely a few key differences that you should be aware of.

This is because these hot tubs work a little differently. So you need to keep the heating factor in mind.

When it comes to heating an inflatable hot tub, it may take a little more time.

That’s because the insulation is not as strong. After all, we’re comparing a thin vinyl wall to an acrylic or concrete shell.

Aside from the heating, rest assured, they do an excellent job for the price. We’ll have more on some of the details for you as you read on.

Inflatable hot tubs are not the best hot tubs on the market, but for the price, you really can’t beat their effectiveness.

107° – MSpa Silver Cloud 2019 Edition Luxury Portable Inflatable Quick Heating Round Hot Tub Spa Indoor/Outdoor Bubble Jacuzzi £383.99 Amazon

— Deal Hunter UK (@UK_DealHunter) November 8, 2020

How long do inflatable hot tubs last?

The average lifespan for an inflatable hot tub is 5 years. This compares to hard-sided hot tubs’ average lifespan of 15 years. However, proper maintenance, deflating during harsh weather, and using an insulated ground cover can extend the lifespan.

Anything that’s inflatable seems to have an expiration date attached to it.

Now, while this may be true for hot tubs as well, you’ll be surprised when you hear how long these hot tubs can last. Plus, to be quite honest with you, a lot of it comes down to how well you take care of it.

So, as I mentioned, inflatable hot tubs can last you up to about 5 years.

This is because these tubs are made out of vinyl. That means that the risk of wear and tear is higher than other types of hot tubs.

So when it comes to handling one of these hot tubs, you’ll need to make sure that you approach them with care. You don’t have to treat them like they’re made of glass. But if you want them to last, you’ll need to be at least a little bit careful.

In truth, ALL types of hot tubs will only last a certain number of years.

I break down the average lifespan of each type of hot tub in a recent article. That will help you compare all of them and see if an inflatable hot tub is really a good value or not.

Just click the link to read it now on my site.

If you want to get longer use out of your inflatable hot tub, be sure to keep sharp objects and jewelry out of it. This will significantly reduce the amount of possible risk.

For cleaning the walls and bottom of your inflatable , do not hesitate to obtain a vacuum cleaner for inflatable Hot Tub . #hottub #SPA

— Basin Area (@AreaBasin) July 10, 2020

Do inflatable hot tubs have seats?

Inflatable hot tubs do not typically come with molded seats like traditional hot tubs. However, they do typically have insulated cushions for seating which would allow the user to sit and have their head above water.

You obviously don’t want to stand in a hot tub, right?

They’re meant for sitting, and while some inflatable hot tubs do lack proper seating, most of them have something for you to relax on.

Inflatable hot tubs are not the best when it comes to seating.

But that doesn’t mean you have to stand the whole time. This is because most inflatable hot tubs will come with cushions at the bottom for you sit on.

They tend to be very comfortable, and if the hot tub has massage capabilities, then you’ll definitely still get the full experience.

Can I add seats?

While they may not come with seats right out of the box, that doesn’t mean that you can’t get your hands on better seating.

There is excellent aftermarket support for inflatable hot tubs, which means that you can find plenty of great seating options online.

This Intex inflatable hot tub seat on Amazon is a great addition if your seating is lacking.

It is inexpensive, features adjustable height, is both slip-resistant and removable. Just click that link to see it on Amazon.

So while inflatable hot tubs may not have the best seating options, you’ll still have a place to sit. Plus, if you really want a bench or chair, you can always order one online.

Fancy a chance at winning an Intex Inflatable Hot Tub and a 2019 Hull FC Warm Up jersey?

Head over to @outdoorlivininghottubs and name the three players modelling our brand new warm-up jersey to enter!

— Hull FC (@hullfcofficial) January 18, 2019

Can you leave an inflatable hot tub out in winter?

Winter is an awesome time to use your hot tub. That’s because it’s really a great experience to be immersed in warm water while there’s a chill in the air.

One of my most favorite experiences was being in a hot tub in Lake Tahoe surrounded by snow.

Most hot tubs are designed to function perfectly in the winter. But since it lacks the insulation of a traditional portable hot tub, and typically comes with a much smaller heater, winter can be extra challenging for those with an inflatable hot tub.

So can it be left outside in winter?

An inflatable hot tub can definitely be left out in the winter.

But you need to make sure that you’re kind to it. So if it starts snowing heavily, make sure to clean the snow off the cover. That way it doesn’t build up heavily as inflatables being vinyl are not as strong as a hard shell

Also, excessive ice can cause some serious damage to the external vinyl wall. So, if you’ll be leaving it out, just make sure you keep the weather in mind.

Does it work in the winter?

The answer to this question really comes down to the model that you have.

But generally the further below 50° F the outside air temp gets, the harder it will be for your inflatable hot tub heater to maintain a water temp of 104° F.

That’s not to say it won’t be hot at all, but it may dip well into the 90’s depending on how cold it gets.

This is because some models are made differently from others. Some inflatable hot tubs push bubbles into the water by using outside air. So if your hot tub functions that way, it can be difficult to maintain the water temperature if it’s below freezing outside.

The next thing you need to be aware of is insulation.

Inflatable hot tubs will do a good job in the warmer months because the air in the walls will serve as a great barrier.

But in the winter the effectiveness of insulation will definitely drop along with the air temperature.

So while it may be safe to keep it outside, you need to consider the impact that the air temperature will have on your experience as it can be harder to keep the water warm.

Finally, if you have an inflatable hot tub that heats the air before it sends it through the water, then you’re in pretty good shape.

Heating the water won’t be too difficult, and you’ll be able to keep the temperature level where you want it.

Many people like to bring their inflatable hot tub indoors during winter to reduce heat loss. So if you have a basement or enclosed patio, that can be a great winter option.

When it comes to running inflatable hot tubs in the winter, always make sure you run it for at least 12 hours before use. It takes longer to heat a hot tub in the winter, and chances are you don’t want to jump into frozen water.

Thinking of purchasing an inflatable hot tub with my tax return

— alisson (@too_lewd) February 18, 2019

Do inflatable hot tubs cost more to run than other types of hot tubs?

Yes, inflatable hot tubs do typically cost more per month on the electric bill than traditional hot tubs. However, the increase is not likely to be more than $20/month. The average inflatable hot tub owner pays about $40-50/month for electric costs.

The cost of a hot tub is definitely something that’s on everyone’s mind.

This is because sometimes it can be quite expensive to run an inflatable one. This comes down to factors like:

  • Size
  • Temperature
  • Outside conditions

But there are also some price caveats you should know about inflatable hot tubs.

You’ll definitely be saving some money on the front end, which is great because it can potentially be thousands.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the cost of running them, if you don’t run it correctly it can cost you a lot more.

This is because inflatable hot tubs take longer to heat up, which means they require more power. And that’s even truer in winter.

Is there a way around that?

Running a hot tub doesn’t always have to be expensive, and there is definitely a secret that will help you save quite a bit of money.

The secret, well, it’s very simple.

Instead of turning it off and on all of the time, leave the hot tub running. You’ll notice that it doesn’t use that much power, and your water temperature will always remain close to where you want it.

So not only will this save you money, but it will also save you the hassle as well.

If you want to compare the actual costs of running different types of hot tubs, I break it all down in a recent article that even explains how I run mine for only $15/month.

The initial cost of the inflatable hot tub won’t be troublesome, but when it comes to running them, make sure you carefully consider what we talked about in this section.

This Midwestern Island With an Indoor Hot Tub Is a Private Paradise [PHOTOS]

— Riverfront Times (@RiverfrontTimes) November 15, 2020

Can you put an inflatable hot tub indoors?

An inflatable hot tub can go indoors under certain conditions. It should not be placed on a 2nd floor due to the weight of it full of water. It also should not be placed on carpet. And the use of a dehumidifier is recommended to lower the risk of mold or mildew in the room.

You’ve probably seen something like this on social media over the past couple of months, where people have swimming pools inside.

While it’s not recommended that you run hot tubs or pools inside of your home, inflatable hot tubs can definitely function inside your home.

Just be prepared to deal with leaks quickly and definitely don’t put them on carpet; that’s just asking for trouble.

Things to consider for indoor use

The main thing you need to consider, when it comes to placing one of these inflatable hot tubs indoors, is the fact that you need the space.

Space is important because these hot tubs are still going to be quite large. So, it’s a good idea for you to dedicate an entire room for inflatable hot tub usage; a screened-in porch or patio is a great choice.

If you want to put your inflatable hot tub on a wooden deck, I have a recent article which breaks down exactly how much weight a wooden deck can handle and how to reinforce it for a hot tub (of all kinds).

Just click that link to read it on my site.

Aside from space, you also need to consider how you will fill and empty the hot tub.

Luckily, a lot of this can be done with a garden hose brought indoors. But you need to be aware of the how and where you’ll drain it.

Not sure how often you should drain your hot tub? I explain how often, why, and how to do it (quickly and easily) in a recent article.

Just click that link to see it on my site.

@HardFactorMark Intex inflatable hot tub , best $600 I ever spent . The filter blows up the hot tub in 10 minutes . Way better than a baby pool

— Dan (@DanYaniro) June 18, 2020

Which inflatable hot tub is the best?

The best inflatable hot tub is the Intex PureSpa 6-person. This hot tub is both spacious and durable and features 170 jets, insulated ground cloth, and everything needed to get set up in as little as 20 minutes.

But that’s just a quick overview. So below, we’ll get into all the details as to why I think this is the best inflatable hot tub on the market.

Not all inflatable hot tubs are cut from the same cloth. So making the right decision can be a real game-changer.

But here’s my pick having owned and used dozens of hot tubs.

Intex PureSpa Inflatable 6 Person Hot Tub

So when it comes to a great inflatable hot tub, that can even be used outside or inside, this model is definitely top-notch for the just over $600 price point.

It also features FREE shipping and near-perfect reviews on Amazon, as all Intex inflatable hot tubs do.

Here are some of the features:

  • Plugs into a standard wall plug (13 amp breaker)
  • A built-in hard water treatment system
  • Fiber-Tech® Construction and the puncture-resistant three-ply laminated material
  • Sets up in 20 minutes – no tools needed
  • 170 bubble jets and the heat and juts run simultaneously
  • Includes 2 headrests, 1 PureSpa seat, and a multi-colored LED light system
  • Can seat up to 6 (comfortably)


Not every inflatable hot tub is made with the same standards in mind, so it’s always a good idea to frequently check reviews before making a purchase. Luckily, you can leave here today knowing about which two hot tubs are definitely excellent options.

Did I cover everything you wanted to know about inflatable hot tubs?

We know that we sent a lot of information your way today.

But hopefully, you leave here well versed in inflatable hot tub knowledge.  Our final verdict about inflatable hot tubs is a simple one.

While they may not be as flashy or durable as a traditional hot tub, that doesn’t mean that they’re a bad product. For a great price, you can definitely have quite a bit of fun with your next hot tub.

So are inflatable hot tubs worth it? Absolutely!

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