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Aquarest is the ideal company for anyone seeking a more affordable option. Aquarest spas will fit your needs and budget with a line of hot tubs that are beautifully designed and reliable.

Aquarest value spas are made in the USA and are both lightweight and portable. The company offers 3 different models of spa with each of them portable.

This allows you to move your spa around as you see fit whether that is your backyard, patio, or holiday home.

The Aquarest hot tubs allow for everyone to enjoy the benefits of spa bathing regardless of how much you wish to invest.

The brand has a great reputation in the spa industry and has been around since 1997 providing quality value spas.

Let us dive into our hot tubs review and check out some of the best spas in the Aquarest spa lineup!

Our top picks for aquarest spas

Our Top Pick

Aquarest Spa 200

  • Best for those with little real estate
  • 20 hydro jets
  • 5-person capacity
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Aquarest Spa 300

  • Best for couples
  • 20 hydro jets
  • 2-person capacity
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Aquarest Spa 600

  • Best for large families
  • 29 hydro jets
  • 6-person capacity
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Aquarest Pricing

Let’s start our reviews on hot tubs with a quick look at Aquarest prices and how much we can expect to pay for their spas.

Whilst most brands in the spa industry make it nearly impossible for you to find out the prices of their hot tub range, Aquarest is different.

The one thing about Aquarest is their spas are available in a handful of major homeware retailers such as Home Depot.

With clear pricing unlike other brands in the market you can see online the price range for each of their hot tub products. The prices range from $3,000 to $8,000 generally.

Depending on the tubs features and size the prices range according to that. The Aquarest tubs are on the affordable side and you will be sure to get a good quality hot tub at a great price.

Let us begin the reviews with the Aquarest 200.

To stop any confusion here, the 200 model is not the smallest spa on the spa review list despite the decreased model number.

One Aquarest 200 hot tub can fit up to 5 people.

The spa is quite spacious and a family of 5 would have plenty of room to relax in this hot tub.

As with all spas on our Aquarest reviews it is portable, has a light product weight (made from stainless steel), and a spa cover.

The spa also includes foam insulation with a heater that is energy efficient.

The product has 20 hydro jets that can be moved to the areas you require and a Kleen filtration system so the water is ways to keep crisp and clean whilst relaxing.

Additional features of the Aquarest 200 tub are the multi-color LED lights, great jet placement options and insulated cover, and locks.

This is a great hot tub is your looking for a spa to fit a family, has a great water filtration system and low price point.

#2 Aquarest Spa 300 

Going back to the point made earlier, the Aquarest Spa 300 is actually smaller than the model 200 above.

This product is ideal for a couple and has a capacity of 2 people.

This hot tub is the cheapest tub available on the Aquarest product line but still has some great features and a cool tub design.

The tub features 2-speed pumps and 20 hydrotherapy jets, with 2 hydro jets with side air controls.

Another cool feature is that the Aquarest 300 has the option of 9 LED light settings to create the best ambiance whilst relaxing. 

As with all Aquarest tubs, the 300 model has digital controls and an ASTM certified insulated cover and locks.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly tub, that uses less water and can fit comfortably in any small place then this product would be the ideal pick for you!

The Aquarest spa 600 is the largest spa on our review list as a 6 person spa.

With 29 hydrotherapy jets under your full control it’s a great tub to use to massage those sore back muscles.

This Aquarest hot tub blends into any background and it beautifully designed.

Some great features of this spa are the multi-colored LED lights and cascading waterfall creating the perfect ambiance for your hot tub.

The tub has a 6 person capacity with a beautiful durable design great for an extended family or party with friends. Complete with an insulated cover and locks.

A standard 120-volt electric outlet is all you need and you are powered up with you Aquarest 600 spa.

The spa includes the EZ Kleen filtration for a great water filtration and an Ozonator to reduce the amount of harmful chemicals you will need to use in the spa.

The spa has a water management feature to monitor water pressure and the water capacity. Seating has arch support seats, cup holder, and its the perfect hot tub to relax in with friends.

Aquarest spa 600 is one of the pricier hot tubs by the brand but has plenty of space and some great added features. If you are to compare this model to other brands, the Aquarest spa 600 will still come out as one of the most affordable at this model size.

Aquarest Customer Reviews

Aquarest has a great reputation among customers for its affordable portable hot tubs and great value.

Below are a few of the Aquarest spas customer reviews:

Aquarest Spas Parts

The best place to purchase any Aquarest spa parts for any new or old hot tub is the Aquarest Spas website.

Aquarest spas parts manuals for each hot tub model can all be found on the brand’s website too. There is a Aquarest part table of contents for each spa model too.


Aquarest Warranty

The Aquarest warranty is extremely competitive for product care and offers the following overall for each of the hot tubs in the product line:

  • 5 years on Shell Structure
  • 1 year on Plumbing
  • 1 year on Electrical Components
  • 1 year on Insulating Cover
  • 90 days on Labor

For a more detailed breakdown of the Aquarest warranty please see the website link here.

Where to purchase Aquarest Spas?

Aquarest spas can be purchased on any of the following websites with each offering a wide range of models and even some Aquarest parts and accessories:

  1. The Home Depot
  3. AquaRest Outlet
  4. Overstock
  5. Clearwater Pool
  6. Spa, Inc.
  7. Leslie’s Swimming Pool Supplies

Need a Hot Tub?

Final Verdict – Should I buy This Brand?

Aquarest is a great affordable spa brand that has been manufacturing hot tubs for 25 years. The brand offers portable easy to use hot tubs at a budget that everyone can afford.

As an innovative player in the spa industry with creative engineering, Aquarest has hot tub models with some great features. These features include LED waterfall lighting, powerful jets with Ozonator that kills any bacteria in water.

Each of the Aquarest spas are stylish and durable and feature the EZ Kleen filtration water system that has proven results in keeping the water crisp and clear during bathing sessions.

Whilst Aquarest might be a value spa brand in the industry, they certainly don’t fall short with their quality. When comparing their more premium larger models to other brands they still seem to come out with a better price point without lacking quality.

If you’re looking for a quality hot tub that is value for money, Aquarest spas has to be your first stop. We hope this Aquarest review helps to narrow down your search and you get to relax in an Aquarest hot tub soon!

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