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Is Aqua Living Factory Outlets a reputable hot tub retailer?

There are so many hot tub retailers around the country that finding the best one to purchase your spa with can be quite a challenge.

As a consumer, you want to find the right prices, take advantage of potential high-quality financing, have access to a wide selection of hot tubs and swim spas, and get a good warranty or service agreement with the spa that you choose to buy.

Today, we’re going to take a look at one of the largest hot tub retailers in the United States today — Aqua Living Factory Outlets.

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Who Is Aqua Living Factory Outlets?

Aqua Living Factory Outlets is a company that sells a wide variety of hot tub and swim spa products. They are a subsidiary of the larger LPI International, which comes out of Tennessee. The outlet brand was recently rebranded from the RecDirect Factory Outlet name, though they have continued to sell many of the same spa models, including the Dr. Wellness Spa brand and the Tranquility Spa brand.

As of right now, they are one of the largest hot tub retailers in the United States with more than 36 locations spread across the country. Most of their storefronts are large warehouses where they display the various models they have in stock.

Comparing their pricing model to traditional retailers, it is clear to see that Aqua Living has the ability to price its hot tubs and swim spas low thanks to the fact that they have lower overhead costs and a unique sales and distribution method.

AquaLiving Spa Lineup

Browsing the website, you’ll find a long list of hot tubs, spas, saunas, baths, tanning beds, and much more, all with affordable pricing attached.

Amon these products are some of the most reputable brands on the market, including Hudson Bay, Dr. Wellness, and Plug & Power.

Most of the traditional spa products that they sell sit at the lower end of the spectrum in terms of price.

The Dr. Wellness X-12 Lifestyle is one of the features spas in the lineup.

It comes with plenty of high-quality features, including energy-saving equipment, temperature controls, comfort cushion headrests, multi-layered fiberglass reinforcement, gorgeous synthetic cabinetry for use in any climate, and standard foam insulation.

Those who are looking to combine their soaking time with swimming, training, and other forms of exercise, might want to consider looking into one of the swim spas that they offer.

They carry Dr. Wellness Swim Spas and Catalina Swim Spas.

Dr. Wellness swim spa models start at just under $10,000, which makes them some of the most affordable swim spas on the market today.

For those who want to add a bit more luxury to their swimming routine, we recommend going with Catalina Spas.

Catalina sits near the top of the swim spa manufacturer list, offering some of the best high-quality products on the market today. Catalina has also been building swim spas since the 1980s, longer than any other manufacturer out there to date, making them one of the most experienced companies around.

It should be noted that AquaLiving is the home of the original swim spa. As of now, they are the only manufacturer to provide customers with the unique AnyTemp System. The AnyTemp system is a revolutionary piece of technology that allows users to control the spa temperature regardless of the climate or weather.

With the AnyTemp System, you can enjoy the comfortable heat while you soak during the cold winter or bask in the coolness of your spa during your swimming or exercise routines during the hotter months.

AquaLiving Financing Options

Hot tubs can be expensive and you may not be able to buy one in full right now. Luckily for you, AquaLiving offers a wonderful financing plan so that you can enjoy all of the benefits of relaxation and hydrotherapy without forking over a large chunk of change right off the bat.

AquaLiving offers 100% in-house financing with payment options that go all the way up to 60 months. They even have built-in programs for those who have poor credit or no credit at all. If you are interested in financing through AquaLiving, you can head on over to their Credit Application page to see if you are eligible.

Final Thoughts – Should You Buy Through AquaLiving?

If you are a value-minded buyer looking to cut the middle man out of the picture and save some money by shopping with a manufacturer direct business.

Of course, as always, it is important that you do your homework on the brand that you are looking at while you shop.

If you can, visit one of the AquaLiving storefronts to see if you can get a viewing of these units in person before you finalize your purchase. 

If you can get a wet test at the shop, then that is even better.

One of the main drawbacks to buying through AquaLiving is the potential lack of local service. It is important that you buy from a manufacturer that offers some sort of local service or support, especially when you have service available through the warranty. Regardless of how high-quality a product is, spas require a decent amount of care and maintenance. A manufacturer that provides local support can mean the difference between an ownership experience that is good or bad. 

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