ace saltwater sanitizing system manual

If you want your hot tub squeaky clean without committing to hours of maintenance, consider ACE salt water sanitizing.

Any hot tub owner can tell you that owning a spa isn’t all fun and games. While hot tubs are renowned for their relaxation benefits, they still require regular cleaning and maintenance to preserve your investment. Fortunately, using the right sanitation system can simplify the maintenance process and protect your tub from contamination.

What is the ACE salt water sanitizing system?

If you want to keep your tub squeaky clean without committing to hours of maintenance, using more effective sanitizing technology makes the most sense. ACE hot tub sanitizing technology works with salt water-based chlorinating sanitation that has been used in pool sanitation for more than 30 years.

ACE sanitation is designed for hot tub use with diamond technology that automatically generates chlorine. This automated process eliminates the need to manually add sanitizer daily or weekly, compared to regular chlorinated pool maintenance where chlorine must be added to the water each day.

The diamond electrode sanitation technology transfers four times more energy into the water compared to titanium electrode sanitation systems. Higher energy levels in the water mean better sanitation with benefits like:

  • More effective water maintenance using very little salt.
  • Active Oxygen breaks down contaminants more efficiently.
  • Chlorine, MPS, hydrogen peroxide, and ozone are automatically generated.

Active Oxygen is considered one of the most effective natural cleansers in the world and can be used to automatically clean spa water. In a nutshell, this type of sanitation system will make it easier to keep your hot tub spic and span, without committing to hours of maintenance each month.

How to use the ACE salt water system

The ACE sanitizing system is designed for use with:

  • Hot Spring spa models built after August 2009
  • Limelight spa models built after August 2010

The technology is operated using the spa control panel that will determine how much chlorine and oxidizers are needed to keep the water at optimal sanitation levels.

Of course, ACE sanitizing technology isn’t entirely hands-free. Spa owners are still required to test the water weekly using a test strip in addition to the ACE system. Test strips will indicate if water pH levels are balanced and a hot tub is safe to use.

The ACE sanitation system is designed to cut down on unnecessary and cumbersome hot tub maintenance. It monitors and preserves the quality of water between water changes. To maintain the life expectancy of the spa, spa owners must still conduct a maintenance checkup every 30 days to test and balance the water, on top of weekly testing. The ACE system will provide an automatic 30 day cycle reminder for monthly maintenance.

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