110v vs 220v hot tub

There are a number of options and considerations to explore when you decide you want to invest in a hot tub for your home. From different sizes to the number of jets to added amenities—there’s a perfect hot tub for every homeowner. But little do many homeowners know, one major decision is choosing between a 110-volt hot tub and a 220-volt hot tub. On this page, we will help you understand which type of hot tub – 110v or 220v – is best suited to your home and needs and help you land one step closer to owning that hot tub.

110V vs. 220V Hot Tubs: Cost of Installation

There are several factors that can impact the cost of your hot tub—including its size and number of seats, features, quality, and design. Additionally, the voltage of the hot tub will play a role in determining its cost.

A 110V hot tub is a budget-friendly option for most homeowners, providing the spa experience for a low up-front cost. The reason for this is that most U.S. homes are already wired with 110v outlets. Therefore, additional electrical work is not required for professionals to install these hot tubs. For most homeowners, a 110V hot tub is a plug-and-play option that can oftentimes be portable (also known as above-ground) for those considering a move in the future.

Compared to its less powerful counterpart, a 220V hot tub is typically a more costly investment upfront. The added power comes with additional voltage needs, which will typically require a 50-amp breaker to be installed in your home. For most homeowners, this means hiring an electrician and added installation costs. On average, to set up a 220V outlet that supports your new hot tub, you can expect anywhere from $900 to $1,500 in extra installation costs.

Energy Efficiency

Despite the higher upfront cost, a 220v hot tub will likely save homeowners over the lifetime of the tub thanks to improved energy efficiency and, as a result, lower ongoing electrical and utility costs.

This is due to the fact that a heater in a 220v hot tub only needs to work half as hard to heat your tub and maintain the temperature. For those in cooler climates, this means the heater will need far less time to initially heat up (if left off for an extended period of time) or to maintain its constant temperature compared to a 110v hot tub.

This can be especially important for larger hot tubs that provide space for 5 to 6 people or more.

The more frequent run time on a 110v hot tub can also wear the pump more rapidly over time. This can mean a sooner repair and/or maintenance compared to a 220v hot tub.

Another key point to consider is that a 220v hot tub can run its jets and heater simultaneously, while for most 110v hot tub models you can only run one or the other at a time. This means that water might begin to cool slightly during periods of extended jet use.

110V vs. 220V Hot Tub Jets

Speaking of jets, let’s be honest – the main reason most homeowners buy a hot tub is for the relaxation and comfort provided by the massage jets. A 220v hot tub surely offers jets that are twice as powerful, right? Not quite.

The power of jets will actually not change much between a 110v hot tub and a 220v hot tub, but the number of jets a tub features certainly does. Thanks to its added power, a 220v hot tub can power far more jets than its lower-powered sibling, often featuring more complex jet arrangements for added comfort and massage targeting. So if hydromassage jets are a priority for you, it may be worthwhile to consider a 220v hot tub.

Other Amenities

Massage jets are not the only feature of modern hot tubs. Newer models can come equipped with all sorts of fun add-ons to enhance your experience—including LED lighting, WiFi, Bluetooth, built-in speakers and other entertainment features, etc.

A 220v hot tub will typically provide a greater range of available options, as it has more power to distribute power to more features.

Ready to Install a Hot Tub?

Whether you are just getting a general idea of what it costs to install a hot tub at your home or you have made a decision, there’s never a better time to call a qualified contractor. Modernize can help you find a trusted contractor in your area to help you navigate the world of hot tub options and ready your home’s electrical for the investment.

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