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Before anyone thought of mixing chemicals in the lab to produce manmade materials like vinyl and fiberglass, window frames were simply made of wood. While not as common today, wood windows are still revered by many because they are classic, beautiful and timeless.

About Wood Windows

There are two basic types of wood windows: solid wood and wood clad. Wood clad windows are wood on the side that faces the interior for aesthetics but a more weather-resistant material like vinyl or fiberglass on the outside. Fiberglass can be designed to mimic the look of wood; vinyl cannot.

Wood windows are widely considered more attractive than their manmade material counterparts, and they’re built to last for generations. However, they do require significant maintenance, including regular painting.

Like vinyl and fiberglass, wood windows come in many different styles, including:

  • Single hung – the bottom pane slides up to open
  • Double hung – both panes slide up and down
  • Casement – hinge at one side and open out using a crank
  • Awning – hinge at the top and open out
  • Picture – large, fixed windows that do not open
  • Bay – Polygonal or rectangular in shape; protruding out from a building

Cost of Wood Windows

Wood is the most expensive material for window frames, but the windows tend to last longer if they’re properly maintained. Most wood windows cost $400-$1,200, but the price varies based on size and quality.

Wood clad with vinyl on the exterior usually falls on the low end of that range – $650 or less. Wood clad with fiberglass ranges anywhere from about $500-$800. Solid wood is the most expensive, with custom windows reaching the thousands of dollars.

If you already have wood windows but they’ve seen better days, you might not need to replace them entirely. Often, even wood windows that appear to be in terrible shape can be repaired or restored for about $200-$300 each.

Author: Ashley Smith

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