wood countertops pros and cons

Wood flooring is always in high demand, but not as many people think about purchasing wood countertops. However, wood countertops are a great way to bring the beauty of wood to your kitchen without redoing the floors. In the last few years, wood countertops have greatly increased in popularity.

The options for wood countertops are almost endless. Choose butcher block or salvaged wood; a domestic species or exotic wood. Leave the wood in its natural state or create a richer look by applying stains or sealers. Create a rustic look by using your counters as a cutting board or preserve them with the care of fine wood furniture.

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Cost of Wood Countertops

Wood countertops vary widely in price, depending largely on the type of wood and its quality. Budget anywhere from $30 to $200 per square foot for materials and installation. Butcher block usually costs about $40 to $60 per square foot. Higher quality woods and thicker counters start in the range of $50 to $100 per square foot.

Wood Countertop Pros

  • Warm, inviting look – Wood countertops instantly create a warm, cozy feel. The look is inviting, making your kitchen a great place to gather the family or entertain. Wood counters have a much warmer look and feel than the ever-popular granite.
  • Reasonably priced – If you’re looking to remodel your kitchen on a budget, wood countertops are a great choice. They’re typically less expensive than granite or other types of stone, unless you opt for a very high-end wood. Some homeowners opt for wood counters instead of hardwood floors to add the element of wood to the room without breaking the bank.
  • Can be restored – When your wood countertops start to show signs of wear and tear, you can sand and refinish them. When stone, tile or laminate countertops start to look damaged, you have to replace them.
Wood Countertops

Wood Countertops Cons

  • High maintenance – Wood countertops require significant care and maintenance, particularly if you’re not going for that rustic, cutting board look. They need to be kept clean and dry. The should be stained or sealed from time to time. And they should be oiled on a regular basis.
  • Prone to damage – Wood counters can easily be damaged by water, hot pans, dark or acidic foods, or knives. Even a glass of water or a potted plant placed on the countertop can cause damage. Needless to say, wood counters are not ideal for families with children or teenagers. To prevent damage, wipe up spills quickly, use trivets or pot holders for hot pans and cut only on cutting boards.

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