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Compare Lawn Weed Control Treatment Price Quotes

Weed control is a crucial component of lawn care. Along with regular watering, mowing and fertilization, weed control keeps your lawn healthy and looking good.

Weeds aren’t inherently bad – in fact, some blackberries are considered weeds. Essentially, weeds are just regular plants growing in places where people don’t want them. When it comes to your lawn, most people consider weeds unattractive. To boot, weeds can overpower or destroy your grass by stealing water and vital nutrients it needs to thrive.

About Weed Control

There are many different categories of weeds. There are broadleaf weeds (also called dicots) and grassy weeds (monocots). There are annual weeds that live only one season or pesky perennials that show up in the same spot every year. A dandelion, for example, is a perennial broadleaf.

Different types of weeds require different chemicals. Typically, products treat either broadleaf or grassy weeds, not both. A professional lawn care service will know exactly which chemicals to use on which weeds, and when.

Moreover, there are two different strategies used by lawn care professionals to kill weeds: pre-emergence and post-emergence. As the names suggest, pre-emergence tackles young seedlings before they emerge on the surface and post-emergence kills existing weeds.

Weeds start to die within the first week of treatment, but it could take several weeks before all are dead. Keep in mind that it takes 24 hours for the chemicals to absorb, and any heavy rain, mowing or extremely hot weather during that period makes the treatment less effective. Also, keep in mind that some weeds are tougher to kill than others, and that no herbicide eliminates weeds forever. Regular treatments are the best defense.

Average Weed Control Prices

Cost to Get Rid of Weeds

The price of professional weed control depends on the size of the lawn, the extent of the weed problem and your geographic location. Generally, prices per treatment range from $50-$100, with anywhere from six to nine visits recommended per year.

Some companies will require you to sign a one-year contract, and many offer discounted prices for doing so. For about $500 per year, you can get regular weed control treatments and regular fertilization.

In recent years, many environmentally-friendly lawn care services have opened for business. These services tend to be more expensive than traditional services, but the extra cost is worth it to many people.

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